Forza Horizon 5 : FASTEST CAR IN THE GAME!! (Forza Science) -

Forza Horizon 5 : FASTEST CAR IN THE GAME!! (Forza Science)

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Today we’re finding Forza Horizon 5’s Fastest Cars! We’re putting the Ferrari 599xx Evo, Koenigsegg Jesko, Mercedes AMG Project One, Jaguar D-Type and more head to head in the FH5 Top Speed Battle! Subscribe for more FH5 Gameplay, Let’s Plays Customization and more!

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  1. Only one thing the Ferrari can take a corner still while the merc can't do it that good in a not race mode

  2. Great video! You should have included the McLaren F1 GT though, cornering that thing in 287mph even though that's also my straight line top speed, but cruising that is insane! ;D

  3. I spent my car voucher on the Bugatti Divo I also won a sesto elemento!

  4. I wanna join your club on forza horizon 5

  5. I love how he knows nothing about real cars


  7. I’ve spent the last few days going up and down the motorway. Traffic just phases in and out, looks like there’s never any cars. It’s dumb but amazing for cruising lol

  8. LOL! I passed your level. 70 something right now. I only need two more roads discovered and most boards smashed already.

  9. Then again I been playing since November 4th morning.

  10. You should have tried the Jag XJR 15 barn find using its own stock engine maxed out the top speed is 285ish

  11. How do you get so many credits already? Can you buy forza credits? Cause I’m curious how you have that much of coins already..

  12. The Mercedes Amg E 63s does 271 with the 6.5 v12 maxed out no time spent on the tune

  13. 308mph isn't the fastest. 349mph is fastest I've seen.

  14. In the premium edition do you get super wheel spins every day or week

  15. Is there a SSC Tuatara in FH5 i dont have it so im just wondering since it is the fastest atm

  16. someone got 348 with a taycan on a speed trap leaderboard

  17. The Supra going 369 he says the supercar are the fastest

  18. Hey nick, you should try the x5 forza édition its a 1913hp beast and well it can be very fast..

  19. So glad that ground dipping thing is gone and how the game and cars are so much better now and different

  20. The jesko can go 309 with DUBsmb’s tune

  21. The McLaren F1 GT is a very good car, it can take corners very well, and tuned it hits 284 mph

  22. for my voucher I chose the cobra daytona (most expensive car in the game)

  23. You should be tuning the car to top out at the end of the straight. What good is testing it if it’s still got thousands of rpm to use.

  24. M 599XX Evo is slower because Devs nerfed it and maybe even slower because of no more drag glitch

  25. I want xbox to give me 50 Million credits to make a video🙂

  26. I used the hoonigan bel air.
    I did a wheely and hit 434 kph

  27. Yes , my home country car is the fastest car . Koenigsegg

  28. Man, I was really looking forward to watching Nick be poor for a little bit, completing races with budget cars. Shame but best wishes for the series <3

  29. Here's the FASTEST Car in FH5! What should we try next?

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