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Dirty Drivin’ – Arcade Video Game

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Looks like it is time for another arcade video game! Today we are playing a viewer recommended game called Dirty Drivin’! This game is basically just a racing game. What makes it different is that throughout the level you can pick up weapons to use on your opponents vehicles to slow them down. Be cautious however, because your opponents can use weapons on you too! Crystal and I each have a go to see who will come in the best place at the end. 🙂

Who do you think was drivin’ the dirtiest?

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  1. When I play this game, my favorite vehicles are Patriot and Lock N Load. Patriot is my number one since it represents a semi truck while sporting red white and blue for American Patriotism. Lock N Load is my second favorite since I love it's military vehicle design.

  2. Lol it said absolute brute.
    You guys rock.

  3. That's basically Mario Kart meets Crash Bandicoot.

  4. U guys are like a Match made in heaven lol

  5. great game another gem i cannot find here in UK arcades :L again…so. so. lucky -_- :L

  6. That game was awesome .  Thanks for the great video .  Back to FFXIV HW WOOT

  7. Can u reply cause it's my birthday and I just turned 10! And I'm going to a arcade and I want to know where's the best place to go?

  8. Great video and thanks for taking my suggestion!

  9. Crystal and angel im gonna ask you a question this is a good one-(whats your dream car?) 🙂 hope you reply

  10. Congrats guys u reached 22,000 subscribers

  11. Plush Time Wins i love ur vids they keep me entertained p.s you should do the giant claw machine

  12. That was awesome and for some reason it kept reminding me of Sega Rally on the old Sega Saturn lol

  13. Do that 4d horror shooting game behind dirty driving and post on youtube

  14. hey…crystal….the 90's Christian conventions called…they want their hair style back.

  15. Good job angel 1st place you and crystal are awesome.

  16. it looks like mario.kart. but this is ten times.better

  17. are you two brother and sister or in a realationship

  18. she is slow because she wont step on the pedal

  19. Haha, your wife is so cool. She should voice act!

  20. Marathon watching 1/19/2020… driving dirty… 🤔

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