Classic Williams Stargate Arcade Game ! Sequel to Defender... -

Classic Williams Stargate Arcade Game ! Sequel to Defender…

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Happy New Year! This is Williams’ classic “Stargate” arcade game, the sequel to Defender! Such a tough game… but addictive! See all our games for sale at !


  1. We truly had a childhood! I'm STILL looking to buy this game!

  2. Sinistar by Williams is the most difficult arcade game…

  3. By far my favorite game… took skill, intelligence and stamina. oh…..and lots and lots of quarters. 1981? I was 17.

  4. I own this on Midway Arcade Treasures under the name Defender II.

  5. Dang you need to work on your game. I was an expert back in like 1980

  6. My favorite game in my time. I was an original gamer in the 80s. My highest score was 2.5 mil one quarter is all it took.

  7. this is transported me back in time to when I was 14 and playing this in my local 7-11… FUUUUU!!!!

  8. Great game, dropped rolls on this when it 1st appeared, and it gets a lot harder at later lvl's. My 1st warp through that stargate made my hair stand on end.

  9. The legendary difficulty of Stargate has a bit of a legend behind it. As the story goes, Williams had a test machine out in the wild that they used to check whether the game was seeing sufficient turnover (these things are intended to make money for someone, after all), and they kept getting these ridiculously long play times, so they kept boosting the difficulty level until they eventually just gave up and released it anyway. Turns out their test arcade was also the home turf for the national Defender champion, which was kind of skewing their results.

  10. One of my favorite games ever, I sucked at it but….. that didn’t stop me.

  11. Do they have both games on PS4 platform. Defender and Stargate, if so where can they be purchased?

  12. Those red coin slots were not around when that game was released. They were either metal or the black plastic one's. This game is tuff, it ain't for casual gamers.

  13. I was the best in my home town at Defender, just one coin would last me the day, but as you can imagine after weeks of doing this sort of thing a new rule came out which said you could only clock the game once then they turned it off an on again and that was it.

    Anyhow, after 40 or so years this is the first time I knew after watching this youtube there was a second generation of this game called stargate.

  14. My parents have one of these in their basement! It doesn’t run, but it probably just needs a fuse or a wire somewhere. I’ll have to double-check for water damage (since our basement did have a partial flood, but I think the game cabinet was unaffected), but other than that, it’s in good condition! Would love to get it up and running again 😊

    EDIT: “the toughest arcade game of all time” oh good, so it wasn’t just me 😆

  15. JOES CLASSIC, for somereason the Williams Defender uses a Matrix array for the RAM chips. Most arcade games don't have the RAM chips in this Matrix array. I'm not sure if the Williams Stargate is also using this Matrix array for the RAM chips. But not sure if you know the answer as to why they used the RAM chips in this matrix array for any reasons?

  16. I would play hooky from school sometimes and stay on Stargate till school was over on one quarter! My high score was 15 million!

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