CRASH: The Year Video Games Died -

CRASH: The Year Video Games Died

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  1. "Video games never die, they just respawn"
    Polybius : I think I'm playing hardcore

  2. Thanks god, we have Nintendo to get video games in orbit again

  3. No the truth is video games DID die in 1983. It happened worldwide and Nintendo was the one who saved the video gaming industry.

  4. This is a prime example of "too many cooks spoil the broth".

  5. Wasnt amiga the biggest competitor of atati?

  6. I was 8 in 1983.

    The best ever was when the neighborhood kids went to one house on a Friday night Then on a 30" CRT TV in a massive living room, we all played the best game of that time, Intellivision Baseball!

  7. the background track here is SICK!!
    loved every bit of it.

  8. You have the best narrative in the whole of YouTube.

  9. American economists: An American brand sucks at their business, video games are dead. God, imagine the world had we let the US dictate what sells. We'd have nothing but iPhones.

  10. Hang on…. Your telling me that the same people to make the a10 warthog and the AR-15 made a video game console?

  11. No one ever really talks about the 5200 and 7800 atari systems.

  12. 4:15 "Was torn apart by corporate greed."
    In other news, water was priven to make things wet.

  13. AKA:how Nintendo cemented themselves as a titan in the gaming industry.

  14. 2020: Boomer shooter comeback

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