Classic Video Game Sounds Explained by Experts (1972-1998) | Part 1 | WIRED -

Classic Video Game Sounds Explained by Experts (1972-1998) | Part 1 | WIRED

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Four video game sound designers explain the thinking behind some of the world’s most recognizable video game sounds. Featuring sounds from Pac-Man, Sonic the Hedgehog, Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, Contra, Street Fighter II, Doom and more!

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Classic Video Game Sounds Explained by Experts (1972-1998) | Part 1 | WIRED


  1. the Pokemon sound was the call, and failed capture of a Pokemon. Not the menu. Great video tho! fr

  2. I'd rather watch 4 hours of raw footage than anything this hack editor shits out.

  3. WRONG! The first video game was called Tennis for Two and it was made on an analog computer in the late 30’s early 40’s

  4. Pong was not the first video game.
    Not even 20 seconds in and I'm already annoyed.

  5. I'm pretty sure pacman stands for packet manager on Android

  6. tommy tallarico is proof that cocaine and ed hardy shirts create geniuses

  7. Iconic, tense and scary

    S O N I C D R O W N I N G M U S I C

  8. Wow im surprised Tommy is describing something he likes. Lol

  9. Pong was not the first video game. It wasn’t even the first arcade game.

  10. I like how it says classic game sounds but when you hear finish him it’s a more modern version

  11. this hardly taught me anything due to the bad editing

  12. Can you make a video displaying the effects of using audio deprivation to increase the response time of visual ques in video games

  13. I have the FF victory theme as my alarm sound on my phone and my dogs always jump up as soon as they hear it because it usually means it’s time for me to get up. So when it played in the video both of my dogs jumped up and came over to me thinking it was my alarm going off and that it was time for me to get up. It caught me off guard but gave me a little chuckle.

  14. Before I clicked the video I said "Finish Him" guess what happened when I clicked?

  15. i would love to know which sound libraries they used during 1990 – 2000.

    you keep hearing the sfx based on the same sounds in so many games during that period…would love to have those libraries 😀

  16. I love Russel Brower, him and Chris Metzen were my heroes at Blizzard before Activision took over and sucked the life out of that company

  17. What is the song that plays at the very end?

  18. I wanted to know more of how the sounds were made.

  19. 1:23 funniest part of the whole video they just keep cutting him off

  20. good to see Tommy Tallarico still thinks gamers dont know the most common of legends in the video game industry haha

  21. The way Tommy Tallarico speaks reminds me of Jason Bateman (Nick Wilde in Zootopia)

  22. there was no quake armor pickup sound

    i am dissapointed

  23. Really not going to bring up the fact that the original power up noise in Super Mario Bros is the victory song sped up? I've literally only seen it mentioned once on the entire Internet, and I highly doubt that something like that in one of the most popular games of all time could go undiscovered for over 30 years.

  24. Its been awhile I been so deeply intrigued by the content, but it is interrupted so much… 😒😒😑😑

  25. expert calls pong the first video game face palm

  26. the first five seconds threw me so far back so quickly I cranked my neck out.
    Especially on that metal gear alert sound, JFC the ptsd on that – as a kid WOW

  27. I understand this had to be edited down for time length but my goodness, It feels like every sentence they get cut off half way through.

  28. The guy in red hasn't even got a clue what's he talking about.

  29. Man I liked the terrible voice acting in resident evil because it perfectly matched their characters' awkward movements.

  30. this video is just too disorganised and frantic and lacks any real information on sound design

  31. Thanks for the opportunity to be involved! Loved it!

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