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Elon Musk’s Video Game Recommendations

Y Combinator
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Sam Altman asked Elon Musk for video game recommendations.

This is a clip from a longer interview, which you can watch here:

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00:00:00 New video game recommendation?
00:00:28 Elon to Sam – Do you play games?


  1. You can tell he enjoys playing good games.

  2. Everyone watching the interview. Me looking at the robots behind them.

  3. "the old mario games had incredible story telling"
    Ok, this horse has been beaten into red dust, but what

  4. The press in their headlines be like: WORLD'S RICHEST MAN ALSO PROCRASTINATES PLAYING VIDEO GAMES??!!

  5. plot twist : elon musk got spacex name from deus x

  6. You have so much money
    Please purchase me 1 game at least one game 🥺🥺🥺

  7. Elon Tusk: “My kids play that”
    Rick: “I don’t like these jabs you’re throwing at me, Elon.”

  8. Imagine play overwatch and you see xxxelonmuskxxx joined your game

  9. Do you know : the last of us ?
    He is asking if this game is good, so : Elon Mask is not a gamer.
    Go to work people.

  10. Disappointed he didn’t say KSP.

  11. im just more concerned as to why the interviewer has the audacity to have his shoes on Elon Musks furniture lol

  12. Is it really true???

    If he was not a richest man
    He would play games and upload it in YouTube

  13. Good thing they reminded him of UNCHARTED its as good as the last of us

  14. Petition to get elon to play kerbal space program

  15. "bUuuT wHY iS spAcE X tHE leAdER In spACe ExploRioation ??" THAT'S why, the CEO lets people talk about their passion, and his passions too, he is just the right amount of cool, and thus receiving fonding and public validation

  16. I can't belive that this guy in his 50's nows more about videogames than the average 30's yo mom complaining about their children playing videogames.

  17. "Generally Blizzard makes great stuff."
    aged like fine milk my friend

  18. My guy really just said that the old mario games had great stories. lmao.

  19. The interviewer was so time conscious and Musk took the time to ask him a question. The richest man in the world is the nicest dude

  20. Elon musk works for 20weeks and 16 hours ,then he have time to play VIDEO games ??????? He is a professional actor !

  21. Soon he will be the coolest man on Earth and Mars😎

  22. when the richest man is talking about game and the one who can buy every game comprany

  23. He collabed with pubg and didn't said pubg

  24. 4 years later… How we feeling about Blizzard these days, Mr. Tusk?

    Too soon?

  25. when i clicked on the video i was hoping that he@d say overwatch. and he did 🙂

  26. when i clicked on the video i was hoping that he@d say overwatch. and he did 🙂

  27. Just imagine you log into overwatch, start comp and all of a sudden you hear Elon Musk giving coms, that'd be hillarious

  28. I think it’s funny how the interviewer seems so surprised that Elon genuinely wants to have a conversation after the interview is over

  29. Elon musk video game recommendations : 5M views

    Elon musk study recommendations : 5k views

  30. Elon Musk just seems like such a down to earth and freaking awesome guy.

  31. "generally blizzard does some great stuff" . Activision blizzard be like: nothing to see here

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