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First Ever Video Game Arcade Machine & More! – Gamester81

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In this video I’m joined by my friend Carlos as we check out a new arcade in Hawthorne, NJ. There are some incredibly rare arcade machines here including Computer Space, which is the first ever video game arcade machine.

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  2. I seen this arcade machine so old it worked by projecting light on mirrors; just made me think of that, not trying to one up, I saw it in a video not even in person

  3. A lot of these arcades are more than just places to play games, They're Museums curating and preserving a part of recent History.

  4. We never got "Computer Space" nor "PONG" in Denmark. The first arcade here was "Gun Fight". First time i saw it i was blown away, and became gamer from that moment XD

  5. The Midway arcade in Niagara Falls is huge, but just so crowded. Still no better feeling than being surrounded by arcade games.

  6. When I saw the thumbnail, I thought you had that Computer Space in your house. I was like "Dang, Gamester bought the first arcade game!". Oh well, at least it has a nice home.

  7. Ahhh dude id love to visit this place!! That Slick Shot Pool is neat! Great video thanks!!

  8. Oh shoot, this place is just a half hour away from me! Glad to see you're giving it some attention man!

  9. 6:00 The games are amazing but what really sets the arcade mood is the T'Pau song playing in the background. 🙂

  10. Cool video John! By the way, the beard suits you brother.

  11. The first arcade machine was actually The Galaxy Game. It was first installed in September, 1971 at Stanford University in the Tresidder Union building, two months before the release of Computer Space, the first mass-produced video arcade game. The Galaxy Game was programmed by Bill Pitts and Hugh Tuck.

  12. John when your interviewing people let them talk! You keep cutting them off man! But awesome none the less!!

  13. That would be the only reason to go to New Jersey.

  14. Awesome, looking forward to the documentary.

  15. LOL, I’ve also heard people pronounce Galaga differently. The one that really gets me is when people pronounce Ninja Gaiden Ninja Gayden. Horrible.

  16. Hey I’m Carlos in New Jersey too!! I’m headed there ASAP! I look up arcades in NJ on google and get movie theaters or pool halls!! Can’t wait!

  17. That fixit Felix machine might not be custom, but a genuine machine. They did make a.number of them. Disney quest in Orlando Florida had quite a few of them right up until they closed, and they were a lot of fun!

    Great video! Would love to visit there someday.

  18. I wish we had more arcades in Canada. There seems to be several really cool arcades like this in the States. It's great to see folks restoring and curating facilities like this.

  19. You need to go to the Silverball Museum in Asbury Park NJ

  20. If 1-Up started to make cocktail arcade tables I would buy them for sure.

  21. You should put a wing in for the immortal John Hancock, the only problem is I doubt hed let anyone touch his humble collection or actually work with a museum that would overshadow his humble collection. BTW he teaches second grade humbly.

  22. Nice! Got to play Computer Space at the Living Computer Museum in Seattle. Neat to see another one up and running.

  23. Back in the early 80's a friend and I came upon a Computer space console. We sneaked into an abandoned house and it was right there in the living room. I think we tried to vandalize it, but it was built like a tank. I strongly regret that now.

    Hey BLACK TIGER!!!

  24. That pool game is pretty damn cool, never seen that one before

  25. That arcade in New Jersey is pretty sweet. The place looks perfect to hang out and play some old school arcade games.

  26. Horror GoreHound Game's & Movie Review's says:

    Lived in New Jersey my whole life and had no idea about this.
    There is quite nothing like the sight,smell,sounds and atmosphere of any arcade.

  27. Soylent Green is people, It,s PEOPLE!!!!!!!

  28. Carlos looks like an ethnic version of Henry Winkler….only much fatter!

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