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Every Batman Video Game Ranked From WORST To BEST

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Batman video games are ten a Pennyworth. Whether it’s the animated series, the comic books, the Tim Burton movies or Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight series, the tie-ins alone are seemingly countless. But of all these outings with the Caped Crusader, which is the best? Here is every Batman video game ranked from worst to best.

VO: Peter Austin
Script: Philip Reed
Video Editor: Peter Griffiths

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  1. The effort put into these worst to best videos is appreciated, but you guys seem to make up the rules as you go. Some good to great games got a lower rank because they weren't "faithful to the source", but there are games in the top 10 that aren't faithful to the source either. Seems like these lists are a mish-mash of personal opinions, review scores and things people just like to hear. At certain times i really was thinking that "you guys can triple jump off a cliff!" Nice to see NES Batman at number 2 though, even if it isn't very faithful to the source, but SNES Adventures of Batman & Robin that high? A game with stiff controls, got me clipped into one of the bosses on my first try (though i managed to get free) and doesn't even seem to feature Robin, above all those other Batman games? It's pretty obvious you guys place nostalgia and brand name on a pedestal. If that's the case, why not call it "the games we love and think you people love the most". Then again, the video's are well put together and quite entertaining at times. So… keep up the good work i guess?

    Come to think of it, i do remember commenting on one of your video's before. Can't remember which one. Er, hope it's not this one!

  2. I swear to god if Arkham city isn’t first this list is completely void

  3. You’re telling me Batman the brave and the bold ranks higher than Arkham origins? 🤡

  4. Putting telltale Batman in front of Arkham city is a crime

  5. Arkham city improved on Arkham asylum in every way. I know that asylum is the game that set the bar for what to expect from a Batman game, but city is a better game hands down.

  6. This list is horse shit. You have telltale over arkham city? And 90 different batman returns games? Gtfo

  7. Putting sin tzu so low should be criminal

  8. Personally I like Arkham City the best. And i think Lego Batman: Beyond Gotham was WAY better than Lego Batman 2. I really never liked Lego Batman 2 very much aside from the open world

  9. Lots of games I never played, and the fact that Batman Returns on Amiga is SO HIGH is really scary, since that's one of the worst games I ever played in my life, and I played a shitload of games.

    And I actually played it beyond the off-screen gunman. I actually reached level 2 on that turd. As a kid I had too much free time, obviously.

  10. very skeptical list, arkham city was way better than asylum with that garbage ending, and origins was better than the entire arkham series

  11. "Hey you know that purple rain game we were doing , well the license fell through so stick batman in there and will call later it batman returns"

  12. You said bane, scarecrow, and Clay face were additions to the gba version of rise of sin tzu as opposed to the console versions, but i had the game cube version and they bosses in that version

  13. Batman '89 for the Commodore 64 was a pretty awful game. It was one of a handful of games I bought from the local computer store. The Axis chemical level was pretty hard, and the drving levels were imossible. I never got past it.

    How did you not like The Caped Crusader? It was almost a graphic adventure using comic book panels. One of my all-time favorites.

    I think Batman The Animated Series for Gameboy had pretty good graphics for its time. Compared to Batman (89) on the gameboy, its a huge advance. But it seriously lacks in creativity.

    the 1990 Gameboy Batman was amazing for it's time. Sure, the powerups made little sense for Batman, but to be able to play a handheld Batman (in an extremely well-lit room) was a first.

    As much as I loved Arkham Asylum, Arkham city provided so much more to do.

  14. Would love to see a TMNT every game review.

  15. If Arkham knight followed by the rest of the Arkham series isn’t at the top of the list then it’s just wrong and very wrong.

  16. The bat mobile is awesome in Arkham knight. I mean what’s wrong with you people that talk shit about it? If you could drive the boat and the wing then it would be complete. I love the bat mobile being at my beacon call.

  17. Baatman 89 was an awesome game on both Spectrum 128k and Amiga 500…. the amstrad cpc version was nowhere near as engaging and looked a bit poo… but the other versions were awesome and deserved to feature in the top ten of this list… you needed to have taken context and technology of the time into consideration as this game was AMAZING

  18. I have a very unpopular opinion on Arkham city

    I hate it

    Explanation: the beginning part of the story is slow plus the open world and missions are confusing like hell.
    Arkham knight did open world exploration right by giving you access to the pissing batmobile making travelling much more fast and fun, like seriously time between missions was spent ramming criminals off the road.

    So yeah I hate Arkham city

    Send me an angry comment if you want but it’s not changing my opinion

  19. I kind of like how this guy talks. He always sounds sarcastic. I rarely ever smile, but this is hilarious.

  20. Also, I wont begin about how underrated and phenomenal Arkham Origins is.

  21. So mortal Kombat counts as a fighting game not as a batman game

  22. Most of the games are pointless and the order is pretty random.

  23. Turkish Batman: The Game is right up there with the worst.

  24. City for me is #1 what makes the difference are the boss battles which are much better done plus I feel the detective element is at its best in this game

  25. The amstrad batman shown on this was ported to Sinclair spectrum and was a classic in that platform … Why choose the worst version of a game to place it far down on the list !????

  26. No scarecrow scene? When Batman is tripping balls. My favorite

  27. #56 was my first Batman game and I legit never bought another one

  28. I'm glad batman nes got 2nd place, it's by far one of the best batman games, and I think one of the best looking nes games, at the time I was blown away by the graphics.

  29. Points for going through this many. Negative points for messing it up so awfully. At least you started off correctly. Let's be honest, rating garbage amongst garbage isn't exactly a struggle. No matter what order those were, they are still trash.
    Where you lost me was towards the best games. It's as though you purposely ranked them incorrectly to stir people up…. Hmmm. Slow clap, well done. Well done.

  30. Another amazing vid. Love your humor and very fun style

  31. Why in this list you did the arcade games while in other list you didn't

  32. Numbers 1-4 should be the Batman: Arkham games in whatever order you want

  33. Top tip: if you're ever reviewing 8-bit games from the 1980s released on multiple systems, never choose the Amstrad CPC version. The Amstrad CPC was the third worst 8-bit system with the third worst versions of any released games. You should have tried Batman: The Movie (1989) by Ocean Software on the C64, or the Amiga version, which has 3d driving levels different to the 8 bit versions.

  34. There no way Batman Arkham city is number 5 it’s the best game of the Arkham series

  35. If you put telltale higher than Asylum you’re not a real gamer.

  36. YEAH THAT'S RIGHT, WE ACTUALLY DID IT. Which Batman game is your favourite, and why?

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