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Early 1980s Video Arcade Games

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A humorous glimpse at the video game boom in the early 1980s, when Pac Man and arcades were popular. This clip is an excerpt from a demo for the television show “Wired In.” You can watch the full video here:

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  1. The white michael winslow? lol. Silver sue is sexy for an early 80's chick.


  3. Talk like that will never get you to the kill screen.

  4. That would be Space Fury, produced by Sega during their springtime years. What's more, Space Fury came out in 1981–a year before Sinistar did–and like you said, Space Fury's synth speech was pretty good. So the people who programmed Wizard of Wor and all those other video games which were still using monotone speech after 1981 were just being lazy.
    (…not that that stopped Wizard of Wor from being a great game, of course.)

  5. Suddenly it come to mind, that time was also that grandma nit a sweather of goat/sheep fur for little childeren:D AND WE HATED THOOSE:D haha.

    Don't see that anymore:D

  6. OK, trivia question: What kind of system is Jay Fention (the video game designer at 2:01) using? It looks a little bit like a televideo terminal, with a keyboard in a metal case, but I'm not sure.

  7. WebVMan, get a Mac. (Mac OS X has this last I knew)

  8. at 1:35 was that guy shitting himself how bad of a game that was? the way he said he making noise of his own. he is just saying that soo that game doesn't look bad. well then

  9. There is a certain evil to that concept. ("Stealing their quarters, and kicking them off as soon as possible.") And in his own words, he says: "You want to create something addicting."

    I really feel there is a bit of justice in the fact that home video games have knocked the arcades into obscurity. And after people buy the video game once, they don't have to cough up quarters only to keep getting knocked off.

  10. Then again, you didn't have to feed an arcade game $40 or $50 in quarters before you realized that you didn't like it.
    Besides, there were games like Black Tiger, with which you could easily chew up 30 or 40 minutes at the cost of one quarter…as long as you were good, of course.

  11. That game was Gorf. And back in its day, Gorf was the awesomesauce. It would kick your ass and laugh at you. "Bite the dust, spaaaaaace cadet!"

  12. Yea. You have a point.

    The most I recall paying for a videogame was $70. But of course, I was sure I liked it before I bought it. Ha ha.

    True, there were some games that could last (as you put it) 30 or 40 minutes if you were good.

    But then of course you risked the aracade owners getting angry at you. One time, I saw someone pull the plug on a game because someone played about an hour on one quarter.

    Another reason to have your own system at home. 🙂

  13. Man, those arcade owners sound like World Class jerks. I never had anyone treat me like that. I would have found another arcade if they did. :-/

  14. Well, it wasn't the rule, but I have seen it happen.

    One reason to have your own system (besdes what we talked about) was that the arcade games always seemed put at the higher levels so you would of course dump more quarters in.

    Even as far back as Atari, one nice thing was that you had different levels. And you could learn to play the game on the easier levels and work your way up.

  15. This is true too. Remember all the variations that you could select on games like Space Invaders for the Atari 2600? The one with invisible space invaders was my nemesis; don't play that one unless you have something to prove.
    Missile Command had a ton of difficulties and variations too: slow missiles, fast missiles, smart bombs, dumb bombs and so on. Didn't the 2600 have an optional trackball controller for playing games like that?

  16. Yea. I remember the options. (Moving shields, zig-zag bombs, fast bombs, and as you mentioned, the invisible invaders.) I didn't have a problem with fast bombs, but the zig-zag bomb option was my nemesis.

    Missle Command…A true classic. Simple, but exciting.

    I believe in the later years of the Atari 2600, the trackball did come out.

    It's ironic that one of the last great games for the A26 came out so soon before it died.


    But at least they went out with a bang.

  17. I remember Solaris too! For as simple as the graphics on the 2600 were by today's standards, I'd always jump whenever a planet got conquered by the invaders while I was zipping around on it. o_o
    The two Swordquest games were fun too, albeit hard to figure out in some parts. Too bad the other two games in the series never got released.
    But after the travesties that were Pac-Man and E.T. (both of which I had the dubious honor of playing), it's good that the 2600 went out on a high note. 🙂

  18. Yea. Solaris was their last big hurrah. My "favorites" were the red skull ships. They always seemed to show up when you wanted them the least. Good luck getting through one of those rounds without losing a life.

    Well, in all fairness Ms. Pac-Man was MUCH better than Pac-Man. .

    I know ET got a lot of bad things said about it. And many people see it as the start of the end for Atari. But I didn't think it was so bad. I kind of liked it.

  19. II was at a store that had a game I liked. I was playing the game and I guess the employee wanted to go home. He pulled the plug on me. I bever went back!

  20. To all who think he A2600 is dead: Head over to Atariage. There are games still being developed today and I guarantee there will be more than a few games in the list you have never had the chance to play yet alone heard of.

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  22. It's called Space Fury. There are vids on YouTube for it too!

  23. right ear. why all the troutble?! just a few genrations of leaders. paid as top five of our genratrion. quizshow 2.

  24. how did people get addicted to these crappy games back then lol

  25. She has a point though.  Back then it was the drive-ins, then the skating rings, then the arcades (for a good 20+ years, too…).

    Now, it seems like most congregation is over online applications and online gaming.  Also, everyone's a lot more scared of everyone else around them than they used to be…

  26. Little did they know how video games would up today… Pay even more money, after you've bought a certain game, to be able to access stuff already on the disc that should have been included but has been retain to as a DLC.

  27. The talking alien in Space Fury used to scare the shit outta me as a kid.

  28. 2:05 "Does anyone dare challenge my imperial fleet?"

    In case if anyone's wondering about the music at the beginning and ending of this video:

    0:11 Vangelis: Himalaya
    3:14 Tangerine Dream: Horizon

    I might be mistaken on the Tangerine Dream one.

  29. There was an arcade game in the 80s, which I thought was Black Widow, and in between levels a woman would appear. I remember that she would wink at you and do other things. She was sort of Gothic and a bit creepy. Does anyone know what game this was?

  30. The most amazing time to be a kid was the early 80s with all the incredible arcade games that came out. Space Invaders was the first big time game i remember in 1978 when i was 8 years ago. Its truly remarkable all the classic arcade games that came out from 79 to 82. If you look at that 3 year period from 79 to 82, that's when all the best arcade games came out. The only great game i remember from 83 is Dragon's Lair.

  31. I never saw Space Fury in the arcades. The first time I played it was on the Colecovision (where the alien wasn't so angular and its harsh voice was replaced by a musical theme): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyfNiBXPlzs

    I didn't play arcade Space Fury until MAME.

  32. SHe looks old but my brain keeps telling me she’s hot. Maybe the voice

  33. Play too much and ull end up with crooked lilly tomlin eyes

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