Classic Game Room - NEO-GEO MVS arcade machine review -

Classic Game Room – NEO-GEO MVS arcade machine review

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NEO-GEO MVS review. Classic Game Room reviews the NeoGeo MVS arcade machine from SNK originally released in 1990 (1991 U.S.) the Neo-Geo MVS stood for “multi video system” and allowed arcade operators to swap out game cartridges in their big red cabinet instead of replacing entire, expensive arcade machines. CGR adopted a 4-slot Neo-Geo MVS arcade machine and has it loaded with Samurai Showdowm, World Heroes 2, Neo Drift Out and Shock Troopers 2nd Squad! Good time ahead!


  1. Great video! What type of joysticks are in there? Do they use leaf or micro switches? Thanks in advance!

  2. I bought an actual 2 slot big red because of this man. Loved classic game room!

  3. Best comment he has in this video is at 5:26. He says, "But I think the MVS is just more bad azz. It should have been called the "MFVS"". That had me cracking up!

  4. I remember back in the early 2000s when you could get a big red for $50 in nice shape.

  5. This is exactly what I want in my house/man cave! Spent countless hours at the arcade pumping quarters into one and it was tons of fun. I miss the old arcade rooms/businesses. Old stomping grounds was in Anchorage, AK at Hanger 18 and Space Station. They are no longer and that's a shame…

  6. Order Of Magnitude - The Paranormal & Personal says:

    Where are you these days?

  7. This is a badass cabinet!!! You sir earned a sub!!

  8. If i recall correctly some if not all of these cabinets had some type of credit card sized slot under the controls that could be used for something. What was it used for?

  9. Can we just get Classic Game Room back pretty fucking please?

  10. DAMN i was born 1980..that was GOLD times.I am soo sad..we cant run the time back,and feel the same feelings…

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