Defender (Red Label) 1980 Williams Mame Retro Arcade Games -

Defender (Red Label) 1980 Williams Mame Retro Arcade Games

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► Defender (Red Label) 1980 Williams.


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  1. Man I was 14 years old when this came out and boy was I obsessed with it or what.You can’t beat a classic like this one.

  2. Omg. You are the greatest player I have ever seen, and at attack 6 it just gets ridiculously impossible. I wonder what the all time greatest score is?

  3. I played this tons on my Atari 800 and that port was fantastic but the original arcade versions were just ever-so-slightly leaner and progressively meaner 🤗

  4. I spent my whole childhood trying to master this game hahah what a brilliant game

  5. After all this time, I just realized that Defender and Robotron have the same sound effect

  6. Great Well Done, Brought Back some memories of me playing this when I was 11, I am now 51, I was 11 in 1980, Wow, This was my Favourite Game, Along with Space Invaders and Pac Man, Great Playing, well done. !!!

  7. I came here just for the sound. The sound of the game IS the sound of 1980's arcade action. I loved this game but wasn't very good at it.

  8. Groot put that thing Now I don't tell you Again

  9. this video never ever gets old! I love it to the core!

  10. Groot you gotta put that’s thing away

  11. Still one of the coolest games out of the 80's

  12. the full size cab of this was bright and very impressive to look at, and fun play even though it was much older than the other systems by 1990

  13. Only a couple of kids could play on this level back in the eighties…. Their dads probably invented it

  14. 🎵 And if you play Defender I’ll beat you hyperspace 🎵

  15. It must really suck being this good. Lol

  16. A walk down to memory lane of the '80s growing up. Hard but addicting game. One of the best of the '80s

  17. Loved this game growing up. Some bully punk challenged me when I was 12yrs old. He was beating me and laughed at his friend half way through. I ended up having my best game ever and scored over 400K and crushed him. He walked away before the game was over mad and didn't say anything. Felt great!

  18. A dead mutant alien is a good mutant alien, arcade halls back in Sweden are not good because then people do or deal drugs there, they might have vanished eventually anyway but i believe that it was because of the politicians that venue of fun disappeared and for that reason. Defender was good as a pinball game as well, very good.

  19. This and Robotron had the best sound effects.

  20. @3:56 ah…. that beautiful extra life sound….. after all these years I just realized that it's the same sound as the extra life in Robotron 2084

  21. Rolled it through all 100 levels as a 12 year old, but the home console game, not the arcade game.

  22. My mate held UK record on this, had name in all machines in Blackpool.

  23. Destroying all humanoids except the last one already in wave 1?
    You also missed the 500 points because you didn't take him to ground before the end of the wave.
    lol, that's very noob like 😀 😉
    In the first wave I often collected all 10 humanoids and then I take them all to ground at the same time.
    Just try it, it's fun – that makes the cpu almost to a standstill.
    I did this often when I played the original arcade game, but it works also for the emulator.
    I'm an absolutely Defender nerd and I played this arcade game for many years in my youth.
    My record was about 3.8 million points, it was such a fun for some hours.

    For Mame I made a copy of the controller layout for Defender (sadly I didn't get the original Williams stick)
    because it's almost impossible to play the game perfectly with other controllers (gamepads, keyboard, joysticks).

    cheers 😎

  24. >be MamePlayer
    >Start playing Defender
    >Immediately kill all humans on the map
    >Wtf is wrong with me

  25. Sound design is a great example of hardware limitations being exploited. The constant interruptions to the background ship flying sound with various sfx ratchets up the tension and keeps the player on edge. Don't think it would have been as effective if extra sound channels had been available to keep everything running simultaneously.

  26. One of my all time faves, hard as hell to play yet so addictive.

  27. This is the Highest Score I´ve ever seen in this game !.
    Never thought this could be possible. CONGRATS, CONGRATS and CONGRATS ! ! !.
    You are *awsome*.
    Greetings from Chile. South America. John.

  28. so, where is download & purchase option?…i wanna play, too!

  29. Remember it clearly this days, best arcade i try out, smartbomb, good sound and burgers, goooood times there.

  30. if you got fast reflexes…. if you want make them faster…. this the game….this game rocks… save the souls….. God save the queen humanoid….

  31. Great game along with space invaders asteroids pac man donkey Kong all time classics

  32. i could turn this game over. at 900000 everything you shoot and hit is a extra ship and smart bomb. awesome sound effects at that level.

  33. I sucked at this game but I really loved watching someone that great at it.

  34. I played this once for 9 hours on one quarter until the arcade closed in 1982.

  35. Omg.. bring me to tears… im 53 i always look whit respect a boy who can play good this difficult game.

  36. Dang….whoever is playing this game

  37. And he's one of my time and this was my favorite arcade game and I played a lot Donkey Kong's good too but this is great

  38. Playing Defender at the local disco in 1980 must've been so awesome.

  39. Can't remember what the nuclear option which killed everything on screen was called. Does anyone else remember?

  40. Not sure I ever remember this game, but sound and playability shits on Space Invaders. Xenon and Jetpac leap from the same stream; fantastic games they were

  41. I never really understood the strategy of shooting most of your humanoids. there was so much pressure not to accidentally shoot the last one or have the last humanoid picked up. I saw a few people do this and it seemed counter productive, I avoided it like the plague. Also I always waited for a cluster of pods before i drop a smart bomb.

  42. My daughter just asked me what my favourite video game was as a kid. So here I am showing her this. Best by a long way, never got to 999,999 but would regularly get 100-200k, 10p would last a while. Need to show her Phoenix now as well…

  43. The sound designer on this game is a genius

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