Dead Island 2 | E3 TRAILER 2014 -

Dead Island 2 | E3 TRAILER 2014

PlayStation Australia
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Check out the brand new trailer of Dead Island 2


  1. good job playstation! wonder how the game worked out.
    oh fuckin wait.

  2. Last time I saw this trailer I was 12 now I’m 18 still hasn’t dropped 😂

  3. i believe dead island 2 and dying light 2 is coming out in the same month, (decemeber) so everyone hold your horses its coming soon!!

  4. We're in a whole new console generation now


  6. I was in womb when this came out now I'm in nursing home. Time flies

  7. Him:Oh sweet!Freaking awesome leg.
    The dead zombie:Bitch u gonna eat ot or take it for the zoom meeting.Oh get it ig-
    Me:Ayo this shit on FIRE!!!

  8. Bru I was 13 when this came out and now I'm 20 in college. At this point we will already be on Mars and won't be able to play the game.

  9. Wow
    I totally forgot this was a thing.
    And I love the Dead Island series… Oof.

  10. Where is the game come on people!!!!!

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