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Claw Kicker
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Do Not do what this guy did….

Hey guys!!!
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  1. I don’t have any snow yet in Minnesota !

  2. I Thank God Every day for the change of Christ in your Life, and the impact on people around you.

  3. Hey claw kicker you are a big inspirational in others life by continuing to have God in your life and praise him. I hope you will continue your journey through him and keep staying positive. I need help now about to Lose my car so say a prayer for me please

  4. Your videos are like my favorite I hope in the summer I can take a trip up to your arcade 😇 keep up the great work god is definitely good in this video lol

  5. Hey Aaron can you leave the Bible verses up a little longer at the beginning of your videos you always remove them so fast and I have to go back to see what they said. Thank you

  6. Good luck on what you are doing. May God be woth you.

  7. Great video! Love the vlog/maintenance videos! Keep it up 👍

  8. Keep the great videos coming! God bless!

  9. This is why I do it…wait you don't do it for being nice?

  10. What's up man how you doing I want to do the same job you doing I don't know if you can help me with that with that you said last few videos ago that to send you a message that you will help people without whatever they need and I'm trying to make a business like you doing in a separate one of my own two different business

  11. Amazing video Aaron! Its so amazing how you do so much work and how you always are helping others out even if it is for no benefit to you. And i Am glad you are adopting a kid so that we can have another person like you in this world. 🙂

  12. You should contact the YouTubers who do claw machines for a living they normally have rooms FULL of plushies I'm sure they would sell you.

  13. God is not real. If believing helps you, then it is good.

  14. OMG, EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— i got free gift cards from 💜 💜 "1:53" JvB

  15. Hey Bud, are they not monetizing your videos anymore?? I'm sorry bud. I enjoyed this video this evening

  16. I bet it takes a lot of patience in fixing claw machines like this one. Also great to see Carson & DJ Bwellz making their appearances. 🙂

  17. You can't understand why someone put a raggedy, wrinkly dollar in your change machine? They obviously needed change and didn't have any other bills. 🙄🤷

    Wtf. Has common sense disappeared in the last 25 years? Come TF on. How can you not know why someone would put that in there? Logic says that's the only bill they had or they'd have used a different one. Smfh.

    Come TF on. You're just running at the mouth, trying to fill up dead air time.

  18. If I lived near you, I'd go put another raggedy bill in it just because you said "don't do this again!". Sorry but that means absolutely nothing to anyone. If we need change and that's the only bill we have, we're gonna use it. Nobody cares if it aggravates you. Not one bit. My needs come before your wants. Just FYI.

  19. Probably should add a warning before you guys played the rubber duck machine. Some people have conditions where they get triggered with flashing colored lights. Video was entertaining to watch tho! As usual ^^

  20. I like John 3:16.
    Should do that one one day for me please

  21. Hey claw kicker hit me up I got a ton of stuffed animals I’d sell you cheap they still have tags on them and everything

  22. Just started watching this channel one week ago I subscribed the first video I saw, keep up the good work.

  23. I’m so happy to see you doing well with your passion!

  24. @Claw Kicker
    It was 79° to 80° here in the Sooner State yesterday! No joke! Thought Late fall and winter is when it gets cold lol.

    Keep up the excellent work that you do man!

    Im a UAAT or UAT (Unaffiliated Agnostic Theists) and you are one channel that doesnt shove religion down our throats and for that I thank you for.

  25. Nice more videos Aaron like this 👌 Carson ,Justin get some arcade games challenges

  26. Hell yeah let's get a throwback Carson and Trevor video!!!!

  27. Aaron I ask prayers for my sticker business that he would provide overflow of money it's been very slow

  28. Hey Clawkicker … Arcade Matt was feeling the YouTube stress so I explained my situation when I became a police office at 21 back in 1994.
    I did my job as a police officer officer very well. In 4 years I was selected by the police administration and was offered to become a field training officer. This position offers extra todays off. My so called fellow officer / friends were absolutely pissed I was selected and not them, including other officers that had 10+ years. In 2003 I was selected by the Connecticut Police Academy, not my department, to attend the CT Police Academy Instructors School. After completing the course, I receive my Police Instructors pin that I wore over my badge with many other awards. Well, let’s just say my coworkers no longer talked to me, in fact they tried to backstabbed me many times. The answer to their behavior is no one like to see someone else SUCCEED!! I had to listen to the daily remarks from older cops, the constant hostility …. However, like I told Arcade Matt, the more someone hates you just because of your accomplishments, it’s pure jealous !!
    Then in 2007, I sustained a career ending injury and had to retire from police work.
    My point is .. if negative comments bother you… just sit back and smile.. that’s because you did it !! At a young age!! And like I said, people don’t like seeing other people succeed !
    Hang in there !! Remember, negative comments are better than positive comments that’s because of your success !!

  29. Would watch more of you do not push the Jesus stuff buy I guess you you be you and I can't be judgemental

  30. God's not real? Does God tell you to gamble? Does God tell you to be greedy and go for a idol possession

  31. You your self are greedy to profit your self, how can you call your self a son of God

  32. You gambled in the video and gave nothing, good one you son of christ! You are happy about material possession.. shame on you

  33. Jesus provides us with money? Are you serious?

  34. Never seen someone pretend so much god gives us but yet just not acknowledge it is just idol possession you are a shame on the Jesus community

  35. Let's love Jesus but have our whole channel on machines? Makes sense

  36. And then you choose to have dislike not available.. does God not hear everyone ? Why would you choose to hide when you a son of God not have anything from him

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