Fixing Up A Bally 1979 KISS Pinball Machine! - Let's See The Condition After All These Years! -

Fixing Up A Bally 1979 KISS Pinball Machine! – Let’s See The Condition After All These Years!

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  1. oh my ron …. that evil laugh. you really are losing it? or is it just in my mind…. we will never know

  2. this is difficult to airbrush because of the inserts . the other one would be possible

  3. your older kiss video is how i found you guys 🙂 another one to save !

  4. I have one at home. Replaced the worn play field with a new one, myself, about 20 years ago.

  5. Great job! Looking forward to seeing more of this. I just bought a $640 pressure washer through your amazon usa link. I hope that helps you some 🙂

  6. Typical of Bally playfields of this era. I had a STAR TREK unit and its playfield was just as bad. Espcecially in front of the flippers/

  7. Ron, Enjoy watching your videos, you gave me enough courage to try some play field touch ups. Actually my wife because I can do the electronics but I'm not any good at art work. We heeded your warnings and used acrylics but what type of clear do you cover the acrylic with?

  8. I was more into Motorhead and Hawkwind myself back in the day 🙂 I do have some kiss vinyl in the collection though, Great video, I've never owned a kiss machine, not too many around in Scotland but I do love to see your methodology on these appraisals and repairs – wonderful stuff thanks and I can't wait to see where this goes in the next one. take care

  9. I think the word your looking for when talking about the look of old cars is “patina”

  10. Loved playing this game in the arcade. Good luck with the repair.

  11. Hi Ronnie and Joe. Sighs Big Kiss fan. They were before my time but I love their music

  12. I was told by BGRestro that the peeling at the bottom of the backglass is from spraying cleaning on the glass to clean it. The cleaner then will run down and wick up the backside making it peel. Use a cloth and spray your cleaner on it and wipe the glass. I love all the early S/S machines I don't care who made it. But I do like Williams a little better.

  13. As always Joe, you do great work! Love the info and entertainment you give us! 👏🏻 On another note, when are you having a 2 for 1 sale? 😂

  14. Honestly, I judge how fun an old pinball machine is by its wear. If it's worn, it was played a lot, and people always play the good games. And it seems to me that those old Bally's get good and worn.

  15. You guys were throwing off Bally games from the past, right off the top of my head I was just thinking about Harlem Globetrotters. That was a great game to play . During that time I didn't really like Stern pinball machines too much but I think I remember playing meteor that was the only game from Stern at that time that I liked. The later Stern games kicked ass! from that point on. I always remember when I played pinball machines I always loved a bunch of drop targets. The more drop targets a game had the more I liked it. Good video waiting for the next one. 👍

  16. oh please convince the guy to decal the play field great game like KISS its terrible to see it all worn out

  17. Don't have a favourite between Bally and Williams, but I did love Future Spa which I think was 1979 Bally release. It was a bit crazy and risque. 🙂

  18. A "Sleeper"! Rough on the outside, sessy on the inside!

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