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Did Star Trek TNG “borrow” music from this 80’s arcade game?

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1981’s arcade game Vanguard (SNK)’s in game music sounds an awful lot like Star Trek TNG’s theme song.


  1. yes, but the Power Up Energy bar Theme was from Flash Gordon movie. Reference the Hawkmen scene when Flash was riding the Sky-Cycle (Masters of the Universe ripped off the Idea amd made the Sky-Sled for He-Man)

  2. Yes, I think Paramount did lift the music from this game.

    I also think the song "Funkytown" has videogame roots: "Fantasy" (Rock-ola, 1981).

  3. wait if this game is from the 80's, TNG did not rip off of it because the TNG theme is a different arrangement of the same theme used in the 1979 movie Star Trek the Motion Picture.

  4. good ole Vanguard…. weird game with the 4 directional buttons instead of a normal joystick.

  5. You sir are wrong. It was originally composed by for Star Trek: The Motion Picture in 1979, predating this by two years. It is far more likely this game copied TMP.

  6. that's right which means TNG stole the music from TOS

  7. geez, you're right, I forgot… haven't played that game in I'll bet, 22-23 yrs now… sheesh, I'm old.

  8. Like I said, the NextGen theme music is a reworked version of the Jerry Goldsmith-composed "Motion Picture" theme and did, however, included the fanfare portion of the Alexander Courage-composed "Original Series" theme.

  9. The Next Generation theme is actually the theme to Star Trek : The Motion Picture which is 1979, so it would have to be the other way around.

  10. Thats because the band Queen did the music for Flash Gordon AND they did the music for this game. Yes, the music for the video game Vanguard was composed by the band Queen.

  11. Thats because the band Queen did the music for Flash Gordon AND they did the music for this game.

  12. actually no because the tng theme was originally from tmp which was released in 1979

  13. The Eye, what? This is news to me, a Queen vg! That must be full of pwnage, I must see a video!

  14. the TNG theme was written back in the 70s for the first Star Trek Movie.

  15. It's the Star Trek music. The composer of this game (vanguard by snk) it's the same and this two products are sharing that little tune

  16. Theme music composed by Jerry Goldsmith for the 1979 sci-fi film Star Trek: The Motion Picture, later utilized for Star Trek: The Next Generation, is borrowed as Vanguard's introductory theme.

  17. I always wondered that! But the Motion Picture came first, so… you've answered a long-time question of mine *LOL*.

  18. I agree, save the 1980 part, I think timefilm is probably right.

  19. Wow, thaqt's cool! It might have been composed by the same guy, or they asked permission.

  20. The theme used on TNG first appeared in Star Trke: The Motion Picture, released in 1979. This game ripped off that, if anything.

  21. Star Trek: The Motion Picture used that theme in 1979

  22. Are you serious? TMP was released in '79 …

  23. The game does not only steal the music from Start Trek:TMP but also the 1980 Flash Gordon film (when you pick up the energy)

  24. I used to play this game a lot. I remember it sounding a lot like TMP's theme, but not this much. Is this a game console version or something?

  25. Yes, they borrowed the music. But they gave it back after the series was canceled. Hence the borrowing.

  26. @Msyticair It's more likely that SKN told Paramount NOTHING and they blatantly ripped it off like a page from your average phonebook.

  27. It sounds like the theme from Star Wars… not Star Trek

  28. @BlueThunder83 No it doesn't. Watch a little Star Trek TNG and then watch some fucking Star Wars.

  29. no they took it from the movies let's not forget that the tune TNG used was made by Jerry goldsmith from the firsrt ST film which was madse in 1979 if I recall wghich would have meant the game is more likely to have borrowed it from Star trek

  30. Thank you for also mentioning the Flash Gordon Hawkmen/battle music. Vanguard did indeed feature both bits of music.

  31. Is this vangaurd? I got the 7800 version and that song is not in it 🙁

  32. NONE of you suckers knew the answer until you Googled it. Admit it!

    I was 8 when this game came out and I didn't even realize that. Shoosh! lol

  33. Star Trek: The Motion Picture came out in 1979, and Vanguard came out in 1981. So Vanguard burrowed music from the film.

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