How to Build an Arcade Cabinet for Beginners | Turn Your Old PC into Your Dream Arcade Machine -

How to Build an Arcade Cabinet for Beginners | Turn Your Old PC into Your Dream Arcade Machine

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How to Build an Arcade Cabinet for Beginners | Turn Your Old PC into Your Dream Arcade Machine — I’m gonna show you exactly how I turned my old PC into my absolute Dream Arcade Cabinet and you definitely can do this. No power tools or previous experience required.

Here’s the link for the arcade cabinet I used:

Download mGalaxy frontend here:

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“8bit Grow!” with permission from HeatleyBros.


  1. That thing makes me feel like a chump for buying arcade1up

  2. Great video! I’ve always wanted an arcade cabinet but space and portability were always my main concern :/

    – Chill Pill

  3. Retropie is always my front end of choice.

  4. Your videos are so helpful mate. Keep up the good work you 3.

  5. Very cool idea…I need more room in my garage!

  6. I bought the same cabinet for the same reasons. Great summary of the features, and thanks for the front end recommendation!

  7. I saw you link on my youtube channel and I am here to show my love and support to you GenerationGap! Thank for sharing this video. I subscribed to your channel. 😀

  8. Great video, definitely intend to build an arcade machine this year.
    My favourite arcade game would have to be bubble bobble.

  9. $900 isn't that bad at all. I'm really liking the direction your channel is going man. Love the original ideas you're coming up with and have no doubt you'll go far if you keep it up. I hope you're doing well, man! 🙂

  10. Nice, but still too pricey for me! I'm looking for sub $300..

  11. Such an awesome product. When I first clicked the video, I thought I'd see you and the kids in the woodworking shop fabricating a cabinet! This is way better, because the cost of wood is so high and the number of tools and man hours it would take to put this together would be staggering. Thanks for sharing! BTW, my favorite cabinet game growing up was Double Dragon.

  12. I bough my 32 inch sit down from them I love it 🙂 with Emulator edition… great company

  13. nice video im building a mame laptop bartop arcade with 3,200 roms in it my favorite arcade games are mortal kombat, the Simpsons, contra, marball madness, paperboy, teenage mutant ninja turtles and galaga

  14. One thing that's nice is their uprights are in two parts. So if you have to carry it up out of a basement (to move for example), you can remove the top and move the bottom and top separately.

  15. Bro you got official shit,, all i got is a pandora's4s+ with a 60inch tv,,🤣🤣,, but i got a nes an snes classic i need hacked doe ,,

  16. Great video and selection of an arcade cabinet. Was looking into the Arcade 1up cabinets but they only come with 2 to 12 games and they are so tiny. For 2 or 3 of them I can go the Rec Room route and play thousands of games. It's really a no brainer.

  17. Would love to get one where I can play the original Punch Out and Super Punch Out on

  18. This is awesome. I didn't know this existed until now. Was thinking I might have to get an old MK cabinet and use that. Thanks for the upload. Hope you're still enjoying it!

  19. Sorry but those cabinet are way over priced and they don't look like real arcade cabinet. They look like IKEA arcade cabinet. You're better off finding a real use cabinet gut it and rebuilt the internal.

  20. I will do something close to this project and I like the no need for power tools. My favorite games were Galaga, Centipede, Samurai showdown , everything SEGA, and MAME. Thanks bud.

  21. On the website iit says it doenst come with a monitor. So what is it then??

  22. -how to build an arcade cabinet?
    -Easy! Just buy one!

  23. I would love to do this but I have never really used emulators before. What ones would you recommend?

  24. My favorite are killer instinct 1 and 2 and also soul caliber do you have those in there

  25. Off the top of my head, Sunset Riders is one of my favorite arcade games. But really, there are hundreds.

  26. I'm looking to build a 4 player arcade stand alone. A 2 player gunslinger arcade stand alone and then a classic arcade. In the corner I will have a 40in flatscreen with a pi with all console games from nintendo to psx my big challenge here is going to be finding a couple classic sitdown drive games that I can put in my basement. In the other half of my basement I think I'm going to get a 3 in 1 pool hockey and basketball game table for the kids

  27. Oh man, I gotta do this.
    Favorite Arcade, that's a hard question to answer. If not Street Fighter 2, than Konami' s The Main Event. Wrestling game. Loved it.

  28. Jojo’s bizarre adventure Heritage for the future

  29. Wow now I can build my own for just $ 900.00 dlls. 🤦‍♂️

  30. This is more of a quick overview of how to build one rather than a tutorial. But I do admit, I actually liked the video quite a bit because I like to see how other people are building these. Decent video!

  31. so what if I have a tower? do I put a monitor in place?

  32. So this can run other emulators? I wanted to play Fighting vipers and fighters megamix, but they are on console

  33. Some of my favorites are defender, galaga, joust, crazy climber and spy hunter.

  34. Damn a arcade that costs 900 while building one can be 100 dollars nice

  35. Cool video. Thanks to you, I know what front end means. I don’t have enough room to build my own arcade cabinet, but I just resurrected my old Nintendo Wii and programmed it to emulate everything from Atari to Wii.

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