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DreamGear 200 Classic Video Games Mini Arcade Cabinet Review

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I found this cute little arcade cabinet on Amazon and had to get it. It comes with 200 built-in games. Some of the games look like clones of original licensed versions.

For the low price it is a good buy based on the quality of some of the games, the responsiveness of the controls and the high sound quality.

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  1. I have watched and rewatched the intro of this video at least 215,000 times. I cannot go to sleep without seeing Richie's smiling face

  2. Thanks man I'm considering buying this product.

  3. i have one but if i leave it turn it off and try to turn it back on wihtin an hour it wont turn on

  4. i brought one for my bday but when i turned it on it was just a blue blank screen i waited for ages for it to work its not working

  5. I don't see a follow up of the 20 or so games you liked from this device. were you planning on making one? ty.

  6. Does F-22 have end bosses? And how many levels so far? Thanks in advance.
    I can get one for 15.00 and think it'd be worth it for a nice 8bit shmup. 🙂

  7. Not worth the $25 price tag. Should at least have been $15 or under

  8. How can it be retro classic if it don't have the real classics?

  9. Awesome! I have one (just got it) but I'm a clueless idiot, so I couldn't figure out how to use it lol this video helped a lot! You earned a subscription 🙂

  10. I found this thing on clearance at walmart for $5. I grabbed one. It didn't have the usual classic retro games like centipede, space invaders, pac man that I'm used to. There was a lawn mowing game that was pretty fun, that dog kept getting me so I ran his ass over haha.
    Also I wish you could load your own games onto it, either downloaded or homebrew games.

  11. I just bought one on eBay for $9.02. The seller has 9 more as of 07/07/2018. They are listed as pre-owned, so there is no box, but they are essentially in like new condition and barely used.

  12. I just bought one of these hunks of shit off ebay and I paid $30 + $20 postage for 200 shitty games that nobody's ever heard of. I see why it's for age 3 and up. It's so shitty you wouldn't care if your kid broke it, and you might just get a cool 2.5" LCD out of it to hook up to a Raspberry Pi Zero and jam it in the case so you can make it into something a tad more interesting. It's a Black Blob chip on board and as far as I can tell, unhackable unless you chuck away the original board and find a way to use the LCD on a Pi-zero. If I saw it in the shop for more than $5 I wouldn't buy it.

  13. i have this arcade game i wish they had more levels in man in red

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