Fix It Felix Jr Mini Arcade Cabinet Arcade Classics Unboxing And Playthrough -

Fix It Felix Jr Mini Arcade Cabinet Arcade Classics Unboxing And Playthrough

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In this video, I take a look at the all-new Fix-It Felix Jr wreck it Ralph mini arcade classic from Walmart. Full Playthrough and Unboxing Become a Patron:

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  1. Someone needs to make a normal size version of this.

  2. I never understood why teachers get mad for things like you mentioned. As long as she isn't actively playing the arcade keychain in class, I don't see why she would get in trouble. Back when I was in school in Charlotte, we had Tamagotchis and they beeped randomly throughout the day. Never got in trouble.

  3. Hey etaprime, are you gonna upload a video on how to install the arcade1up and Pandora’s box

  4. "I wish the game could have lasted more than two and a half minutes…"

    My wife says the same thing to me all the time.

  5. Quick question. What are the mini keychain ones called?

  6. Adorable little device, will we see a pi zero in one ☺.

  7. sounds like your daughter goes to a school run by some petty people.

  8. This is where you should have a good comeback for the teacher, since your daughter brought a zrcade to school.
    But i can not come up with one…

  9. They had like 8 of these at disney quest and for those who didnt get to play them this is NOT even close to the game. This is horrendous. Buy it for the look but the play is horrible.

  10. It's a shame they couldn't keep the sound bite from the movie "I'm gonna wreck it!". Probably would have had to pay royalties to the actor.

  11. If it's like that 1st wave of arcade games, you can open the cabinet and with a little big of science stuff unlock the other arcade games also. Ben Heck's channel showed how they did it.

  12. I question the school if it's so hard to kids for having something attached to their school backpacks.

    Other than that, neat little mini arcade machine, is it possibly using that MegaDrive/Genesis homebrew for Fix It Felix?

  13. You did advance to the next level, they just all have the same intro and outro. It gets more difficult.

  14. You should put a video with a raspberry pi in it.

  15. Thanks for the Video, did not know that these where out there, I was able to pick one up in the next town over!

  16. there is more levels… your review is not accurate

  17. Would be cool to mod it for video out, and controller out.

  18. So isn't this actually the only official retail version of this arcade game?

  19. When they was promoting the first movie, Disney had an arcade cab with this in it. It looked like what's on the mini.

  20. Speaking of the Tiny Arcade keychain games — was at the local Walmart the other day and they had them all marked down to $9 each. wound up getting all 4 models and they are actually pretty fun to play just wish they didn't turn off after a few minutes so you could put rechargeable batteries in them and have them on display with the attract mode running !

  21. There are multiple levels in this game! I don't know why so many reviewers are claiming it's over after one level. Level 2 was starting when you turned the screen around. I got up to 3 or 4 when I was playing this with my son the other day–it starts getting pretty challenging with freaking birds and things that block you from moving up and down.

  22. We'll never get Donkey Kong, so this is pretty close.

  23. Oh my god this is a thing
    …and it's just the flash version. yay…?

  24. once I saw this in stores I knew I had to have it!!!

  25. I got this yesterday and it is the coolest thing ever

  26. Picked up this one yesterday. Local Walmart had plenty of them all except one Pac-man left. Always liked Centipede. Will have to get that and maybe Rampage too.

  27. Every level consists of the intro ground level screen and then 2 times the level number worth of similar building screen segments to clear. Level 1 is 3 screens tall (1 base, 2 wall). Level 4 is 9 screens tall (1 base, 8 wall). Yes level 10 is 21 screens tall as I've beat it and kept count. The game keeps on going. I've made it to level 11. As the levels increase birds show up, shutters block off paths, as well as vertical and horizontal wall segments block some paths. Getting pies gets more strategic as you quickly find that you need a couple frames of animation before the invincibility and the power to fix 2 windows at once kicks in. Oh, and later on Ralph will break windows you've fixed already with the bricks he drops. This makes for a pretty hectic game! Thankfully the start button doubles as a pause button which is good when you need a moment before tackling another batch of levels. No telling if it keeps on going forever or if there is an actual end to the game.

  28. I have the mini arcade of Fix It Felix Jr ❤

  29. My brother always wanted the mini Pac man one but it was always so expensive and when ever i brought the right amount it was gone so i saw this and i got the wreck it ralph one instead for his birthday i hope he likes it

  30. is there a way to get this on the nes classic?

  31. I got my Fix it Felix jr an hour ago. They have alot of them at Sanford, Fl

  32. Awesome! Fix-It Felix Junior was one of my favourite games.

  33. In my opinion Rampage is the one I like best

  34. My game is stuck on demo mode and the instructions were thrown out. Does anyone know how to get it out of demo mode?

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