How-to Hack Galaga into Pac-Man and more! | 6 Game Mini Arcade Machine Mod -

How-to Hack Galaga into Pac-Man and more! | 6 Game Mini Arcade Machine Mod

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I modify a Galaga mini arcade machine to play Pac-Man, Dig-Dug, Galaxian, Mappy, and Rolling Thunder!
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My wife game me a mini arcade machine for Christmas! I only made it about a day before I wanted to take it apart, see what’s inside, and hack it! I found that with a simple bit of soldering and a switch that I could make it play 5 more games that were already hiding in there!

Tools and Materials:
Galaga Game:
Soldering Iron:
DIP Switch:
small gauge wire:

There is lots of information on hacking these on various web forums, but I found some of the best, most straight-forward advice to be on this Instructable:

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  1. Maybe it can be possible to put the basic fun rom or whole chip inside the my arcade cabinit bevause the basic fun rom is better but the my arcade disign looks better

  2. Mine didn't work. Shaved down the epoxy and took off the jumper and it still plays galaga 😥

  3. Hello, do you recommend someone to mail my mini cabinet to to modify it for me?

  4. How do you take off the controls, as I can't take them off?

  5. hi. did anyone open to see if bubble bobble version of my arcade give the same jumpers to hack and what games it will give you?

  6. I use the Fender guitar switch on mine there's a slit right below where you put your switch I shorten the switch and it just takes out enough to switch it . yours is cool I got Pac-Man Mappy Galaga and Dig Dug out of it

  7. Fabulous thanks for sharing! We have a Dig Dug cabinet and someone in our group said today that they thought it could be modded to play other games. We’ll certainly be trying this!

  8. I hacked pac-man the same way with temporary contact switches (3) and one of the combinations gives me Galaxian also. Maybe you should look into it. Good video.

  9. hi i was wondering if you could put a raspberry pi in the micro arcade machines

  10. Rolling Thunder needs 2 buttons but space invaders only has 1 button. Start with Rolling Thunder

  11. Liked and subscribed great video man very detailed

  12. Nice job – you must have been hard on your toys as a kid

  13. Only one problem: "Rolling Thunder" has 2 buttons, the jump and shot…

  14. All the video I wait maybe you show us a little tesla Motor in the end of the video lol hahaha ur awesome.

  15. Yeah, apparently most of these cabs have multiple games flashed onto the boards, so they don’t have to make a different board for each game.

  16. I would love to see someone figure out how to hack in composite cables so I could hook up to a big screen T.V….hint hint…. Come on Ben do it, you know ya want to! 🙂

  17. Can this be done in a Karate Champ machine? I have a non working one coming in the mail, and I intend to try to fix it. If I fix it, I'd like to hack it. Otherwise I may just gut it for a future project.

  18. Thanks, modded my sons my arcade this evening and it works great. Knowing how to tackle the epoxy really helped a lot!

    Used a hair dryer to warm the stickers before peeling them off and put them on baking paper. They stuck straight back on with no problems.

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