How much $$$ do arcade machines make? #shorts -

How much $$$ do arcade machines make? #shorts

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I bought an arcade machine for my laundromat, here’s how much it makes!


  1. What about money from People who use Credit card? For the soda machine

  2. This is so underrated. We need more propel to see these kind of vids

  3. This guy has no marketing strategy he just bought it waste of money move it some where else

  4. You're not factoring in the electrical cost of the machine and the loss of sf/dollar floor space

  5. Hey do you have to pay taxes on your macinens

  6. I wish I could do that but I have literally no money to buy any machines. 😭

  7. you should put it somewhere else other than a laundromat i feel like it hardly gets used there


  9. Next video: how much money you have earned on this channel and the tiktok

  10. It seems like more quarters came out of the bucket then what was dumped in 🤔

  11. Can you include the monthy bills? Like electrical stuff?

  12. Man imagine if you got house of the dead in one of your laundromats. That could possibly bring in the big bucks

  13. This is smart because it may encourage more people to use his laundry mat as there is something for the kids to do or for you to do while your wait.

  14. It’ll statiticly make your money back every 4 months

  15. Probably not gonna make a whole lot of money considering kids have phones now but Idk

  16. Love the transparency of this video!

  17. But what are your costs? I'm sure electricity will take a good portion of that.

  18. Dude I’d be totally down for games of mis Pac-Man and galaga whilst waiting for my work clothes to dry 🙂

  19. Hey bro my whole family has covid and I know you have alot so please I need someting

  20. Some video arcade games just don't work everywhere. Now I do this every day and for 3 days, that's pretty decent, redemption and pinball is where a lot of the money is. Our smallest redemption center that runs 13 games does 10k plus on average. Our biggest video arcade? About 3800 avg

  21. This is like an ad.
    I have a washer and dryer. But now I wanna stop by and get the high score on this bitch. Lets go coin op

  22. I'm an arcade operator in WA you should look into getting a claw machine everyone loves playing for plushies they make a lot more then arcade games.

  23. He could have also rented another coin match washer or dryer. The laundromat are usually short of dryers.

  24. You poured more quarters in the coin counter than came out of the video game!!! You padded the numbers!! You can see it in the video. I checked it several times. You showed the bucket when you dumped the game, then cut to the pour, and there were A LOT more quarters!! Shame on you!

  25. I’m surprised the machine only costs 900 I want one for my basement!

  26. I this is a brake even with the electricity expenses, no?

  27. How much money do you keep in the machines as change for customers?

  28. So all that money goes to you and your bank account and wallet

  29. I dont see many kids using it in reality. 9 year old have iPhones these days.

  30. Didn't know arcade machines where cheaper then I thought

  31. My life has totally changed since I started with $7,000 and now I make $ 29,450 every 11 days.

  32. Please keep making these videos they are very inspiring

  33. Um, is that MrDo! The greatest arcade game ever??

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