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Extreme Home Arcades “HQ Megacade” – Custom 4 Player Review

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What’s up gamers! Join me as I give you a walkthrough of our HQ Megacade. In my opinion, it is the best in home arcade you could own. Definitely a must have if you’re in the market of a home arcade. The build quality is top of the line and the customer service is AAA. The owner David Lewis goes above and beyond to help out in any way that he can. I highly recommend shopping with them. Hope you enjoy the video. Thumbs up for more.


does not sell any software on their machines. You (as the customer) are not paying for software. You are paying for the hardware in the machine and the custom machine build itself.

Time Stamps

0:00 – intro
0:22 – ExtremeHomeArcade Intro
0:57 – Megacade Delivery
4:18 – Removing Rear Panels
4:29 – Inside Megacade/Specs
8:27 – Putting on Rear Panels On
8:37 – External Megacade Overview
16:21 – Internal Control Panel
17:16 – Megacade Power On
17:58 – Aux port example
18:30 – Arcade Classics/MAME 4 ALL
19:15 – Megacade shortcuts/Options/WWF Wrestlefest/Cheats
26:10 – Sunset Riders (MAME4ALL)
27:22 – Adding MAME games to Favorites
28:23 – Run & Gun 2
31:01 – Ms. Pac-Man
31:55 – Movies
33:39 – Digital Magazines
34:54 – PS2/God of War
37:58 – Neo Geo/Samurai Shodown
40:43 – Sega Saturn
41:19 – Sega Genesis/NBA Jam
43:19 – Sega Dreamcast/Ready 2 Rumble
46:10 – Wii Light Gun Games
46:21 – Wii Rare Games
46:40 – Wii U/Mario 3D World
48:25 – Wii Games
48:54 – Gamecube Games
49:34 – N64/Mario Kart 64
54:00 – Pinball
55:04 – Mugen
56:00 – Light Gun Games
58:49 – Final Thoughts/Pricing

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  1. Looks really cool. I want one. But best order fast because I can't imagine all these games are licensed..and movies too. This company will shut down really fast. get one before they get sued the fuck out.

  2. HDD near to the subwoofer? are u kidding?

  3. Wooow super video supee mega arcade im new sub

  4. Honestly, just looks like the chucked a tv in a wooden frame.

  5. This machine could come just TMNT, Turtles in Time, X-men, and The Simpsons and I would be set. The fact that it has all these game it is marvelous.

  6. A little odd to have Overwatch on the exterior when it doesn't play overwatch but none the less is still very cool.

  7. Damn. this looks so cool. I wish I could buy one but nvm

  8. You picked Portland for Run and Gun 2. Do you live in Portland?

  9. The cabinets nice, but honestly I rather just buy a 50inch tv and buy a beastly 2K pc and pretty much play whatever I want

  10. ᴀ̶̷̲̅ʀ̶̷̲̅ᴏ̶̷̲̅ᴍ̶̷̲̅ɪ̶̷̲̅s̶̷̲̅ᴜ̶̷̲̅ᴏ̶̷̲̅ʟ̶̷̲̅ᴀ̶̷̲̅ AROMSALT says:

    Is that power hunger machine ?

  11. I saw Guitar Hero as an option for a game, how does that work with guitar controllers?

  12. Can a brother come over and play some games

  13. Great job man. You earned my sub. I want to see the entire user manual. 😛 thanks for the video this was really in depth. Great job.

  14. I mean, 70,000 games, no cap I have prolly played like 68,000 of em, and one day I will get this and finish the list and make it 70,000 played!!!…Dope video son, shit looks hella DOPE!!!!…

  15. a online game skin for a arcade cabinet. not realy.

  16. Μy hart is beating fast !! LOL 🙂 i have spend my whole life and money on video games in the early 70'S and in the mid 80"S i haved open a Coffee Billiard Saloon with Billiads and Video Games !! At the End i haved over 300+ Arcade Games like this with PCB'S of course not Computers but later in the 90"S i have buy also Multi Games machines with Computers (Emulators) they haved over 100 games of SNK 8 bit games Streetfigher xaxaxa 1,2,3 and so on !! Yes good times !!!And don't forget to "Insert Coin" 🙂

  17. very nice unit but i just want the games could care less about the movies and tv but the magazines being digital is a nice touch

  18. i bet he played this for all of 20 minutes and never tuned it on again, and who the hell plays games with a controller while standing, what a waste of money

  19. 17:35 – "they're usually pretty shhh—" I thought you were going to say something other than short 🙂

  20. Totally awesome video. I personally like to have the sides of the screen just black because I find having classic art on the sides distract me.

  21. Is anyone going to talk about the positioning of the green 'joy' stick on the image of genji?

  22. "Bury Me With My Money..Ugh"..
    The soundtrack was dope but the game is hard asf.

  23. wow~ this is really the ultimate arcade gaming system. thanks for sharing.

  24. I don't know how this video fell into my suggested videos, but I'm glad it did! I know this is a year and half old video but it was cool to see my man excited about this machine. I'm happy for ya my dude and hope ur still lovin ur setup. peace <3

  25. Omg dude that video blew me away.. Are these available in the UK.. Love the channel

  26. This was a good and straight to the point review – you touched all of the bases and explained everything in great detail in a short amount of time. You could be a salesman for this company as your assessment and playing examples made me start looking into getting one of these.

  27. Didn't know Soul Calibur VI can be played arcade style.

  28. They literally thought of everything. This is the ultimate retro gamer setup. The incredible little touches like the Nintendo power magazines, the sound fx, the display and font, the movies, it even has AVGN episodes. This would be hours of entertainment. Endlessly entertaining.

  29. Looks perfect for playing Guilty Gear Isuka with the only other 3 people on earth who like the game too! 😀

  30. Hello
    Just found this channel. Good video. I like the classic games. I haven’t seen ready 2 rumble since school days.
    Trip down memory lanes. Good luck with your machine

  31. Looks amazing, first time I have ever seen one of these. Puts a smile on my face to see you enjoying this machine, Happy for ya man.

  32. this is nice. not a big fan of the monitor setup. retro arch's crt filters have ruined everything else for me. royale looks so good

  33. Hey man love the video. I'm from rock hill sc

  34. Why is it covered in overwatch characters? Can you play overwatch on this?

  35. Would you list all the wrestling , teenage mutant ninja turtle games…?

  36. if anyone is interested in buying one, hit me up. I’m selling mine

  37. ExtremeHomeArcade Intro 00:22
    Megacade Delivery 00:57
    Removing Rear Panels 4:18
    Inside Megacade/Specs 4:29
    Putting on Rear Panels On 8:27
    External Megacade Overview 8:37
    Internal Control Panel 16:21
    Megacade Power On 17:16
    Aux port example 17:58
    Arcade Classics/MAME 4 ALL 18:30
    Megacade shortcuts/Options/WWF Wrestlefest/Cheats 19:15
    Sunset Riders (MAME4ALL) 26:10
    Adding MAME games to Favorites 27:22
    Run & Gun 2 28:23
    Ms. Pac-Man 31:01
    Movies 31:55
    Digital Magazines 33:39
    PS2/God of War 34:54
    Neo Geo/Samurai Shodown 37:58
    Sega Saturn 40:43
    Sega Genesis/NBA Jam 41:19
    Sega Dreamcast/Ready 2 Rumble 43:19
    Wii Light Gun Games 46:10
    Wii Rare Games 46:21
    Wii U/Mario 3D World 46:40
    Wii Games 48:25
    Gamecube Games 48:54
    N64/Mario Kart 64 49:34
    Pinball 54:00
    Mugen 55:04
    Light Gun Games 56:00
    Final Thoughts/Pricing 58:49

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