How To Hack Arcade Claw Machines | 100% WIN RATE | Arcade Hackers -

How To Hack Arcade Claw Machines | 100% WIN RATE | Arcade Hackers

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Here are some Arcade Hacks to win the CLAW MACHINES!

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  1. I don’t know how I can give thanks to HACKERCHARLES_01 on Insta is the best 🔥+17206278715 💯✅

  2. Bruh on the second hack he presses the locks that are not connected to anything and he won a prize 1 he got the owner to put it into maintenance mode

  3. Have they changed or do they still work at db

  4. The problem is a lot of staff of arcade games can watch this video.
    Im just saying, it doesn't mean im the staff😒

  5. If you stick your whole mouth on the joystick and keep it there for 5 seconds, the machine will thank you for the pleasure and give you nothing but prizes

  6. Well they always program the machine to spend a lot before you win, so 🤷

  7. please dont show people how to rig our games-

  8. Wut??
    Just bc you record a video all that prize they take? Wut the fish

  9. That one kid in the background be like omahgawsh

  10. 1:34 does that buttons are allowed to touch? Where are the prices when you're about to leave? Don't tell me there's a cctv and they saw you doing hacks thats why they take away all the prize you've got ? and they found a perfect alibi to kick u out by telling "recording is not allowed"

  11. So here’s a hack:

    Go to a store with an mask on and say the following words: ''Putt the money in the bag!'' On this point you're in maintenance mode and you get free money

  12. Ok guys so for this one you're going to want to scream at the machine and punch it 3 times. This will put it into domestic abuse mode and it will give you anything you want to stop.

  13. Honestly Idc if it's staged it's satisfying to see someone win a claw machine

  14. Funny how the same acade worker was watching him hack the spinning wheel then walked off with the other co worker when the camera went on them then show up after 😂 bloopers

  15. The best way to win is walk past the machine

  16. Did those hacks actually work? Because I doubt they did.

  17. Na Na Na Na Na get out of here " your rigging our games your gonna have to get out naa its not rigging it's being smart and to your the one rigging us it's not our fault were just having fun and he has the audacity to take your prizes like bruh that's stealing he got his prize that's what he keeps and kicking them out was fine but STEALING THEIR PRIZES THEY GOT that's just messed up

  18. who gets frustrated when you grab nothing

  19. time to make up for my childhood failures lol

  20. Guava juice: there’s a 1% change you win the claw machine.
    Me winning the claw machine after putting £1 in the machine: O_O

  21. Yes i am in 2021 its 22 september I KNOW HIM FOR 3 YEARS the first video ever i watch is 10 things not to do in the bus

  22. i know this tricks for ages,but i never tried, I don't want to go to jail

  23. This was the first guava juice video I've watched 6 years ago

  24. 𓂀 ⁿ⁰𝕥ℍ𝕄𝕚𝕤𝕥𝕪 𓂀 says:

    Yeh so i suddenly freaking forgot the hacks

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