Double Dragon 1 arcade gameplay playthrough longplay -

Double Dragon 1 arcade gameplay playthrough longplay

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Walkthrough of the arcade version of Double Dragon by Technos


  1. I have 40 years and….i want to play!!!!

  2. Double dragon is my favorite arcade game back in the day of 1987 I was 16 years old

  3. Played this on Gameboy color on a cartridge that had many classics!!!!!

  4. It's like these guys don't want to fight anymore once the happy triggerman has ben defeated first.

  5. Ending: "May you live happily forever!"

    Double Dragon 2: NOPE!!!

  6. where did you download this game pls send me a link

  7. Watch this at 2x speed and the frame rate becomes tolerable 👍

  8. Frickin awesome. Imo top 3 greatest arcade games ever.

  9. when you kick the throwing knife…..too real.

  10. What a game! Somehow I was sure as a kid that attacking somebody with the elbow is the strongest possible hit

  11. one of our favorite things to do when playing 2 players was to get the last enemy into a full nelson and then the other player would whip that enemy tons of times to rack up free lives.
    That was how we tried to finish the game with a single quarter.
    If you held the whip facing the edge of the next screen you can bring the whip to the next stage in some areas.

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