Double Dragon 1 arcade gameplay playthrough longplay -

Double Dragon 1 arcade gameplay playthrough longplay

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Walkthrough of the arcade version of Double Dragon by Technos


  1. Teach that mad max punisher dude how to exploit the game!

  2. 20:39 So the boss is gonne, no one is gonna pay us now, so we better les get out of here guys.

  3. Remember kicking and throwing the barrel from stage 1 all they way to very end of stage 4 as a side challenge. Too bad you can't carry it up to the mountain to there level 5 entrance is.

  4. Oh man, I forgot how bad the slowdown in the game was.

  5. 21:04
    Gaming: perfect hair, perfect dress, high heels on.
    Real life: ready for autopsy


  6. I ran out of quarters so fast with this game, I feel zero guilt sitting here and watching it.

  7. I loved playing 2 player with my brother..
    I would kick the sh!t out of him.. he get so annoyed..😂😂😂

  8. The music for the bad bosses at the end of each stage used to scare me, as did the big muscly men. The music in general though, I love, especially the one for the second stage

  9. Accounting for inflation, I spent approximately 5K U.S. dollars when I was a kid to beat this game in the arcade.

    Totally worth it

  10. Oh man, all these coins spent on this game. Legendary. I used to play it in a local cafe in the end of the nineties in Greece. We would all gather around the arcade when somebody played to see the girls panties lol.

  11. Buenísima lo del balcón a lo último.

  12. I remember being a kid playing this and desperately wanting to save the woman after catching a glimpse of her lovely bottom.

  13. I think it will always be my favorite arcade game with the best soundtrack hands down!! The only one maybe to compete is mortal kombat But nahh 😀

  14. Pizza and double dragon go good together

  15. I forgot how this game starts, that's cold bloodied to cheap shot their girl and steal her away like that. lol

  16. Veramente il gioco picchi duro più bello negli anni 80 al bar sottocasa lo finivo con 200 lire che ricordi si giocava in doppio con gli amici

  17. one of our favorite things to do when playing 2 players was to get the last enemy into a full nelson and then the other player would whip that enemy tons of times to rack up free lives.
    That was how we tried to finish the game with a single quarter.
    If you held the whip facing the edge of the next screen you can bring the whip to the next stage in some areas.

  18. What a game! Somehow I was sure as a kid that attacking somebody with the elbow is the strongest possible hit

  19. when you kick the throwing knife…..too real.

  20. Frickin awesome. Imo top 3 greatest arcade games ever.

  21. Watch this at 2x speed and the frame rate becomes tolerable 👍

  22. where did you download this game pls send me a link

  23. Ending: "May you live happily forever!"

    Double Dragon 2: NOPE!!!

  24. It's like these guys don't want to fight anymore once the happy triggerman has ben defeated first.

  25. Played this on Gameboy color on a cartridge that had many classics!!!!!

  26. Double dragon is my favorite arcade game back in the day of 1987 I was 16 years old

  27. I have 40 years and….i want to play!!!!

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