Deadstorm Pirates Special Edition - Arcade Video Game -

Deadstorm Pirates Special Edition – Arcade Video Game

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Ahoy matey! We step aboard our ship to make these skeletons walk the plank. The fish will have plenty to eat after we are through; at least that is the plan. Will we be walking the plank instead? Be sure to watch and find out!

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  1. I love dead strom pirates one of my favorite arcade at Dave busters

  2. Those bottles really messed you up. Looks like a fun game

  3. yikes you didnt last very long! as i would suspect from this game muhahaha! XD the hardest of the HARD arcade shooters out there / next to terminator :L great attempt 😀

  4. Dude I know you are not going to read/see my message but I like all your videos every day I go to your channel to see if you posted more vids I love all the vids

  5. Yay I am kinda early uploaded 41 minutes ago I am the 28th liker I love y'all's videos so much you'll will never stop entertaining me and making me laugh

  6. Hey angel I've been wondering is crystal a nurse

  7. Can you guys do an arcade ticket game please

  8. Everyone subscribe to my channel because when I hit 100 subs I'll do a give away

  9. Youtube is not letting mevwatch ur videos :(, its saying theres a problem playing this video . Sucks would love to watch u guys are awesome 🙂

  10. I luv your videos but this one is my favorite definitely

  11. We have this game at our local arcade and it cost a bit of money but we completed the game, it's one of my favs to play.

  12. Ye SHANT worry! Them scalawags be full o scurvy! FER a shot per soul, never to be returned! High seas reckon FER naught! Till we pillage the shores!

  13. Hey will you do alot more of the claw videos i have been missing them!:(

  14. Actually a little bit further than Crystal.

  15. If your Dave and Busters has Dark Escape 4D, y'all should totally play it. It's so scary and it would be really un to see you guys play it.

  16. Because i think i went there bc i played that and it looked exacly the same

  17. Its funny how you are even considering to skip a loading screen 😛 Never played any other games than arcade? 😀

  18. I want to invite you to Shopping Bosque Grão Pará we have this game,otherwise is national in Brazil

  19. at my local arcade I hold tge high scorce on this game

  20. if you guys ever go back to round 1 there's a deal where you can play their arcade games for an hour for $10. but you can only play the games with the light up green games (where you swipe your game). rainbow lights doesn't count. I don't know if the round 1 that you guys go to have that deal, but the round 1 in California has it.

  21. ☺📹Rosalinda Cortes YouTube Channel says:

    I Played that game, It's Awesome! 😀

  22. Marathon watching 1/19/2020…. Pirates Treasure?! Aargh!

  23. There needs to be a video about this game with no commentary and direct screencap.

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