Commando (Arcade) - Complete Game -

Commando (Arcade) – Complete Game

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  1. I had a cocktail table machine 14 inch CRT with this game Commando Capcom 1985 in my bedroom when I was just a little kid. I remember my father paid like AUD 175 for it; today it would be worth upwards of AUD 1K plus.

  2. I watched the commando nes before the commando arcade. Now the arcade version sounds and looks like a remake lol.

  3. Quiero descargar ese juego en mi cell como lo hago me trae recuerdos de mi niñez

  4. My friend and I, after getting very high, would go to the arcade and play this collaboratively, with one of us on movement and the other throwing grenades, alternating each life. We almost always got the high score, fused into a single mind. It was the only video game I ever played like that.

  5. I played this all the time at the arcades and always got schooled, I don't think i ever passed the first level as a 6yr old.

  6. I played the sequel game pc dos ta commando II in 1992. oh if I find it and watch it and play again 🙁

  7. What a nice memory greetings from La Paz Bolivia 🇧🇴

  8. Alguien sabe como descargar este juego será volver a recordar viejos tiempos.

  9. This game was so awesome. I remember you could shoot towards the bottom of the screen and gunfire would come from the top. Used to help during the end of stage battles. I played this so much. Though the furtherest I ever got was the 3rd stage I think ? Used to love watching older players on stages that were so foreign to me. I was 7 and this game was pretty freakin' hard. Watching this made me remember loving "Jailbreak" also. The good old days 😂 Would love to time travel back to a full arcade with my brothers 🙂

  10. I remember that I survived for more than 13 seconds. Great time.

  11. Never passed stage 1 when I did it in 1980's.

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