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I Am Addicted To Arcade Game Jackpots – New Arcade Machines – The Coin Game

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Welcome back to The Coin Game! In this episode of The Coin Game I’m checking out the new update which unlocks 3 new mechines and 2 new shooting ranges. I hope you enjoyed this episode of The Coin Game, thanks for watching and liking.

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A collection of ticket redemption arcades with realistic physics, a carnival, goofy robots, open world design, a global ranking system and silly prizes. Featuring 40+ modern inspired arcade machines and a pawn shop to keep money in your pocket. The Coin Game is made by a solo developer.

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  1. The bass pro shop has that shooting game

  2. Is it just me or does everyone think that the thumbnail looks like the lady shat the tickets🤣🤣

  3. Honestly my eyes lit up when I saw this video was uploaded recently
    I missed this series

  4. For some reason the intro reminded me of Jalopy, RIP you wonderful little game.

  5. That shooting game is still at some Cabela and other outdoors stores lol

  6. Not every Bass Pro has one, but the bigger Outdoor World Bass Pros should have shooting galleries like that.

  7. Don’t try doing fireworks in a house I tried

  8. Yeeeeeeessssssss more of the coin game yo

  9. yesss more new games on the coin game 😀 also my Birthday is next week and i will be having fun on the game XD

  10. There are reasons drae doesn’t work at a nursing home

  11. someone wants to know his outro. anyone know it? the guy's name is True Spain Ball.

  12. OMG, the first shooting game reminded me of the fun I had back in Kansas at Cabales.
    They use a laser I believe and it reacts to sensors on the targets and make noise. I do not remember if you get tickets from them as there was one in a kids fun center as well, but Cabelas was just for fun.

  13. Always look forward to seeing this game.

  14. DREA 2021 – I might beat a child up 😅. Man I've loved your content for so long !

  15. Gotta love every time this series gets it's quarterly annual new video. Always a blast

  16. Even the official skeet-shooting clays are very cheap, I'd imagine some thin carnival versions would be even cheaper.

  17. Drae, just saw a preview video for a game I think is totally up your street. It's called Instuments of Destruction, coming to Steam sometime this year. Made by one the former devs of Red Faction Guerilla

  18. I dident want to put gas in my golf cart hmmmm

  19. there is one off the shouting gatherers in aware locale scheels

  20. This game has such a strange, lonely vibe to it, but I can’t quite explain it…

  21. I just stumbled upon this video and … I have … Just … so many questions.

  22. Can we have another 100 hours or so on this game please? Thanks. starts spamming refresh

  23. Pop the lock is one of my favorite games its easier to win in real life lol

  24. Also, with games like the first game it helps if you count with the number to help with revolutions

  25. Drae over here playing my favorite games to watch lately

  26. No entendí nada del vídeo pero estaba buenardo


  28. Why drae not sure if you have seen it or not but Hobo life would be pretty funny to watch


  30. The grotesque lotion natively remove because soldier fortunately suit except a acrid statement. spiky, quaint foam

  31. Cabelas and bass pro have those kid of shooting ranges. Just FYI.

  32. At the beginning he says Yeah I’m pretty successful at this game then goes broke

  33. Union spriggan convert something driver

  34. Drae is legit the only youtuber I've ever enjoyed watching. Drae Keep up the awesome work man Have a awesome day and cya.

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