Galaxian 1979 Namco Mame Retro Arcade Games -

Galaxian 1979 Namco Mame Retro Arcade Games

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► Galaxian 1979 Namco. Endless game.

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  1. Darn. You just had one more galaxian to shoot then one to next level. So close.

  2. when the million points are reached the game ends…few of us have achieved it

  3. It’s like galaga
    But your not getting abducted

  4. i wish i wasn’t that young how i play this game is through mini arcade they are really cool tho i have a “Dig Dug one, a Q*Bert one and a pretty big Namco Museum one”

  5. Wait… So… Galaga was a sequel all along?

  6. Look at it, it´s beautiful in its simplicity and perfection. "My beautiful, beautiful little baby…..". /Alien

  7. Yes this was the Galaxian i played back then, in the arcade hall. Same sounds and graphics and cool.
    Only the smell of cigg. smoke or pizza that´s missing. I sort of remember that smell as well.

  8. I swear you were able to capture another spaceship and use it to help you out am i thinking of a different game?

  9. use to play this at my dad job ARA Auckland buses on table top at the age of 6 years old

  10. i was in primary school when this came out standard 3, got a lot of hidings for playing this game, didnt come home after school, at the video parlor, home at 11:00 pm every night

  11. Tujunga, CA. 7-11 Corner of Foothill and Tujunga Canyon blvd. 1980…their machine was fast as hell, and the volume was LOUD! Great memories of candy, slurpees, and avoiding getting our asses kicked/our bikes stolen haha.

  12. Those graphics are good as fuck. Shit looks real!

  13. My father had this arcade in his garage in the 80s. Don't how many days i spent playing it. Eventually the game couldn't beat me any more and it became boring. Very cool to see it again though.

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