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Freddy & Jason (Commodore 64) – Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN)

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This is episode 199 of the Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN), a review of the Commodore 64 horror games. Freddy and Jason are back with a review of Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th on Commodore 64!! But before that, the Nerd is covering other horror games for the C64 from Psycho, to Gremlins, to Evil Dead, and a few non-licensed games. This is technically part 2 of the Commodore 64 system review from a few weeks back and get ready for AVGN Episode 200 coming next month!

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Justin Silverman:

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  1. my mommy my my hanma ma spanking me :,(

  2. Episode 200 coming up, eh? Should be a great one.

    I'm gonna predict that it's the Playstation mini.

  3. What is the deal with sending messages to underage girls and this Justin person? Seems like he would have been scarier to have in the video lol

  4. 4:15 oh, the Hearse is the classic Ecto-1.
    6:43 oh, i've played an Atari 800 game VERY similar to that one, just with better graphics.

  5. Wow, a Commodore 64 game gave us Paranoia mode before GunMedia ever did

  6. I can't believe its been so many years! Thanks for all, James!

  7. But maybe the real Jason was the friends we killed along the way.

  8. i love how the blinds break with the window

  9. Jason Vorhees has a farm Che Che AHH AHH 🤣

  10. The definition for gun is freaking hilarious. I'm pretty sure they took that out of the dictionary.

  11. Which place was this review plagiarized from?

  12. Are we not going to talk about the fact that the word "Picture" is missing from the title of the Rocky Horror Picture Show game?

  13. There's another game were you can close doors? "Nice of the princess to invite us over for a picknick, eh Luigi?" "I hope she made lot's of spaghetti!"

  14. you watch avgn more than holywood's movies.

  15. LOVE, Love AVGN. You’re doing great, Nerd. We are always excited when a bee episode comes in.

  16. I love how hard older games tried to be scary. They would have no idea how actually scary games would be now

  17. Go turn up the volume and jump in a hole in Impossible Mission on C64 . Not that high pitch of scream but …….

  18. Ghostbusters was an amazing game, had it on my Amstrad.

  19. Have you thought about doing a collaboration with Christopher from IGSRJ?

  20. Dont worry, those NECA figures shattered into a million pieces when you tossed them onto that soft futon.

  21. 8:01 it looks like he’s inside of a cotton candy machine.

  22. i think he's purple because it was made in japan where on the front of the poster for part3 he was purple

  23. More than ever, I am beyond thankful that I have someone like you to play these games for me. Thank you, Nerd, keep doing what you do.

  24. They should have named the movie " a nightmare on Friday the 13th "

  25. Missed opportunity to recreate Freddy"s tongue through the phone

  26. That's got to be the most often broken window on all of YouTube.

  27. 15 years and I'm p sure he inspired those toys and the nostalgia reborn of many things, what a legend.

  28. I like how Jason screams like a girl when he dies lol

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