Custom Raspberry Pi Arcade Cabinet- Constructing the Cabinet Part 1. Episode #6 -

Custom Raspberry Pi Arcade Cabinet- Constructing the Cabinet Part 1. Episode #6

Way of the Wrench
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This video is the first part of constructing the arcade cabinet. I have added time links for people who are building this cabinet and want to jump to where they left off.

00:27 – laying out the MDF
02:46 – what tool to use for cutting out
04:26 – cutting out the cabinet sides
06:56 – using the template to layout/cut out the second side
09:40 – using the one side as a template to trim flush router the second side
12:25 – sanding the sides together for a matching set
12:36 – making the batons on the jointer, planer, and table saw
20:58 – cutting out the internal pieces of the cabinet on table saw
25:21 – setting up the router for t molding slot on sides of cabinet
29:15 – attaching the batons to the sides of the cabinet
37:08 – attaching the bottom, shelf, and top angled piece
39:41 – attaching other side
40:47 – attaching casters to the bottom of the cabinet

This custom arcade cabinet can be used as a stand up arcade cabinet or the control panel can be removed from the cabinet so you can take it to a friend’s house and plop it on their coffee table, hook up a HDMI cable and plug it in and play! It is a portable arcade with everything needed to play inside the control panel.

This video is filmed and edited with all new gear and it looks loads better than previous videos (let me know what you think!). I also tried a bunch of new filming angles and techniques to make a more entertaining video for you. I hope you find it interesting and feel inspired to build one yourself.

If you have any questions about the build, please feel free to comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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I hope that these videos can help someone if they want to create their own arcade cabinet and if you would like to make a similar version as mine, go ahead. I will be posting all designs and plans throughout the build videos and a final video showing build costs and plans.

If you have any ideas for the theme or look of the arcade cabinet, please leave a comment down below!!

The next video will be out next week and will show the completion of the cabinet. If you missed the earlier videos, start here … for episode#1.

Music for this very special episode by :

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Disclaimer: These videos are intended for entertainment and inspiration. Working in a woodshop, metalshop, or autoshop is dangerous without proper safety and experience. Always seek professional advice and training before using any power tools/machinery. If you have any uncertainty before performing any shop procedure, stop and learn a safe method/technique. Do not attempt anything simply because you saw it in one of my videos. Be smart, use common sense, respect your power tools/machines, and be safe.


  1. Way of the wrench,Can you please send an email with your contact?To ask you some questions?

  2. Thank you for your fabulous work. I don't know how it is in your country, but here in France, very few "professionals" are as meticulous as you are, it is very appreciable! In addition you explain everything very well, especially for the security, it's remarkable. A big bravo to you, you are so inspiring! You have a new subscriber 😉

  3. How much did the MDF for this project end up costing?

  4. nice! i have a raspberry pi 4 model b and a 7 inch display running retroPi and it is also a arcade cabinet. but mini version.

  5. Great video. Technical instructions is excellent, thank you 🙏🏼

  6. What grit did you use to sand it down, also any tips to sand edges down? Great work!

  7. Followed your links for the Sketchup plans but all I see is a PDF, where can I get the actually .SKP file?

  8. Hey! You made the first screen of my Youtube "recommended videos"! That's the first time I've had a recommended video from someone I know. I knew I should have got your autograph when you were just starting out! 🙂 (But you do make a darn fine video…)

  9. Hello! Fantastic video series, it motivated me to build my own cabinet. Could you tell me what distance from the edge you positioned your batons? I couldn't find it in the video. Looks like maybe 1 or 1.5"?

  10. Everything in this video is perfect accept the music loud and noisy

  11. Nice video, i listened all of them. I also bought a wagner paint gun and a nice router because of you 😂
    Continue your great job.
    Do a pinballs arcade cabinet next time 😉

  12. Sorry for the silly question but…why didn't you cut the 2 side panels at the same time? You could have put the 2 mdf sheets together, clamped or screwed, and cut both at once. What am I missing?

  13. Question what kind of board you use it looks smooth is that mdf 4/8 3/4 of an inch thick.

  14. Hi where can find the link to the pdf file thanks

  15. I REALLY want to get this project going but I have very limited tools. Not only do I worry about mapping the dimensions, but I worry about cutting the actual wood. The only real tool I have access to is a Jigsaw and not much working space, is it very difficult to make correct cuts and the overall machine with just a Jigsaw?

  16. Very nice video and nice shop and tools. Most of us don't have access (or room) to have all of that. I'll have to look up a "poor man's" version of this and see what you can do with a circular saw and jig saw only.

  17. Excellent job friend

    I really liked your project

    A big hug from Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

  18. Question can I built an arcade cabinet around a console instead of using a raspberry pie.

  19. Can not get the plans can you send me a like please and nice vid

  20. Great video! My son and I are getting ready to build an arcade cabinet and your videos have been extremely helpful. Thanks for the great videos!

  21. Absolutely mesmerised watching this.

    I wanted to do woodwork / carpentry in school but not enough choose it so I got history instead, crap I know.

    I'm a gamer and have been since the early 80s, have always wanted my own arcade cabinet, this looks incredible.

    Don't think I have 80% of the tools you do though or the knowledge but I could get lost in this.

    Excellent video, watching part 2 now ; )

    Many thanks. I'll be sharing this amongst friends.

  22. Good choice in music. This is enjoyable to watch. Great work man

  23. So for the batons how far in are you putting them? Obviously bottom varies depending on what type of wheels you get, and the shelves are obviously 5/8” the depth of your MDF. But the front, back, and top are all the same depth recessed in. Just curious what depth you set it back. Thanks!

  24. Love your video man. Can you reprint your plans? The formatting is all jacked up and some parts of it are cut off, but I like how you broke it down, amateur/hobbyist woodworking level of detail for us non experts. Happen to have a newer printout? I got a bosch router for slab leveling with a jig, but got to use it for the first time today on my arcade build. I used a flush trim router bit to match my second cutout side panel to my first perfectly, man I love that bit. Got a slot cut one coming.

    This is the one I am talking about:

  25. thinking about making a standing workstation
    also those are some hard chiptunes home great stuff

  26. naw spare me the mdf and its formaldehyde based resins

  27. So do you think using 3/4 inch mdf will mess with your plans any? I cant find 5/8s anywhere.

  28. Só faltou disponibilizar o projeto com as medidas pra download

  29. How many inches from the edge of the side panels do you place the batons? Looks about 2".

  30. Anyone have the plans in international system??

  31. Do you have the plans in metric measurements for us civilised countries that moved out of the dark ages of imperial measurements around 100 years ago?

  32. Love and appreciate the videos.

    Will be a real help as I start my own cabinet this summer.

    With the music of the videos there is a significant input level difference to the music vs the commentary recorded, and I have to keep adjusting the volume to hear what you are saying then not get blown out of my chair by the music.

  33. Track saw! Festool makes an awsome one with dust collector.

  34. Check out the modern cabinets I make at Umbrella Arcades 🙂

  35. I am interested and using your plan but I wanted to make a 4-player control board would you happen to guess some measurements for the cabinet? Also I didn't see anything in the comments what was your out-of-pocket cost in materials and everything else while you were building the cabinet

  36. how many sheets of MDF did this take? Also, is that 5/8s?

  37. It was great, but I think I exaggerated the pins and screws, maximum ai 2 or 3 pins and screws in each piece, because I put in mdf already safe! Congratulations more!

  38. Awesome video. About to be doing this. Are you a shop teacher? Looks like my shop class when I was in highschool.

  39. save lifetime! change to 2x speed and feel free to use your 22:27 min for your loved ones 😉

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