Excavating the Atari E.T. Video Game Burial Site-Game|Life-WIRED - video-games-arcade.com

Excavating the Atari E.T. Video Game Burial Site-Game|Life-WIRED

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It’s been dubbed The Great Video Game Burial of 1983, but did Atari really toss millions of cartridges of its biggest flop: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial? Chris Kohler is onsite to witness an excavation of the landfill to see if the joke’s really on us, and to talk with those involved with the project, including original game designer Howard Scott Warshaw.

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Excavating the Atari E.T. Video Game Burial Site-Game|Life-WIRED

Starring: Chris Kohler

Flyover footage by Luke Fitch/Altitude-FX () and Luke T. Davis/Flytcam ()


  1. Even tho its not the best game I would still love to own a copy just to have it part of my collection

  2. I actually love this game. I spent countless hours playing this.

  3. I heard that game had a half life of 500 years 

  4. Honestly I think they should’ve burned them all

  5. Soo the pulled out one copy. Sound sus to me

  6. “We got the member of the public to help out”

    Members of the public: STANDING AROUND DOING NOTHING

  7. Can we dump TLOU2 copies in there too?

  8. So you only found 3 and a vintage Starburst wrapper?!?!?!?!

  9. It needs to be said, I loved this game. It saddens me that people hate on it. It was the first game I ever solved completely on my own. I was so proud and it left me looking for that sense of accomplishment again. Everyone had their first, this was mine.

  10. You can tell some people just came to take a pic for their Instagram and didn’t care about the game.

  11. I bet if they didnt find this people in the future would be really confused

  12. I feel like one of them just threw it in there

  13. Dude had the game in his pocket the whole time…

  14. Was there no such thing as recycling plastic in the 80's?

  15. So they found one single cartridge? it was totally planted there

  16. The video game Industry is in need of a crash again. Likewise xalling et "innovative" proves what kind of consumer he is.

  17. 3 decades and its barely destroyed…. sounds like our environment's in for a fun time

  18. Please put them back in the ground. Horrible game.

  19. Do you like to have fun… TEN THIS GAME IS NOT FOR YOU

  20. Нихера себе, 31 год под землëй, но эти древние картриджи Atari отлично работают по телевизору, видно у кого-то сохранилась старая игровая приставка Atari. То есть за много лет, куча земли, влага и дожди не испортили микрочипы и микросхемы внутри картриджей, хотя это пустыня штата Нью-Мексико, там мало дождей

  21. I can’t even tell you the frustration of playing this game.
    I have the copy in my attic.

  22. Lol he thought ET was one of the most innovative games lols

  23. I would have subbed if you didn't get the maker of Et to ask

  24. Yea it’s the worse game, but I think some of this digging was orchestrated

  25. I don’t think it’s a good idea digging up anything in Mexico nowadays. For your sake. 🙈😳

  26. Мистификация, не верю!

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