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Every Sega Master System Game Released in the US REVIEWED! – Game Sack

Game Sack
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320 – That’s right EVERY US-released Master System game reviewed in a single video! This was the first console I bought on my own and I never regretted it even though the NES objectively has a better game library.

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0:00 – Intro
0:42 – A
4:26 – B
5:30 – C
8:24 – D
9:23 – E
10:05 – F
11:17 – G
16:16 – H
16:50 – J
17:35 – K
18:56 – L
19:15 – M
21:47 – N
22:09 – O
22:30 – P
25:18 – Q
25:37 – R
28:53 – S
33:43 – T
34:58 – V
35:15 – W
37:30 – Y
37:50 – Z
39:47 – Master System Commercial Parody

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  1. Did the US not get Ultima 4 ??? What a shame that is 🙁 I love Ultima 4

  2. You absolute madman! Great stuff as usual.

  3. 37 great games, 32 hated ones, I liked the Master System games I played on this 100 Master System Games GBA Repro Cart I got and felt the Master System was like Wedding Peach to the NES's Sailor Moon

  4. Great video! I wonder if Mark Cerny ever made a Master System game 🤔

  5. This was a great episode, Joe.
    Thank you. Really great, though, not great like 'Great Golf'….

  6. Absolutely amazing content! I love this channel!

  7. Preach on about Ghostbusters! Disappointed when I was younger but I really appreciated and enjoy it now.

  8. Penguin Land is the best Master System game—50 levels of puzzle magic!

  9. Ninja Gaiden for Master System didn't make it on SMS in US?

  10. Thunderblade was my favorite game for the Master System back then (my cousin had the Master System and I had the Nes).

  11. I appreciate all the hard work you put into all your videos but this one by far has to be the best.

  12. *Insert Regular Show reference

  13. The US missed out on a lot of SMS games.

  14. This video is insanely ambitious and you pulled it off very well.

  15. Great work! You should do the Ps1 library next! It's only 7,918 games to review!

  16. Nice job Joe 5 stars if that was a thing. SMS was my 1st console.

  17. Zillion has the light phaser on the title screen and does not use the light phaser 😐

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