Classic Game Room - MILLIPEDE arcade game review -

Classic Game Room – MILLIPEDE arcade game review

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Millipede arcade game review!

Classic Game Room reviews MILLIPEDE from 1982! Atari’s frantic sequel to Centipede features more bugs, more mayhem and more ways to score points! Blast the millipede along with numerous worms, spiders, fleas, ticks, flies and pretty much everything else that nature throws at you for higher scores and serious fun!


  1. Holy crap. I dont think my heartates ever gone up watching someone else play… That was fucking intense

  2. watching again; you're fucking boss at millipede mark.

  3.  l love the extra life sound from Centipede and Millipede… So iconic. I remember hearing it above everything else in those 80s arcades.

  4. How does he have all this stuff where does he get the money?

  5. Love this one a lil bit more than Centipede,but both great games.

  6. love this game !!!! going to look for my Gameboy copy right now & play the hell out of it 🙂

  7. I have never played Millipede in the arcades only on home ports.  It really does look way more frantic than Centipede.
    Totally awesome stuff.

  8. 1 all time score back at butterfly arcade was 1,000,026 spent $14 ok i lied all time was 100,000 points and i think i spent like 30 bucks in quarters 

  9. I can hardly imagine myself playing with a track ball… I'm so used to D-pads…

  10. a great game, and a great beer. that's all i need.

  11. …I need a rocket…
    (To get to the intergalactic space arcade)

  12. Millipede was always one of my top 5's but I too think Centipede is a hair better!thanks for reviewing

  13. You can play this in Google Chrome as well.

  14. What's the difference between centipede and millipede?

  15. I hope that one day when Mark retires he flies the Intergalactic Space Arcade back to earth and opens it up to the public, running a classic 80's style arcade serving beer and sharing the love for classic video games with everyone!

  16. it's nice seeing you playing the game for longer than just a few seconds in the end for what I consider my all-time favorite arcade game. you're pretty good at it.

  17. I love the sound fx in this game. they're amazing

  18. How r u so good at this game!? Any tips because I feel like a huge scrub now

  19. Why wasn't there any complaints about that INSANELY SCARY SHREEK when you die.


  21. The 8 bit Atari computer version is quite good.

  22. That CRT is almost dead. When the retrace lines are visible t get a decent picture, it needs a rejuvenation, badly.

  23. my record in millipede is 215600, started at 36000. But that is inMAME and with a mouse instread of trackball. Planning to build my own centipede cabinet.
    How much the programmers crammed into that 16K code, is beyond me.

  24. I had this for the Atari 2600. I was better at it than playing Centipede.

  25. All time classic right there

  26. I was better at this than centipede on the 2600

  27. And to think this game was contained in a 16 Kilobyte ROM. My record (with mouse) in MAME stands at 469,000 with all settings set to HARD and 15,000 bonus.

  28. HOLLY SEVENTH DIMENSION BATMAN!!! Millipede is just too fast, too insane and too intense Kind of like when they sped, up Ms Pac Man I didn't mind the speed increase but it completely fowled up the action of the joy stick. I'll stick with centipede. I just bought a use Centipede tonight and the track ball went bad while moving it it worked when I tested the machine, it will have to be repaired or replaced. P.S As Johnny Fever on W K R P said "Speed kills Del!"

  29. My favorite from the classic arcade era of late 70s early 80s. I actually bought one for my own personal use at home, took me 4 months to break the high score, which is now 412k.

  30. The way I enjoy Millipede and other classic arcade games is with a cheese or pepperoni pizza and breadsticks from Pizza Hut and either Pepsi, Coke, or Royal Crown Cola

  31. Very nicely done review. Centipede and Millipede are games that require the arcade cabinet. The ports are fine, but there's just no substitute.

  32. I played this game. It is nearly impossible!

  33. You have all the best games from the past.. Where do you find your rare cabs from? You have 3 of my favourites

  34. Is Millipede available on any game console that you know of (PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, X Box Series X)????

  35. This game is addicting fun, have it on NES and on one of the Atari compilations on PS1 (which is the arcade version). Prefer it to Centipede as it plays at a far more frantic pace. Used to play the arcade machine at a pool hall for teens back in the day, it sat next to a Xevious machine, Arkanoid was also there, along with Time Pilot, Quartet, Mat Mania, and the sitdown Star Wars Atari cabinet.

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