Game Room Tour #22 Essex Retro gamer. -

Game Room Tour #22 Essex Retro gamer.

Nintendo Arcade
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Welcome became to another game room tour.
This episode it’s Robert the Essex retro gamer.

Please check out and subscribe to Rob channel in the link below.

Also check out my other game room tours if you like arcade and console collecting.

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  1. Awesome collection. I was wondering how many games you currently have all total in the collection as well as how many consoles?

  2. Really enjoyed this one guys great collection and cakes 🍰 lol 😂

  3. Nice vid and great to see a decent SMS section to boot, even though it pains you to touch those decent plastic boxes (no cheapy budget cardboard)!

  4. I need cake now 🤣 that 1hr 42 flew by lads. Great look around robs room and chat. Great to hear rob talk about games like iss that most people wouldn't talk about but he got nostalgia for them. Great room 👌

  5. Really great room and tour, Robert seems a very nice, down to earth guy. I like how the collection is organized, very good use of space and nice comfy area for gaming. I feel even more guilty about how messy my game room is now, almost up to my holidays, will be doing lots of re-organizing etc
    Rob don't let that Nintendo crazy dude take you off track, Sega for the win 🙂
    And no game room tour would be complete without some gorgeous cream cakes 🙂

  6. Really enjoyed this episode. Subbed to Essex's channel too. Class collection and I feel very similar to him about collecting. Both born in '83 too haha

  7. Great video matey, Love Robs channel so great to see it from another perspective, have subbed 😎

  8. I really enjoyed this, rob lives just a 5 minute walk from me and I’m looking forward to having a game play session in there one day. Great video Alex and what a great arcade you have. So many personal stories and interesting facts about your experiences with each game and cabinet comes across as such an entertaining and enjoyable watch. Keep being awesome and keeping being you . 🕹🤙

  9. Fantastic Video as always,
    Featuring a couple of top blokes
    A great watch

  10. Look forward to seeing this but the big question is did you get a ps2 pad off rob

  11. Really enjoyed this, exactly what I needed on a Friday night on me jack jones nice long video, I think the presentation of the room looks great nicely thought out.

  12. Can’t wait to see this busy at work but will catch up tomorrow love ya both 🔥👾🕹🥷💥🥳👍

  13. Great video Alex , was lovely to see you again 👍🏻

  14. What a epic game room tour….. Good to see it in all its glory

  15. Great episode Alex. Rob seems like a real stand up guy

  16. What great videos you have both done for each other loved both of them, makes me feel normal that there are like minded people out there👍

  17. Yes, awesome to see the gamesroom tours come back to my screen,, as I've said before my favourite types of video to watch.

    What a cracking selection of games and systems on display, I'm all about displaying things nicely so I appreciate what rob and jo have achieved, looks amazing with the different sections. Loads of great Sega collections, I love the dreamcast, that's the system that pulled me back into gaming like the 360 did for Rob.

    I thought you was pretty diplomatic with your 1up comments lol they serve a purpose and I personally can see why people buy them but I personally wouldn't touch them either, lack of crt is my biggest problem with them.
    Nice to hear rob likes his Street Fighter,, I know a few good players locally and looking forward to having a bit of meetup in the coming months, probably arcade club Leeds and we'll have a few bouts with some nice side bets to spice it up.. There's an absolute shed load of very good 2d mainly Japanese vs fighters that really are worth playing for any Street Fighter fan, kof 15 is out next year with a load of collectors sets available, I'm preordering the mai one myself, it's looking like a great entry in the series, sorry, just realised I'm waffling about fighters and going off on a tangent lol

    I really like the bookcase room divider, something I've been pondering and definitely going ahead with now myself to section off a couple of parts.

    Great video and lovely collection rob, nice chap too, really enjoyed it 👍👍 oh, nice cream cakes too, but a couple each though, not going to say you greedy devil's lol

  18. Fantastic video and what an amazing room, really cool thanks for the tour and the interview.

  19. Loved how he had the ability to switch between consoles so quickly. 
    That makes it practical and somewhere you can have a quick game when you feel like it, rather than it just being a display room.
    Didn't you have time to go down the pier for some whelks and a candy apple? 😉

  20. amazing collection !!! thank for sharing mate ! P.s he kind of reminds me of rob beckett are they related lol

  21. Absolutely stunning Room a great mix of retro, modern and everything in between.
    Love how Rob has some of the failed systems in his collection like the 3DO, Jaguar and CDi
    Loving All that Sega on your channel Alex 🤣🤣🤣
    Great video awesome banter between the 2 of you and thank you for the mentions
    Love it 🧟‍♂️😎🔥

  22. Incredible collection, really nice and clean set up.
    Really enjoyed this Alex.

  23. Amazing room….love how everything is set up ready to play.

    Using an OSSC is a good thing Rob 👌

    Thanks for sharing Alex 👍and for Rob for letting you look around.

  24. Alex, bloody he’ll mate, you were 20 minutes from me, you should have popped in. Great tour!

  25. This is a mammoth of a tour! Crazy awesome stuff 👏

  26. Great to see a new Game Room Tour video! hoping there will be more in the future.
    Another unique collection captured, I love how streamlined it is there's a bit of everything there. I got my eye out for a NES Action Set. I really want to have a go at Duck Hunt, looks great fun haha

  27. Amazing video as always mate & what a collection….OMG

    Just got back an Amiga I remember my mate back in the day having a cd32 & his 1200 too.

    Keep up the good work Alex we all love your videos mate.

  28. You two could do an amazing podcast. Could listen for hours, just a great, easy going and interesting conversation. Really enjoyed this.

  29. hi matey, wanted to apologizes for bothering you at the hotel during breakfast Sunday morning. But was still good to meet you. Hope you had a good weekend at Arcade Club

  30. Great video, could watch on me of these type of tours every week. Thanks for the effort Alex 👍

  31. What an awesome collection, really diverse and the 360 kiosk is very cool (I drooled a bit when you mentioned the Vectrex kiosk, would love one!) Always appreciate the effort it takes to do these mate, such an enjoyable watch.

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