How to install a 60in1 board in your Pacman/Ms.Pacman Arcade Machine -

How to install a 60in1 board in your Pacman/Ms.Pacman Arcade Machine

Cary Hardy
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I go over the installation process of a 60in1 board for your pacman or ms.pacman arcade machine.

60in1 used:

PCB Jamma Converter used:


  1. cary   I have a 20th anniversary ms pacman/galaga cocktail game that stopped working…….I ordered a 60 in 1 pcb   board but when I put it in I can hear the games but cant see anything but colored segmented lines………haven't seen a "converter" that you mention in this vid

  2. Great video. What did you do with the ground green wire.. that the cut plug end had?

  3. I happin to have water damage on bottom of my ms pac cab.. so I removed my power supply out completely… I bought a atx power 60 in 1 and the pac adapter. Still think I can make it work?

  4. Now I know that you DO NOT use the AC power from the harness. But can I leave the AC power cable on the connector slot, because I am afraid I'll pull out the wrong cables, and mess something up. Will it still work, without me pulling off those 3 wires from the harness connector? Can you do a video on how to isolate just Ms. PacMan on that 60 in 1 board, so that the other games don't come up on start up? I just wished that the original designers of the board would have made a nicer looking menu selection of games, but anyway that's another story.

  5. converting my donkey kong arcade but I'm keeping everything for the DK machine.

  6. How did u set up the whole thing the manual sucks I'm lost

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