Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered Reveal Trailer -

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered Reveal Trailer

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The beloved and critically acclaimed Ghostbusters video game is back and remastered for Xbox One!


  1. Make this game of the year fellow ghostbuster fans

  2. Naaaaan je vient d'acheter l0'ancienne version il y a même pas 1 semaine !!!!!

  3. Naaaaan je vient d'acheter l0'ancienne version il y a même pas 1 semaine !!!!!

  4. YES! Super excited but please god let those 10 stupid multiplayer achievements BE GONE!

  5. I may have the Xbox 360 version….but I hope they touch up on the graphics, like rework the lighting and overall look. Maybe include the lost Thanksgiving Day Parade level. (if they have the dialogue for it though.)

  6. Can u say 4k and possibly 60fps on the X ?? Who u goin call ???

  7. Can't wait for Ghostbuster to be played on Xbox please update about the release date soon. I'm super hyped about this game 🙂

  8. I’m sooooo hyped I love ghostbusters and I played this game on ps3 all the time

  9. YESSS. I loved playing this game when it first came out. It's going to look incredible.

  10. BFBB Rehydrated and Destroy all humans: We are being the best remake trailers ever

    GhostBusters The game remaster: Hold My Ghosts

  11. Loved this game

    I was doing the graveyard mission and my Xbox 360 blew up didn’t get to play it ever since 😂

  12. That first mission when u have to dash to get venikmen by the elevators cuz he got slimes was amazing

  13. I will finish the entire game tomorrow I’m not kidding

  14. I played the OG Ghostbusters game on the PSP

  15. first destroy all humans and now ghostbusters, can 2019 get any better?

  16. Cant wait to get this one for xbox one played it on Xbox 360 i love Ghostbusters RIP Harold Remis/Egon

  17. When’s this coming out? I want to get this and the other Ghostbusters game

  18. I got ghostbusters for 360, but whats the difference to remastered version !?? 🤔

  19. Will we get the Blue Jumpsuit with this remaster ?

  20. Im gonna watch the movie and get the remaster when it comes out for Xbox One X. I miss the 80's. I was 14 when the original movie came out. I think I seen it at the Gratiot drive in move theater in roseville the drive ins last summer .best of times.

  21. I like to think they did this for harold ramis.

  22. I like the game ive seen it i like how your characther looks he looks like ray

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