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Hammerin’ Harry 1990 Irem Mame Retro Arcade Games

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► Hammerin’ Harry 1990 Irem. Full game. (This game must be finished twice).

Loop 1 Stage:

Loop 2 Stage:

Hammerin’ Harry World version,
Daiku no Gen-san – Beranme Machi Soudouki Japan version.


  1. 16:36 – The Boss is like: Here! I'll throw you bags of cement, and you bat them right back in my face! 😀 – I love retro games! and that Mc Hammer reference! 😀

  2. Seeing the cover on AVGN i really thought this would be a crap game, but it actually looks good!

  3. Arcade game, but music and sound is SOOO Genesis lol

  4. You have to beat the game twice. That's just great. Because this time I'm TWICE AS FUCKIN' PISSED OFF!!!!

  5. AVGN brought me here, but i went to the famicom playthrough first

  6. at the final credits, who is that enemy with the saw? he kinda has same running animation as harry

  7. They made an NES version of this game, but it was only released in Europe. There was also a sequel released only in Japan.

  8. Plot Twist from the Future: Hammerin' Harry is the father of both Fix-It Felix and Wreck-It Ralph. The discovery that they are in fact brothers leads to sibling rivalry.

  9. Ahh man i found it finally !!!! Thanks for the upload ! LET'S GET BUSY haha

  10. these games are incredible..i wish I had the original arcade cabinets ….

  11. In fact, the headband was actually referenced in Kirby! Starring in Nightmare in Dreamland

  12. I just discovered this game on my retrocade. Lol had the thing for over a year and never played this game. Good game👍

  13. At 1:05 and 2:39, you can just hold up, and the noodle bowl/cinderblock will just sit harmlessly on top the hammer! (though You'll want to press attack to knock them out of the way before moving on)

  14. Por favor alguien podria decirme donde puedo encontrar este juego para poder descargármelo en android es que lo estoy buscando en Google play y no aparece. Muchas gracias

  15. This should come to Switch as a "Arcade Archives" title.

  16. 1:50 whoa! Mr. Plinkett when he could still walk! I guess this explains why he's in a wheelchair now.

  17. J'adore ce jeu il a marqué toute mon enfance


  19. My childhood memory…now I'm I'm constructionworker in canada and thinking he mustbe a korean? Since he ate the paper and go wild :'v

  20. 海外版大工の源さんか。

  21. I remember being about ten watching this game in the arcade and being blown away by the graphics and game play. Innocent times.
    I just cant enjoy gaming now – first person shooters are okay but how many of them do we need. Nintendo have lost their way and are far too cartoony and not in a good way. Are the targeting 2 year olds?
    (Sounding like every older generation from the begining of time.)


  23. I need this game plz send me downloding link

  24. I love this game ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  25. I think the Superfamicom version is way better.

  26. So the answer to planning committee corruption is to beat up construction workers and the company owner. Makes sense to me.

  27. Man wielding a large mallet crushes and then purifies capitalism.

  28. Ohh my childhood memories. Tears in eyes. Old golden days.

  29. Was searching this game for years, man it reminded me of childhood memories..

  30. パチンコで有名なゲーム

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