Commando (Arcade) - Complete Game -

Commando (Arcade) – Complete Game

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  1. I do wonder… Which version of the game was the absolute first?

    Arcade or C64?

  2. I just managed to pass two areas after spending a lot of coins, good old days !

  3. Never watched teh aracade version before. Gotta say that I like the C64 version more, because of the much betterand more atmospheric sound and music. The arcade has so cheap and boring musiccal quality, it got to be one of those terrible Yamaha sound chips probably. The vertical screen format of course fits the vertical play style better, but the wider screen on the C64 makes it feel more like an actual battlefield I think.

  4. Loved playing this arcade at the local liquor store on 23rd and Mission in SF, Ca back in the 80's. The store was owned by these cool Palestinian brothers! Samir n Khalid. They would break me off with some sort of junk food from time to time and chat for a bit. Well, shit I practically gave them all my money. Ha!!! A fun ass game…..

  5. Soldier4Life ☠️ Official Youtube says:

    I love this fucking game 👍🇺🇲💯🔥

  6. Soldier4Life ☠️ Official Youtube says:

    Recently i bought the Legends Flasback AtGames 50 games and this one is on it 👍

  7. My grandpa actually owns the game he found it somewhere I'm not sure where but it's in my room and I still love its hard as hell though

  8. I just want to point out that the music is a straight up copy of the track 'Chase' from the movie Hundra.

  9. First time I laid eyes on an arcade machine playing this game, I decided this had to be played strategically. The controls were silly: move with joystick on the left, fire with button on the right.

    So I had a mate keep hitting the fire button while I tried to steer my commando with my right hand using the stick on the left.

    Didn't waste too much money because I was very young and decided it was too hard anyway.
    But a few years later, an excellent conversion appeared for the Commodore 64. Graphics were so so but music was infinitely better.

  10. Hi where I can buy the machine of the video game…I what one…please if someone tell me where thanks

  11. Alguien que me diga dónde puedo comprar o conseguir este juego pero en la maquinita gracias

  12. The PTSD flashbacks with this game are real

  13. Sooo, there's no ending??? It just loops over and over???

  14. Yo jugar ese videogame tener 10 años ..buen juego

  15. Foi o meu primeiro jogo que eu joguei no fliperama eu deveria ter uns 7 a oito anos de idade !!! Hoje eu tenho 40 anos, bons tempos …

  16. This was a hard game for me lol love it tho

  17. Thought arcade commando this one goes to 10 million something points

  18. Loved and hated this game on the NEW when I was a kid.

  19. I remember when I saw this arcade machine back in the 80's….Great times

  20. Very satisfying to watch the finish… something I never did as a kid!

  21. Its such a shame they didn't have the technology to include a save feature. It is a lot of hard work to complete all those levels. That said, this game is still amazing, rediscovered during lockdown 2020 along with many other arcade classics from the eighties.

  22. ARNOLD SWarzniga cannot be killed even after his Death,,,
    I'll be back

    He will be back

  23. this brings back memory of the smell of the store i played this on with quarter

  24. Never passed stage 1 when I did it in 1980's.

  25. I remember that I survived for more than 13 seconds. Great time.

  26. This game was so awesome. I remember you could shoot towards the bottom of the screen and gunfire would come from the top. Used to help during the end of stage battles. I played this so much. Though the furtherest I ever got was the 3rd stage I think ? Used to love watching older players on stages that were so foreign to me. I was 7 and this game was pretty freakin' hard. Watching this made me remember loving "Jailbreak" also. The good old days 😂 Would love to time travel back to a full arcade with my brothers 🙂

  27. Alguien sabe como descargar este juego será volver a recordar viejos tiempos.

  28. What a nice memory greetings from La Paz Bolivia 🇧🇴

  29. I played the sequel game pc dos ta commando II in 1992. oh if I find it and watch it and play again 🙁

  30. I played this all the time at the arcades and always got schooled, I don't think i ever passed the first level as a 6yr old.

  31. My friend and I, after getting very high, would go to the arcade and play this collaboratively, with one of us on movement and the other throwing grenades, alternating each life. We almost always got the high score, fused into a single mind. It was the only video game I ever played like that.

  32. Quiero descargar ese juego en mi cell como lo hago me trae recuerdos de mi niñez

  33. I watched the commando nes before the commando arcade. Now the arcade version sounds and looks like a remake lol.

  34. I had a cocktail table machine 14 inch CRT with this game Commando Capcom 1985 in my bedroom when I was just a little kid. I remember my father paid like AUD 175 for it; today it would be worth upwards of AUD 1K plus.

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