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Every Sega Master System Game Released in the US REVIEWED! – Game Sack

Game Sack
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320 – That’s right EVERY US-released Master System game reviewed in a single video! This was the first console I bought on my own and I never regretted it even though the NES objectively has a better game library.

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0:00 – Intro
0:42 – A
4:26 – B
5:30 – C
8:24 – D
9:23 – E
10:05 – F
11:17 – G
16:16 – H
16:50 – J
17:35 – K
18:56 – L
19:15 – M
21:47 – N
22:09 – O
22:30 – P
25:18 – Q
25:37 – R
28:53 – S
33:43 – T
34:58 – V
35:15 – W
37:30 – Y
37:50 – Z
39:47 – Master System Commercial Parody

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  1. My favs – definitely Master of Darkness, Wonder Boy III, Phantasy Star, Golvellius, Golden Axe Warrior, Asterix games, Ninja Gaiden. One of few consoles Europeans got to experience to its full extent.

  2. Hi. I m quite surprised about this quick review. Watch all your videos and of course, i know the nes is not comparable with the sms, even if i used own the sms(I m french). Nevertheless please try a little more(deeper) spellcaster, you probably miss something…
    Keep enjoying us, thanks for what you do.


    (But you also gave props to another fave of mine, the best version of Ghostbusters on any system. I'm sure this was a gruelling video to put together – thumbs up!)

  4. F lord of the sword! Man I hated that stupid game but now that I'm much older I must go back in time n remember why I hated this game so much

  5. I remember playing many of these games on my friend's SMS. Black Belt always sticks out to me since I learned later that it was a localization of the Japanese game, Hokuto no Ken, based on the manga and anime, Fist of the North Star, which was awesome.

  6. Why does James Buster Douglas Knockout Boxing cost so much?

  7. It's a shame that you didn't have Lemmings cause that was awesome.

  8. Can’t wait for the SMS games launched out of the US

  9. Wow sweet video dude bet it took ages to do so thank you 👊🏻

  10. Hey Joe you forgot to mention the AMAZING parallax scrolling in California Games on the Sega Master System, no less!

  11. Blade Eagle should've gotten the Sega 3D Masters treatment on the 3DS like Altered Beast & Fantasy Zone did.

  12. Great work Joe! I sat through this one and loved every minute and I never even had a Master System.

  13. Hey Joe, did you know that James Rolf (AVGN) just took a cue from you and ranted and reviewed Greeeeen….DDDAAAWWWG!!??

    LOL You should mini review GD again along with EVERY other Genesis game chronogically in an hour plus long video. 😉 😉

  14. Another great video. I enjoy watching your content. I have a request though: Can you make a comprehensive video explaining what RPG games such as Shining Force, Final Fantasy, Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, and Secret of Mana are truly about? I love classic 8 and 16 bit video games, but I cannot understand why these types of RPG games are so special and cherished by so many. These games undoubtedly have huge fan bases, but I don't see why that is. I can't even understand how these types of games are supposed to be played. I feel like I'm missing out on something incredible, but I don't even know where to begin to gain the required understanding on how to play these types of titles. When I start the game where am I supposed to go, what am I supposed to do, what does all the stuff on the screen actually mean, what's the object of the game, etc . . .

  15. The NES may have had a larger game library with more variety, but the Master System had Phantasy Star, so those with only an NES were missing out on what is perhaps the greatest 8-bit game of all time. Having games on the system like Golden Axe Warrior, Kenseiden, Ys: The Vanished Omens, and Golvellius is nice as well.

  16. Best SEGA Master System games are:
    1. Wonder Boy Series (III, I, II)
    2. Powerstrike (Aleste)
    3. Secret Commando (Rambo)
    4. Phantasy Star
    5. Rampage
    6. R-Type
    7. Astro Warior
    8. Great Golf

  17. What has better gameplay in you're opinion? Ghost Busters for the master system or the nes?

  18. Sonic 2, and Master of darkness are on your shelves but you didn't feature them. Seems a lot of games weren't released in USA like Pacmania, Batman Returns, Scramble spirits, Chuck Rock, Micro machines. Probably because the console didn't do as well there. Nice that there are Americans who appreciate my favourite 8 bit system.

  19. Thunder Blade is a nightmare. Never got past the first level.

  20. Hah! Really not selling the Master System. Although to be fair you were harsher on tennis.

  21. I know you had little time to review, yet in Fantasy Zone II you dropped the ball: You can't blame ship speed had you not went as far as buying either big wings or the normal engine at the shop on first stage, they're usually the first item you buy, also soundtrack suits the game perfectly.

  22. Haven’t watched a ‘sack vid in a while. I’m sorry! This was great!
    Also, never knew Psycho Fox was related to DecapAttack! Never played the former; didn’t like the latter. So I guess I’ll never play the former.
    But great video!

  23. Dude you need to get speedball. I rewound the video because I thought I had missed it.

  24. Power Strike 2 did not come out for US gamers? Damn that's bad luck.

  25. Did i miss something? Where's the greatest game ever, Ultima 4 Quest of the Avatar. Still, awesome review thanks 🙂

  26. Shanghai holds a special place in my heart because my parents got it on a whim one Christmas (must have been discounted or something). They played it a bunch and though it annoyed me I also liked that they were playing at all. Miss you dad.

  27. I would go as far as saying that Black Belt is the best Kung Fu Master style game ever made. Something about punching and kicking your opponents into exploding chunks of flesh and jumping for sushi is so satisfying, much more than Vigilante or China Warrior and even NES Kung Fu (but only by 1-5%)

  28. I didn't miss a thing by only playing Phantasy Star. I can see why NES won the 8 bit 'war'. At least the Genesis had some good games.

  29. Zillion has the light phaser on the title screen and does not use the light phaser 😐

  30. Nice job Joe 5 stars if that was a thing. SMS was my 1st console.

  31. Great work! You should do the Ps1 library next! It's only 7,918 games to review!

  32. This video is insanely ambitious and you pulled it off very well.

  33. The US missed out on a lot of SMS games.

  34. *Insert Regular Show reference

  35. I appreciate all the hard work you put into all your videos but this one by far has to be the best.

  36. Thunderblade was my favorite game for the Master System back then (my cousin had the Master System and I had the Nes).

  37. Ninja Gaiden for Master System didn't make it on SMS in US?

  38. Penguin Land is the best Master System game—50 levels of puzzle magic!

  39. Preach on about Ghostbusters! Disappointed when I was younger but I really appreciated and enjoy it now.

  40. Absolutely amazing content! I love this channel!

  41. This was a great episode, Joe.
    Thank you. Really great, though, not great like 'Great Golf'….

  42. Great video! I wonder if Mark Cerny ever made a Master System game 🤔

  43. 37 great games, 32 hated ones, I liked the Master System games I played on this 100 Master System Games GBA Repro Cart I got and felt the Master System was like Wedding Peach to the NES's Sailor Moon

  44. You absolute madman! Great stuff as usual.

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