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HANDS-ON: SFV Arcade Machine (Japan)

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Street Fighter in Arcades is BACK BABY! Here’s my full report plus video footage of how it looks, feels and plays at the game center arcade TAITO STATION in Shinjuku!

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  1. I feel pretty sad about the fact that it feels like I've grown past the need to go to an arcade when I've actually got the games and setup I want.

    Kind of an anti post, but these past two decades really proved something to me about the industry and it's place among just regular gaming. Invite some friends over, play the games all you want without an operator/distributor imposing all the limits based on business operations. Turned out to be a real eye opener for me once I put it in that perspective.

    Still miss being at arcades though.

  2. Man I really wish there were more arcades like this in the u.s.

  3. bro do see people vaping in japanease arcades?

  4. Put this in a Dave and busters or something

  5. @5:36 This is how the US got bodied by Corona; @7:14 This is how Japan avoided Corona

  6. Glad they finally brought this to arcades.
    also side note i miss when everything smelt like smoke in the us.

  7. This was a really through video.
    Thx man
    Tommy Vercetti Games!

  8. Are their places in Japan (Osaka Specifically) that have Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting arcade? Thanks Nihongo!

  9. I kinda want an arcade of this so I have a version that has all the content without an internet connectikn

  10. Are they still charging ¥100 per credit? I mean, wasn't that the same price at the 90s? How they profit keeping the same price for decades?

  11. They converted some machines in my Round 1 into SFV machines, complete with the NESiCA support.

  12. Does anyone know how much a NESiCA card for SFV Type cost? Also, for the fightstick/pad is it just plug and play or do we need to setup something to use a separate controller? We got a few cabs in California now at Round1.

  13. Street Fighter 5 ARcade is in alot of Round 1's. I played against a Round 1 in the same state as me and beat them 5-2. I experience 0 lag.

  14. Going to Japan in 3 weeks! Have any recommendations on which arcades to visit?

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