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Every Video Game Console Ranked From WORST To BEST

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Are we mad? Probably. Taking into account sales figures, number of games available, the quality of said games, AND their importance to the gaming industry, TripleJump presents Every Video Game Console Ranked From WORST To BEST.

We absolutely could not have put this together without all of the wonderful footage uploaded by various retro gaming channels. Special shout out for Game Sack’s fantastic content:

VO: Peter Austin (@ThatPeterAustin) & Ben Potter (@Confused_Dude)
Script: Philip J Reed (@NoNoiseChitChat)
Video Editor: James Jenkins (@Jenx_137)

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Featured consoles included:
3DO Interactive Multiplayer
Amiga CD32
Amstrad GX4000
APF Imagination Machine
Apple Bandai Pippin
Atari 2600
Atari 5200
Atari 7800
Atari Jaguar
Atari Jaguar CD
Atari XEGS
Bally Astrocade
Bandai Playdia
Bandai Super Vision 8000
Bandai Terebikko
BBC Bridge Companion
Capcom Power System Changer
Casio Loopy
Casio PV-1000
Commodore 64 Games System
Commodore CDTV
Connor VideoSmarts
Daewoo Zemmix
Emerson Arcadia-2001
Epoch Cassette Vision
Epoch Super Cassette Vision
Fairchild Channel F
First Generation
Fujitsu FM Towns Marty
Funtech Super A’Can
Gakken Compact Vision TV Boy
GCE Vectrex
Interton Video Computer 4000
iQue Player
Konami Picno
LJN Video Art
Magnavox Odyssey 2
Mattel HyperScan
Mattel Intellivision
Microsoft Xbox
Microsoft Xbox 360
Microsoft Xbox One
NEC SuperGrafx / PC Engine SuperGrafx
NEC TurboGrafx-16 / PC Engine
NEC TurboGrafx-CD / PC Engine CD
NICE: VTech CreatiVision
Nichibutsu My Vision
Nintendo 64
Nintendo 64DD
Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) / Famicom
Nintendo Family Computer Disk System
Nintendo GameCube
Nintendo Satellaview
Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Wii
Nintendo Wii U
Philips CD-i
Philips Videopac+ G7400
Pioneer LaserActive
RCA Studio II
Sega 32X
Sega CD / Mega-CD
Sega Dreamcast
Sega Genesis / Mega Drive
Sega Mark III / Master System
Sega Pico
Sega Saturn
Sega SG-1000
Sony PlayStation
Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2)
Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3)
Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4)
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) / Super Famicom
Takara Video Challenger
Tandy Memorex Visual Information System
Tomy Pyuuta Jr.
Unisonic Champion 2711
View-Master Interactive Vision
VM Labs Nuon
VTech Socrates
VTech V.Flash
VTech V.Smile
Worlds of Wonder Action Max
ZAPiT Game Wave Family Entertainment System


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  1. PS1 was just too much of a game changer to not be #1. the fact you put ps3 ahead of it… you should be ashamed lmao.

  2. 5. xbox 360 for its sheer ease of access. they were cheap af and everywhere.
    4. SNES because thats my childhood.
    3. n64 because that was my first system. (the SNES was my older sisters)
    2. ps2 because the games library and the intro sound.
    1. ps1… because it's the goat in terms of how far it jumped ahead in tech compared to previous consoles. and ofc, the intro sound.

  3. I would any time take a gen 1 console over the Ouya.

  4. Gotta disagree with Genesis at 11, but mainly I REALLY have to disagree with Wii being in the top 10. It's a POS excuse for a console, that really isn't involved in gaming much at all. I know it sold a lot, but that doesn't make it a good or even okay console…it's pretty much a paperweight for most people.

    Also, NES at 9?? C'mon guys. Otherwise, I really liked the video and laughed my ass off at the FM Towns Marty section 🤣🤣

  5. Excellent video, i would like a Lord of the Rings video game ranking!

  6. How can you talk about the Sega CD and not mention the greatness of Lunar?!

  7. the ps2 is good and but i have things to then play a console from 2000.

  8. I can't see putting the ps3 and 360 that high. That gen sucked ass

  9. Am I the only one that loves the Xbox one 2013 model?

  10. That footage was Voltron…… Not transformers

  11. Ehh I don’t think sales should depict where these go I mean PS2 at #1? That’s pretty unfair.

  12. When I was in middle school, my mom surprised my little brother and I with an Atari 2600 – well, really the Sears branded version of it – and it was quite amazing and remarkable. After watching this, there are SO MANY other directions she could have gone in the late 70s – I am impressed she chose that one. We loved it

  13. Nintendo 64 should definetly by in the top 5 it defined my youth and was pure revolutionary I just don't understand why it doesn't get the credit it deserves.

  14. The ps3 is in a very high position, it should never be above the Wii. Released after the overwhelming success of the PS2 and PS1, the PS3 was Sony's N64 and Xbox One. It may even please the fans, but it was far below expectations.

  15. How’d you discuss so many consoles and leave off the Virtual Boy?

  16. No one care about sells the gamer community only care about how good the games are and how will the system performs Sell just tell you how many people fell for there lies or crappy product like Nintendo which is mainly indie games and First off Nintendo was good back in the days. but now most of the game are crap you only get 2 game that are any good Zelda breath of the wild and super smash Brothers. And PlayStation is good and I have all the playstations but to new one. but I ended up switching to the Xbox back in the day and I have all the Xbox systems because the PlayStation games were all sports games back in the day and that was before the Xbox 360 came out and you only got maybe 5 action games a year for PlayStation and Xbox games were better back then to I well most likely get the PS5 just like I got the PS4 and I bearly use my playstation 4 because well not to many games that I don't already own on the Xbox I got PlayStation 4 for games like the last of us 2 which was a major disappointment storyline wise and God of war and unchartered and bloodborne

  17. Playstation 3 and 4 were garbage they are back with 5 I still play my series x more thou

  18. The ps2 is less powerful than the dreamcast and the rest

  19. 1 of my top 5 consoles made the top 10 lol

  20. I'm sorry the Xbox 360 sucked just like everything Microsoft creates, there is no way that the Xbox 360 is better than the PS3,Wii, wiiu, GameCube and nintendo switch.

  21. Whooaaah so many game consoles i didn’t know, trough i wish you also included the virtual boy vecause the virtual boy is not really portible except being placible,

    But what really blows my mind is that some flopped systems do have more games for it then some successful systems,for instance the snes has over 700 games and it sold 49 million unts while the sega saturn had over 1022 games but it only sold 9+ million units
    I always tout that flopped systems always had less games then successful systems, but as it turns out that’s not always the case, wow.

  22. When i was pressing on this video I joked to myself that the vsmile would be in it because I had it when I was like 2

    I was very surprised to find out this guy really meant every console

  23. Why did they switch voice acters in the middle of the video?…

  24. I havent watched the vid yet, but I’m gonna say the PS2. Just on sales alone, it’d win. But it’s library was fucking huge, it had sooooo many amazing games from nearly every popular franchise that wasn’t Nintendo. Fully backwards compatible with the PS1. PS1 games couldn’t save on a PS2 memory card, but guess what? Fuck it, it still takes PS1 memory cards, too. Not to mention it survived thru it’s own lifecycle and to the beginning of the ps4’s. Honestly don’t think there will be anything with quite the impact that the PS2 had. Being born in 96, it was my entire childhood the minute I could fully grasp gaming.

  25. No way the original xbox get rated higher than the original nes

  26. Who else was mad when he mispronounced colecovision

  27. I'm not saying it needs to be top 5 but N64 was far more influential on the video game industry than some consoles further down the list and it's clear that influence alone is being taken into account (cough NES cough). But I'd say that basically defining the standards of full 3d platformer and adventure genres gives it some extra weight, at the very least more than OG Xbox imho… But hey, maybe it's just nostalgia talking.

  28. Wii U higher than XBone? Go home, you’re drunk

  29. Games Systems that I used to own that I will list below.
    Play Station 2
    Sega Genesis
    Sega Dreamcast
    Super Nintendo
    Nintendo Game Boy Advanced
    Atari 2600

  30. Ps2 or 360 had to be number 1. And given next gen out now i can safely say that the series x/s are kickin the ps5s ass. Not just in sales but in terms of quality and functionality. Poor ps5 owners dont even have reliable 120 fps…dont even have reliavle 1440p…the series s is better then the ps5 😂.

  31. now pls make a list from the best to worst so i have something to watch

  32. Ps3 was better than 360, Xbox just kept releasing the same exclusive over and over again while ps3 had a bunch of great exclusives with lots of new ips introduced plus all the japanese games not on 360 ps3 overtime was better than 360 as 360 got worst over time

  33. Trash list. Recency biased. Ouya higher than neo geo. NES only at 9, please. xbox rated higher than nes and genesis? Ridiculous.

  34. I'm kinda sad that there's some of the most memorable games for me on the ps3 slim (the same thing and my first ever console) I'm never gonna be able to play again thanks to future technology. Thanks, Nintendo.

  35. I like how critical he is to some of the consoles

  36. You have disrespected the mighty Vectrex by placing it below "educational" consoles.

  37. The PS3 is ranked a little too high

    I don’t understand the criteria on which these consoles are being ranked is it games library? sales? impact on the industry? Because the PS3 failed in two of the categories

    Saying this as someone who loves the console but sees its flaws a lot of consoles should be ranked higher and the Xbox one shouldn’t be that far down the list.

  38. Sega Genesis didn't even make the top 10? Weird list. Too overly focused on Playstation for my tastes.

  39. what was the console you had to put cassette in to make it work?
    the cassette tape was the game.

  40. you did not show the console from my age. not many people have played that console i think. but if you know the name of the console i played back in the day wich uses cassette desk to load a game from the cassette . if anyone knows the name of my old consolee.. pls tell me.. it was kinda fun to play it but very stressfull sinds there was no auto save back then

  41. What did you make of our rankings? What else would you like to see us rank from worst to best? LET US KNOW!

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