How to fix a dead arcade game #2 - Troubleshooting a Craigslist purchase - Pole Position II - Atari -

How to fix a dead arcade game #2 – Troubleshooting a Craigslist purchase – Pole Position II – Atari

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The other video in this series:

In this video, we are once again, going to troubleshoot and repair a dead arcade game that was purchased on Craigslist. This time, it’s Atari’s Pole Position II from 1983. Such an awesome game! In this video we’ll walk through all the steps needed to identify and fix an arcade game that has no signs of life. This game doesn’t power on at all but the monitor has neck glow. We’ll get to the bottom of the problem and get it working!

Topics Covered:

#1 – How to transport an arcade game
#2 – How to recognize modifications that have been done to an arcade game purchased from Craig’s List
#3 – Powering on the game for the first time and identifying what it’s doing
#4 – Testing fuses in an arcade game with a multimeter
#5 – Replacing fuses in an arcade game

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  1. I wonder if one of those filter caps just blew up the other night

  2. Just bought Tron. NOT just a fuse, dammit. Hate you! Byeeeeeee…

  3. Huge score on that Wells-Gardner monitor John!

  4. I've got a pole position and just fixed the board on the tube at the back of the screen. Now that the screen comes on I just get letters and some numbers. Do you know what that means?

  5. Hey John, I'm working on a 1981 Galaga machine that wasn't putting out the 5v to the jamma card. I changed out the power supply but am still only getting a blue screen. Fuses all check out, too. Any thoughts?

  6. bought one today a dedicated pole position 2 from craigslist excellent shape. Was the same blown fuse
    works great

  7. do we need the commentary????????????????????????????????????

  8. i couldnt make itthrough all the ADDED "BS" WTF this guy is weird…………………………………………………………………..

  9. someone is offering to give me a free Robotron (I think 2048) they say the screen doesn't show anything but the game turns on. any ideas? I'm going to maybe get it next weekend

  10. "Just a fuse!"  Sometimes a repair job is just that simple.  Lucky you.

  11. After watching a couple of your videos I found myself inspired, filled with enthusiasm and vigor knowing that I could be an arcade doctor too; I would bring back to life one of these joy making machines. Naturally, I found myself hunting on CL (using the law of attraction to pull the perfect arcade to me of course). And in a few days I found the perfect machine. She was sitting in someone's workshop dusty, sad and waiting for her perfect soul mate…now the beaut' sits in my workshop, still needing that TLC. haha I hoped it was a fuse or power converter or something like that but alas it isn't. I can't even trace the power out- it's like a wild maze behind that door. Any suggestions? Super cool video. Please make more, but ones that are harder, more involved 🙂 ~Saving one arcade game for a happier, more peaceful world!!~

  12. Drop the gears on the corners dude….nice video

  13. Hi jone can you help me out i have arcade game and the powr box is not hook up can you help me get it going thanks

  14. the test track is a rip off of Indianapolis MoterSpeedway

  15. Can't stop watching your videos. Totally awesome dude. THANK YOU!

  16. I want to learn how to repair arcade games myself but I need to know more about how things work and where i should start

  17. Nice ! Love the arcade ! I'll bet your electric bill is INSANE !!! 0_0

  18. The Atari 2600 version of this game is hard because you are using a joystick but it was a fun game to play

  19. The Atari 2600 version of this game is hard because you are using a joystick but it was a fun game to play

  20. What's a good place to order fuses from? I have a MsPac that was converted to a Nintendo VS with a SMB PCB, but the fuses seem to be suspect.

  21. I check voltage with my finger. Better and cheaper than a test meter .

  22. this is the second video where ive seen this guy be around something thats wobbling around because its on uneven surface. the commando cabinet at the end and his damn table in the basement

  23. I picked a pole position up yesterday with the intention of turning into a MAME cab. A beautiful cab I got for free! I plugged it in when I got home just for the hell of it and it did power on but all the monitor shows is a garbled mess. Any idea? Thanks and great video!

  24. Mine had the same fuse blown, but it was caused by the bridge rectifier that was shorted

  25. Hey John, please come fix my Dragon's Lair it's been sitting for 5 years dead

  26. Love your videos!! I just bought my first two non-working games and you are helping me try and figure them out! Please keep these troubleshooting ones coming. One of the games I bought is the sit-down version of Pole Position, came with two PCB's so I am hoping I can get one of them working, PS tested fine so going to reset all the IC's next, not sure what to do after.
    Thanks for the awesome videos!!

  27. I have a . Fruit bonus 96 when I first turn it on the screen will run for about 15 minutes then all of a sudden the board starts buzzing and the screen goes out what could that be

  28. John you should take all the parts from your pole position and put them on the Craigslist pole position and keep it put it in the basement or you could always have pole position one and 2 🙂

  29. My fave "it was just a fuse" was a guy in town buying a vintage synthesizer for €250, replacing the fuse, and that €250 purchase becoming a €2500 value fully working rarity in minty condition within minutes of opening it.

  30. 9 minutes in, and a "repair guy" is commenting on a previous "bad" repair, whilst not knowing the difference between "in series" and "in parallel" himself? Omg, holden my breath while continuing 😉

  31. They have relocated the speaker because it was probably too loud?

  32. I grew up playing this and all kinds of other Namco games through Namco Museum on PS2. One of the first games I ever owned 🙂

  33. Got a Pole Position unit with no TV, whats your thoughts on replacing with a LCD TV?

  34. Beautiful find John, a real gem 💎! (sorry I’m 4 years late to the party)

  35. Thanks for these videos! It’s my second one I watched today, hoping to get into this, these videos are unbelievably helpful

  36. Is there a follow up video replacing the “big blues?”

  37. I loved that game as a kid .. was so hard though …

  38. Why do I never get that lucky! The PP2 I picked up has damned near every issue you can think of and I'm still chipping away at it.

  39. Good rule of thumb before replacing a fuse is to determine whether it was a short, overload or over-voltage…fuses, breakers, overcurrent protection devices when open indicate a fault and faults in electrical can lead to fire, damages and death.

  40. I got a ram 22 error on mine after moving it from another location.

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