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#DuckHunt Duck Hunt – Ultimate Guide – How to beat the game!

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Duck Hunt is easily one of the most popular NES games – It’s the second best selling game on the system (after Super Mario Bros), and is the 25th best selling video game of ALL TIME! Its laughing dog is one of the most recognizable video game characters, appearing on clothing, and even in movies like Pixels.

In this video we’ll look into how this simple masterpiece was created, but that’s not all…

Most people that have played Duck Hunt don’t really think of it as a game that you can ‘beat”, so you may be surprised to find out that Duck Hunt does end! Not only does it have an end, but I’m going to show you the strategy that I used to get there – a strategy that you can use, too!

Not only that, but on this very special episode I’m joined by Carter Anthony – the Guinness recognized world record holder for Duck Hunt! If anyone can help us beat this game, it’s him!

If you want to see my full, unedited Duck Hunt run that I submitted to Speedrun.com, you can check it out here:

If you simply can not play on a CRT TV, you may want to look into this mod:

Thanks for watching!

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  1. Is it true player 2 can control birds…. if so man we all missed out

  2. Will there be games from other platforms in the future? Or is this a copyright avoiding thing?

  3. Congratulations brother. Duck hunt I haven't heard that name in years.

  4. Excellent, this channel is so underrated 👏

  5. As a kid I would just get about 2 feet from the screen…and I couldnt miss lol

  6. Was the gaming historian latest video an inspiration for the first portion of this video?

  7. What is the video game song at the very end? Great video as always btw

  8. Love the intro behind the game’s technology, but I question launching into the history BEFORE doing the channel introduction. “Let’s get started…” shouldn’t be said 7:30 minutes INTO a video. The video’s 1/3 complete, but it’s just starting now?

    Great video though. I certainly didn’t know it had a kill screen, nor about the bonus game.

  9. Who else pressed the NES zapper against the tv screen and still couldn’t shoot the ducks

  10. i dunno, 4:45 , is it ironic that the "gun" was more popular and helped to sell the NES in America? I wonder if Texans bought more of them. . .

  11. 4:57 and holy crap, before the crash, Atari games were $30-$40?! in 1980's money?
    imagine today, going on Steam and seeing
    $72 for Asteroids
    or $113 for whatever Star Raider is.
    no wonder folks got fed up with it

  12. I loved those gun games…I played Gum Shoe until my fingers bled 😀

    …and Duck Hunt too…I still have the music jingle in my ear and the dog's laugh 🙂

  13. How to beat Duck Hunt?…umm… be good enough?

  14. Bwahahahahahahahahaaaaa!!! From my 7 year old self. anyone watching this is beyond a loser.

  15. Love your work man. Thanks for taking the time to show us this jewel. Greeting from Mexico!

  16. They must have made an updated version of Duck Hunt on NES, because I hit level 255 before it rolled to level 0 on mine. Playing game B with 2 ducks per screen.

  17. Very informative, I learned so much. Duck Hunt really is not nearly as simple as it appears. I think the highest round I ever got to was….44? Either way great video!

  18. I remember my parents getting me and my bro the original NES complete with ROB, Gyromite and Duck hunt.

  19. The Double Dragon intro music got me HYPE for this video.

  20. I found a weird 'cheat' to this game as a kid, if you put a line of sellotape across the screen then thats all you'd need to aim for, regardless of where the ducks were on screen they'd get hit. The only explanation I can give that this worked was maybe the light was spread out once it hit the sellotape lol

  21. Does using the NES controller work on real life ducks, or does that require an adapter?

  22. You should beat deadly towers I have no Idea wat you have to do that would be awesome 🙂

  23. Well made and entertaining video pal. I’m enjoying the old school console-classics videos you’ve done. 8 bit sonic, action fighter & golden axe warrior for SMS would all make great video subjects. 👌🏻

  24. Not Leaving Las Vegas - a Vegas Video Channel says:

    If you make it about 24:30 in you see he cheated to beat it.

  25. Did you know that u can shoot at the dog, but u will lose if u do that?

  26. I would use my foot to keep the controller going up and left.

  27. I beat Duck Hunt twice using a mouse (makes it easier)

  28. Come on we all know Duck Hunt only sold 28M because most of those were on a cartridge with SMB1 or SMB1 and World Class Track Meet 😁

  29. Leftists playing that one game where the 3 people popped up would shoot the cop first, followed by the innocent woman, then the criminal they wouldn't shoot at all.

  30. I love your videos but duck hunt really can't be played on modern TV's

  31. What if there was a machine gun light gun. So you could just spray the tv with bullets. Would that be cheating or will it make the game easier?

  32. Omg. Bayou Billy music playing in the back round. That's one game I never could beat.

  33. not bad but there is a secret cheat to hitting the ducks every trigger pull and while facing the screen

  34. Great video. Inspired me to pull out my old NES.

  35. Looping was an arcade game that came out in 1982 by Gmbh in Europe and Venture Line in North America. Simple and fun arcade game.

  36. 420+ Comments in accumulation!..

    A yo what's good, Hood!? I and I am not only in agreement, also share expert skills that might have to ultimately resort to such tricks of the trade as aforementioned throughout this video as well as mine (stay tuned), so Thank You all for the insights because I shall also present more of my experiences that exemplify what Nintendo has to offer, Duck Hunt preferably Game B being a prime example. There are obviously many more other scenarios/titles to present in due time, so, "let's A-go!" says Luigi Mario, "I'ma Luigi, I'm Number One!"

  37. Very insightful, looking forward to the links mentioned in conclusion and eventually networking as well as most all of the other knowledgeable facts that I already knew. Kudos!

    ¡Bravo! Yes indeed, the strategy utilized is uniquely superb in comparison to mine, needless to say. Really though, truly yo, ¡Bendito, Wepa, pa' que usted sepa!

  38. I just put the gun to the screen. worked like a charm

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