Fixing a 1979 Asteroids Arcade Game - Operator Caught The Vector Monitor On Fire! -

Fixing a 1979 Asteroids Arcade Game – Operator Caught The Vector Monitor On Fire!

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We fix up an Asteroids Arcade Game…it appears in the past, the Vector Wells Gardner monitor had caught on fire!

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  1. There were about 3 months of my childhood where I loved this game more than anything

  2. I saw where you can 3D print circuit boards now. Wouldnt it be cool to print a new one to cut and replace.

  3. Why are the traces on old boards this big?

  4. First video game I ever played but not in arcade. My grandfather neighbor son had an ATARI 2600 with this game. Would play it every chance I got. We literally burned out the power supply for his 2600 playing it one weekend.

    Turns out I can’t play the arcade version do to my vision the way it is. The arcade one being just faint outlines I can’t focus on. Where the 2600 version are solid colors I can see well enough.

    It great seeing you fixing this stuff. I’ve always been fascinated in electronics. Sadly my eyes prevent me from messing with it anymore but still enjoy seeing stuff fixed.

  5. So much simpler than the color vector board… cool vids!

  6. Its an authentic asteroid board now. An asteroid exploded right there. : )

  7. awesome clip i was wondering the reason to why you did not make or order a small section of the missing diffusion PCB and connect it with pins to the fried board?

  8. Lovely to see it working again 🙂 Is it possible to backup the ROM?

  9. Looks like the damage was caused because the repair didn't use ceramic resistors, the replacement non ceramic resistors have overheated.

  10. The potentiometer on the daughter card seemed to affect the screen brightness.

  11. 16:42 If I'd to build a resistorbridge like that I'd probably shrinkwrap it just to be sure.

  12. Noice! Pretty ballsy plugging in that burned chassis. I like your “just plug it in and see what happens” attitude.

  13. Looks like that speed hack earned a lot more quarters haha

  14. This is so cool! You've kept a piece of history intact for us old timers to relive our youth. I spent most of my high school years at the local arcade. I actually became good enough at pinball I could play all night on a buck. Cost me a ton to get there though!! Lol

  15. When I was at University, I got a call from a panicky student.
    He wanted to know how to shut down a Windows system if you could not see the screen.
    Without thinking, I walked him through the process.
    Just before he hung up, I asked him why he needed the help.
    "Oh, the monitor is on fire, and I had to shut the computer down correctly or my Faculty Adviser would yell at me."

    We had gotten a bunch of Groupe Bull computers and monitors….all junk.
    Groupe Bull was a short lived collab between HP, Heathkit and some French tech firm.
    We got 12 systems, and 6 of the monitors burst into flames in the first three weeks!
    The rest got sent back.

    In the monitor was a huge power-dissipating resistor on the PCB.
    Heat from the resistor scorched the board black.
    Normally, not a problem.
    But on the other side of the PCB were two traces from a high-voltage power-supply.
    PCB chars a bit, becomes conductive enough for the high-voltage to arc, starting a fire!
    The power supply was 'dumb' and couldn't sense the short-circuit.
    Once the plastic cabinet caught flames, it wouldn't stop.

  16. I first saw this Machine in the Theater lobby after seing STAR WARS

  17. Vaguely remember from electronics courses that low ohm resistors are stuck places to slightly reduce current on a circuit to reduce load on components.
    Just because the manufacturer changed their minds is it the best course of action? Or was it a way to get out of replacing defective resistors knowing the unit would make it last warranty before the added current damaged other items?

  18. hi work on reel to reel decks so i understand what you are say it doe's take time i will say

  19. I would have loved the speed hack back when I was a kid and played this game. After you beat it and the score turns over it goes to zero score and your at level one again. It's so slow feeling when your good.

  20. Someone please send him kapton tape, and heatshrink 😛

  21. my guess is that the tlo82 was giving wrong values which corresponded to the bottom half of the screen.

  22. Seen a pinball machine PCB fixed using two part epoxy resin with tiny holes drilled in for components and small hard wires to the rear.

  23. That pot on the add on board looked like it adjusted the brightness of the game to me. When you did your first adjustment test it looked a hell of a lot nicer/brighter and turning it down made it look like it did prior to testing. Very dim.

  24. So, the previous owner of this machine when it sat in a arcade somewhere was so desperate for quarters, that he installed a speed hack board to generate more revenue. What a POS.

  25. compare this game to alien 1979 in terms of graphics, both where made in 1979

  26. Thumbs up even year later! 👍😂
    But for future – that left over carbon can dissipate power and continue to burn and change line parameters.. But that burnout happened, because these resistors were rated for lower power, than original wire wrapped in ceramic packaging and they overheated, probably, taking PCB with them..

  27. I was always lousy at asteroids, though it was a great game. I was more a galaxian man personally 😉

  28. we had a saying when blue smoke would come out of servers and boards looked like that
    "Better Put Some Peanut Butter & Jam In The Case Because It' s Toast!"

  29. It looked and sounded just as i remember it to have been

  30. How much could I sell reproduction boards for?

  31. Thank you, very interesting and informative, loved your videos! thank you

  32. hi taking them res out is very bad new's they are there as a safe let out of power they are used is reel to reel to take down power levels to the ac dc motors
    i did was you done some place's were over heating till i put them back

  33. i would have cut back all the burn pcb out and make a new one to fit as you have the plans easy to copy over to a copper plate

  34. It's amazing how one board was built to run one game. There's so much more sustenance in the gameplay. Amazing how these old analog machines worked. Great Vid.

  35. Joe what up long time hope you are good this video pop up on my YouTube class to see your still upright and breathing always your fan RG

  36. Why didn't you clean ALL the carbon off the board??? I'm certain you're aware that carbon conducts… I have to say dude, that was a bit of sloppy work… 4/10 for this effort…

  37. I am honestly surprised that 1.5ohm burned up resistor even tested correctly (or at all).

  38. This video finally confirms what I figured out at age 14, which the video repair guy was evasive about, or pretended it was a glitch he'd look into (I knew it, they added the board!)
    'The speed up board' We got so good at the game that when it came time to empty the coins out there weren't many, compared to normally being full. One quarter and we could play all day. We'd operate the buttons and joy stick like a professional piano player. Sometimes I'd collect so many extra ships they'd line the top of the screen and I'd end giving away the game to someone watching because I'd have to go home. Back then I had the idea of letting kids play contests of these games and the best players could operate remote military equipment. Looks like we're not too far off from that being reality. Drones.

  39. lol was watching and you said going to tell you the kicker and I already knew the answer lol. nice work.

  40. Thanks so much for sharing your extensive knowledge

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