How To Win On The Key Master Arcade Machine | Arcade Games Tips & Tricks -

How To Win On The Key Master Arcade Machine | Arcade Games Tips & Tricks

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In this video we head off to the Imagine Movie Theater to give some tips and tricks on how to win on the arcade game key-master!


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  1. The rarest thing that happen to me is i got a 300$ gift card for the first single try just one try

  2. Wait, really? Last time I won a fidget spinner while playing key master and I barely hit the bottom section of the hole, after 3 tries as the key keeps on hitting the top section of the hole, I won the fidget spinner.

    Correction : *on the 3rd try, not "after 3 tries".

  3. Id love to try this! Except the arcades are closed thanks to the pandemic

  4. Lol I’m using the ipad mini 4 that I won at the movies with one dollar first try !

  5. My cousin actually once won beats (when they were actually popular) and I was so surprised and he’s younger than me 🤣

  6. One time I won an Ipad from it 1st try…

    The thing is, the key went through but the ipad never fell off, and I couldn't really prove myself as I was the only person there at that time, so I just gave up and left 🙁

  7. In my city like in the middle of the mall one had a Playstation 4

  8. 1. "I'll show you the science" where's the science? A bit of basic math, no science
    2. You show at least 10 or 15 clips of losing, and one clip of winning. What happened to "don't spend more than 15 or 20 dollars"?
    3. Now go win prizes for 1% of the cost? Ok, but how much money do you need to waste to get that? You realize the owner of the machine makes money. So that's really a bad pitch.

  9. I got a while ago on a Cinépolis an rc helicopter, a staff member saw me win, the day after they removed the keymaster

  10. How to win? More like how to increasing your chances to win. Modern clickbait at its best

  11. My sis was crazy good at this. I just paid her to win the prizes i wanted

  12. Bruh I was so close to winning a drone in one of these and I couldn’t so that’s why I clicked on this

  13. I did this one time and won a xbox one but on the way down the mf got stuck, and they wouldnt open the machine, Never got my xbox.

  14. When I was roughly 15 I was on a trip to Poland and played one of these, and after a few tries I won a camera that I still have to this day

  15. I won 4 times at this game. All I can say is it's basically pure luck on whether you get it or not

  16. Actually won a Nintendo switch in Nipponbashi osaka on one of these machines

  17. I Have Win At Keymaster One Time

  18. I won got pokemon and got 1 v and 1 vmax

  19. Oh, cool recommendation YT! I just read about it on Facebook o-o

  20. It's the same answer for every single game…it is rigged…the all will have a payout ratio that doesnt faulter.

  21. “Alright, class, today we are going to talk about sleep, more specifically, what puts you to sleep ?”

    Child Number One: Certain gentle sounds/music

    Child Number Two: Watching a movie

    Child number three: A nice, (warm) glass of milk

    Child number ?: (Whatever the answer is)

    Me: People playing ‘Key Master’

  22. I once got the key in but it didn't give me the prize

  23. I've seen the same 2ds xl for years in the keymaster at the Walmart near me

  24. I once found 10 dollars in sidewalk then i saw one of those machines so i tried it and went from the top prize the 7th tries i lost badly the 8th one it got in and i got an ipad but the feeling of winning got me so addicted that i waisted $20 on that machine never won again

  25. I actually won a tablet in one of these in an arcade, but here’s the thing: it couldn’t even smoothly run google…

  26. I won an iPod 5th gen when I was young once freaked out and parents gave me 100 dollars to win them something and nothing

  27. I wish I saw this before I went to the arcade I really wanna win that ps5 or iPad mini

  28. I won in one today on my 4th but the prize didn’t drop. I really wanted that iPhone. 😤

  29. I've won a xbox one s out of it. Got the photos and everything

  30. Omg, I used these tips and got a ps4 plus

  31. We have these at the Movies here in New Zealand. They fill the top prizes with shitty $10 prizes..

  32. I got ripped off. The go pro I was going for was in the way of the key so it wasn’t able to get in. But I did win a hat

  33. I have at my arcade key master with coins to play the arcade… big amount

  34. They always get so close. Also if you actually win are the stuff inside actually have the stuff in them or are they just empty cuz its a scam

  35. I won an iphone 6s from the keymaster…its only 16 gb idk if i should be happy or sad

  36. I just think they did us dirty by just putting stickers on a small piece of plastic/glass and not making holes in them

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