Game Builder Garage - Overview Trailer - Nintendo Switch -

Game Builder Garage – Overview Trailer – Nintendo Switch

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Learn to make games from the minds at Nintendo!

Kids can learn how to make their own games with guided lessons created by Nintendo. From a simple game of tag to a run-and-jump obstacle course, each lesson is broken down into multiple, manageable segments that let kids go at their own pace—and have fun in the process.

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  1. This sucks timmys epic cool game is better

  2. Plot twist: game builder garage was made in game builder garage


  4. This game is like Dreams(PS4), but if Nintendo made it!

  5. Too hard, most of the things are useless, there are so many features missing, and the game is just way too hard to play. Horrible game, -100/10

  6. Can you recreate Game Builder Garage in Game Builder Garage?

  7. Nintendo: We create this game for kids
    Me: make GTA 5 on the switch

  8. Hi All. How would you like to play a simple yet fun 2 player game called UFO Block. Access it @ game ID: G 005 BT3 4TM

  9. 5 year old kid : Mom can we do programming at home
    Mom : No we Already Have It at home
    Programming at home : Scratch
    5 year old kid : 😎 Yes!!!

  10. This game is great. But do you know what would've made it better? well, since this game was made by Nintendo, they could've put characters for all the other Nintendo games in the game

  11. So here is builder that make timmies epic cool game

  12. Unreal engine blueprints cute edition

  13. "anyone who can play games can build one, and that's everyone"
    Uhh nintendo you know there are disabled people?

  14. Why do you always have. Anti-privacy screens on your games? They are so creepy

  15. I have a game called Robo Destroyer
    the game ID: G 002 DXM P4H

  16. You need to purchase game builder garage but don’t worry demo is free

  17. I am having Trouble On Puzzle 5, checkpoint 6 So Um Am I Doing Something Wrong? Because I Built A Self Driving Car But It Always Gets Stuck. If I am Doing Everything Right, You Are Gonna Want To Patch That. If You Do, Thanks Alot

  18. Here's the real question: if I can make all sorts of games, can I make advanced wars with this? lol

  19. Old= game builder garage
    New=Timmy's epic cool game

  20. everybody gangsta until someone makes a new mario game

  21. Nintendo, can you make notepad++ so I can code HTML in it?


  23. laughs in scratch coding
    …Imma buy it anyways.

  24. Nintendo: You can Build games
    Nintendo: Also you cannot in any way shape or form customize your character to match our IP's SURPRISE 😀 😀

  25. i regret watching the trailer because the games i made make me feel terrible and under preforming now

  26. Are you able to make a mario game?

  27. 'The nodon live inside your Nintendo Switch system!' 😨

  28. I will make blue shell returns in this game

  29. i literally thought it was called game builder garbage

  30. Me going from this to scratch: What happen to the nodon? All I get is blocks!

  31. 1:45 Holy… hold on… how? What? I’ve gone through all the tutorials and admittedly I’m not the best but how in the world…

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