DOOM - Original Game Soundtrack - Mick Gordon & id Software -

DOOM – Original Game Soundtrack – Mick Gordon & id Software

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Created by Mick Gordon, the DOOM Original Soundtrack includes completely rearranged and composed tracks from the game, one new track from id Software’s Chris Hite, a new remixed track from id Software’s Chad Mossholder, and a few other surprises for the fans. Spanning 31 tracks and 128 minutes, the soundtrack is organized into four distinct chapters (I. DOGMA, II. DEMIGOD, III. DAKHMA, IV. DOOM) that follow the DOOM Marine’s path of destruction, culminating in his relentless fight against the demons of Hell.

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01. I. DOGMA 00:01
02. Rip & Tear 00:45
03. At DOOM’s Gate 5:02
04. Rust, Dust & Guts 06:13
05. II. DEMIGOD 13:56
06. Hellwalker 14:45
07. Authorization; Olivia Pierce 19:51
08. Flesh & Metal 22:15
09. Impure Spectrum 29:16
10. Ties That Bind 31:00
11. BFG Division 33:08
12. Residual 41:34
13. Argent Energy 42:58
14. Harbinger 46:05
15. Biowaves 53:15
16. Olivia’s DOOM (Chad Mossholder Remix) 55:31
17. Transistor Fist 1:00:11
18. Dr. Samuel Hayden 1:06:20
19. Cyberdemon 1:10:32
20. Incantation1:16:49
21. III. DAKHMA 1:20:26
22. Damnation 1:22:42
23. The Stench 1:29:24
24. UAC Report File; SHTO36U3 1:32:17
25. Death & Exhale 1:35:20
26. SkullHacker 1:39:11
27. Lazarus Waves 1:46:26
28. VEGA Core 1:50:06
29. 6-idkill.vega.cih 1:58:08
30. Mastermind 1:59:47
31. IV. DOOM 2:06:26

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  2. I don't allow Doom Music to be played in Hell. I tried it once. Thought it would be badass. It was, but the demon population dropped by 30% in four minutes. I got souls in queues awaiting torture now because of labor shortages. Never again!

  3. this made me go up to my teacher and said "Yes i can go to the bathroom"

  4. This song makes me want to tell my parents their adopted

  5. i realy enjoyed this two beatufill hours of music

  6. this is cristian game (sori no inglis)

  7. Самое то мыть посуду .I'm Russian

  8. I love listening to this while going to church

  9. is it legal — to make the music THAT cool?
    It is literally legal cheat like, well, IDKFA

  10. Finnaly music to put my new born baby to sleep

  11. listening to this soundtrack was the only reason i got the razer nari ultimate

  12. damn I would just like to get that as a wallpaper background

  13. If violence is not the solution, it means that you are not using enought of it

  14. is a good soundtrack to play Minecraft

  15. This makes boys cry that's how good it is

  16. official soundtrack with comments turned on? what a miracle

  17. This playlist makes me feel like I'm killing tons of demons and the devil is begging for mercy while I'm studying

  18. This music makes me wanna step in the shower without waiting for it to get warm

  19. Tired of game your playings soundtrack, replace with this! Playing Tales of Arise ATM on its hardest settings, and I've turned into an unstoppable unhittable maniac Bwah ha ha aha! Games dope with this cranked in the background

  20. If battlefield had this soundtrack… omg. Going to play this through surround sound and isolate game volume to the TV.

  21. I love how the argent tower it the beat tracker thingy. Very creative

  22. After I listened to this i my parents to go to their room

  23. my funeral song:
    me in my coffin: doom guy outfit

  24. 2:00 if someone were playing this on the drums the drums would be destroyed after lol

  25. 33:08
    Btw I've listened to this so much that I accidentally memorised dogma

  26. There was this one doom song that was stuck in my head for months and finally I know what the name is. Thank you!

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