Deadliest Rock-Paper-Scissors Game, Winner Gets $1 Million And Loser Dies -

Deadliest Rock-Paper-Scissors Game, Winner Gets $1 Million And Loser Dies

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Backed into a corner by mounting debts, a youth agrees to submit himself to a high stakes game of chance in international waters aboard a disused warship.

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  1. This movie is decent. People on this video should check it out sometime if they’re looking for a movie to watch.

  2. wtf Gordon Gekko doing over there is he selling some stocks hahahaha

  3. Yessssssss I've been trying to find this for years. Thankkkk youuuu!!!

  4. Literally squid game, well squid game is this cause this is older

  5. No, seriously how many shows are gonna BLATANTLY ripoff Kaiji before someone does something about it?

  6. i remember watching this a couple years back, still good.

  7. 10 yr olds: SQUIED GAEM OMG COPY FROM SQUIAD GEAM11!!!!1!1!!!!1!!

  8. hey mom, Im on the YouTube comment section says:

    Yu-Gi-Oh.. stars and cards..

    But with paper rock scissors


  10. Kaiji is literally squid game before squid game

  11. i swear if i see any squid game reference in the comment

  12. Squid Ga…. Oh we’re not going to compare it OK💀💀💀💀

  13. This is where they got squid game how it got create by this

  14. bro some person used this movie for squid game season 2 trailer

  15. oh yeah the super poor dude actually super smart, bravo

  16. This is honestly the last place I expected to see Michael Douglas

  17. A Chinese version of the original Japanese version.

  18. Why u reversing some scenes. makes it look weird.

  19. Lol, it took me to get to the loan bit to realise 'Kaisi' was Kaiji.

    Based off Kaiji? There's only small differences! They didn't change much at all

  21. This looks like the reboot for Kaiji but it was also a fake trailer for squid game season 2

  22. A chinese version of Japanese edition for Korean series

  23. I don’t like this voice. It was difficult to understand

  24. Couldn’t make it past 2 minutes. I don’t like this voice.

  25. I thought it was your ament instead of rock paper scissors

  26. The movie is a ripping an anime it had nothing to do with clowns but it did have gambling and stars as betting chips. Think it's called "Kaiji". Hope they got the rights.

  27. The title: exists
    Dbs: really now

  28. I feel sad for fatty meng after being punched

  29. Hi, movie lovers! We hope guys are doing well.

    Scifi Recapped always tries our best to deliver the best contents for you, our loyal and valuable audiences. However, to keep growing and align with YouTube policy, we have to change our previous voice-over to the new one like you hear in this video. We hope you understand and don`t forget to keep supporting us! <3

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