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  1. Him Its perfect it’s perfect it’s perfect it’s perfect. 10 minuets later yea it’s rigged

  2. You wasted my time you fat piece of shit, fuckin Clickbait title.

  3. I'm really disappointed. I thought this video was actually going go show how how to hack the machine or something. The machine lets the owner set how often it allows you to win. If it's not due to pay out, it will automatically keep going up after you release the button so it will hit the top. If it's due, it will stop moving immediately after you release the button. They say the way to check and see if it's ready to pay out is to try, and if you miss by hitting the bottom a little bit, it's ready. But that never made any sense to me. Couldn't you just be missing? I think the only way to check is to make sure you're releasing it in the right spot and watch closely to see if it keeps moving up after you release the button.

  4. The game is rigged to only pay out like every $1500 for the top prizes, and it's legal for them to do that as long as the prize is worth a lot. It's illegal for them to set the drop rate that high on like a $10 item though. I'm not sure what the specifics are, but they have to set the drop rates according to the value of the prize, so it will let someone win the bottom row a lot more often than the middle or top rows. However, I'm pretty sure it's completely illegal to have it rigged to where the key won't even fit the slot. I've seen lots of videos of people winning the top prizes, so I think the arcade owner must have added an extra piece of plastic or something. Those machines usually aren't rigged to have the slot to small.
    You should call the number on the machine and report that the arcade owner tampered with the machine. Send them a copy of this video and let them know it's up on YouTube and start post a short clip of you lining it up perfectly. They'll probably either give you your money back or give you the prize. I would also try just asking to speak to the manager or the owner and show him the video. Ask them to either open up the machine and give you the prize, or give you your money back. Of they're decent and weren't the one who rigged the key hole, they'll do it and probably be upset that the company who makes the machine made them look bad and return it. If they aren't decent, I would get crazy about it.

    If you're feeling crazy like me, ask to record your conversation before you tell them what it's about, or just start recording and make it obvious so they can't deny they knew you were filming later and have a friend nearby recording more discreetly in case they ask you to stop. If they refuse to do the right thing, post the video and the clip that shows the machine is rigged to Twitter every day and tag the company and the arcade.

    Keep posting it every single day until they do something about it. I would even make a sign that says "This machine will not give you the prize even if you win. The key is too large to fit through the slot. Don't waste your money on any machine like this." then go back to the arcade and record yourself standing by the machine with the sign and showing people the video clip of it being to big to fit and telling the not to play those games. The arcade will probably get tired of it and just give you the prize.

    If they don't, keep going back a couple times a week for like 30 minutes each time, or as long as you have free time for. If you cam, go every single day for like a week, and eventually they'll get so sick of you scaring off customers they'll give it to you.

    If that still doesn't work, eventually a news organization will get wind of it. Make sure to video yourself and if they kick you out, add that clip & keep uploading. Add a clip of you saying they kicked you out for exposing that they're scamming CHILDREN, and the owner is too much of an asshole to do anything about it.

    Have your friend call in a news tip or do it yourself and say "There's this guy at my local arcade protesting one of the machines because he doesn't want anyone else to loose money like he did! It's crazy!" I'm willing to bet your local news would interview you and run a story about it on a slow news day.

    If you make it on to the news, either the arcade or the company that makes Key Master will be willing to do just about anything to make themselves look good again. I bet they would not only give you the prize you were after, but give your money back as well.

    You probably aren't actually that upset about loosing $60 and whatever the prize was worth to put in all that effort, but it would make for a killer YouTube video. Everyone who's ever been cheated by one of those machines would be rooting for you too.

    I don't think the arcade could even make you stop telling people not to play that machine because of Freedom of Speech and all, but if anyone decides to do this wacky plan, don't accuse the acarde owner of rigging it, even if that's probably what happened because they might try to accuse you of slander.

  5. Even tho if its straight the pushing key will cheat by not pushing the key all the way in to unlock it!! Sample as that

  6. The machine is on a algorithm, if it gets payed lets say 3x the value of an item, then the item is available to win, if it the key goes to the bottom of ths hole, that means it is close to winning

  7. The machine is rigged it is impossible till the machine makes enough money to pay back the item I want them it will be possible

  8. Prize locker is rigged and until it makes a certain amount of money for a payout then its always going to move slightly up

  9. This game is rigged. Here’s the thing no one will win until they make there money on the highest price item in the machine plus profit

  10. why are you going for a 2ds when you can have a ps4 are you dumb

  11. I didn't see you cheat the game, all I saw was a dude losing all his cash 😂

  12. At least TWICE I seen that key was in the perfect position it just did not go through the hole. They have the entire top row rigged on purpose, the plastic with the keyhole is mounted at an angle so the key wont go through it unless the key is unlevel

  13. Why was the camera man zooming in so far to his face lol

  14. The arcade owner has unstuck the sticker on the keyhole and put it on a new perspex keyhole with a smaller hole

  15. Prize locker is skill, the notch is added to account for the deviation when the payout rate hasn’t been hit.

  16. So thats why the other video's of people get there thing stolen cause of him

  17. It says it’s 100% skill, but at the end of the day, no one can deny the fact is, no matter how you look at it, and any way you try to explain, there’s no denying that you’re really fat. The end

  18. Came across this video by chance but instantly recognized the channel as the bus driver. You really grew since this video

  19. You don't have to put the key in the hole you have to hit under the hole where there's no platform for you to hit there's some free space at the bottom that you have to hit silly

  20. You should shake the crap out of it nect time

  21. i once was at camp and they had an arcade there and just like the footage the key was too big i want my money back!!1

  22. If the key doesn’t fit you must acquit!

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