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HANDS-ON: SFV Arcade Machine (Japan)

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Street Fighter in Arcades is BACK BABY! Here’s my full report plus video footage of how it looks, feels and plays at the game center arcade TAITO STATION in Shinjuku!

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  1. Can we please get Gundam verses on pc pls

  2. even in ikebukuro sega arcade same….people smoking a lot.

  3. Wanna play online in the arcade? Why not go play at home instead? The real reason to go play at arcade is to play offline with ppl in person

  4. Is the cleaning of the cabinets after a match normal in Japan? Never seen that in the states, no matter how greasy the previous opponent was.

  5. He says he is going to give us a tour of the place… then we get a bunch of jerky edits and cuts. You are missing the point of a walkthrough.

  6. 제발 우리나라에서도 나와주길 바라는데…

  7. メイドインファミリーmadein_family says:


  8. RandomAnimeGamer ランダムオタクゲーマー says:

    Doesn't BBCF and P4AU require you to pay for training mode too?

  9. paid training mode is normal. Tekken had it, it is standard. How else would you use training mode then? for free?

  10. Wondering why you expected to stand infront of your competitor rather than stand next to them?

  11. I remember being in akihabara and everyone smoked in the arcades

  12. Random thought guys. I know that a lot of us who do not speak Japanese misheard, "tatsumaki senpu kyaku" when ryu and Ken were yelling it in SF2. I was wondering if the Japanese speaking people of the world misheard that too considering voices in video games weren't really the best back then.

  13. do you know if its possible buy one of those machines?!?! in US.. or outside of japan?! and how it works… if the systems (sfv) may have update?!?

  14. Hi friend can I guide me we’re I can purchase 1 orange arcade machine with that street fighter game inside please hope to hear back

  15. wtf is this 8 button bullshit? it should always be 6 only. and that start button needs to be relocated.

  16. Are these just PS4's in a cabinet or are these real boards from Capcom with no lag? Probably a PC on SSD..Sad.

  17. No real arcades where I live. Just mobile games in cabinets. Lol.

  18. I was here Utd and the two Sfax machines were not there which sucked!

  19. I miss the arcades. that's where you were tested both in game and outside of the game. you had to handle a loss in-front of people with class and keep it moving.
    Now a-days you have people who are so emotionally weak they rage quite on people they don't even know or see.

  20. God I hope Round 1 gets these in the US ASAP

  21. Is this game still easy to find in Tokyo?

  22. Going to Japan in 3 weeks! Have any recommendations on which arcades to visit?

  23. Street Fighter 5 ARcade is in alot of Round 1's. I played against a Round 1 in the same state as me and beat them 5-2. I experience 0 lag.

  24. Does anyone know how much a NESiCA card for SFV Type cost? Also, for the fightstick/pad is it just plug and play or do we need to setup something to use a separate controller? We got a few cabs in California now at Round1.

  25. They converted some machines in my Round 1 into SFV machines, complete with the NESiCA support.

  26. Are they still charging ¥100 per credit? I mean, wasn't that the same price at the 90s? How they profit keeping the same price for decades?

  27. I kinda want an arcade of this so I have a version that has all the content without an internet connectikn

  28. Are their places in Japan (Osaka Specifically) that have Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting arcade? Thanks Nihongo!

  29. This was a really through video.
    Thx man
    Tommy Vercetti Games!

  30. Glad they finally brought this to arcades.
    also side note i miss when everything smelt like smoke in the us.

  31. @5:36 This is how the US got bodied by Corona; @7:14 This is how Japan avoided Corona

  32. Put this in a Dave and busters or something

  33. bro do see people vaping in japanease arcades?

  34. Man I really wish there were more arcades like this in the u.s.

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