Classic Game Room - DONKEY KONG JR. arcade machine review -

Classic Game Room – DONKEY KONG JR. arcade machine review

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Classic Game Room reviews DONKEY KONG JUNIOR arcade machine from 1982 by Nintendo. It’s hard to imagine Nintendo making arcade machines, especially for Donkey Kong Jr.! DK Jr. was a super-popular videogame on home consoles like the NES Nintendo Entertainment System, Atari 2600, Atari 7800 and ColecoVision. This CGR video review of Donkey Kong Jr. features a Donkey Kong Jr. video game arcade machine from the arcades showing Donkey Kong Jr gameplay in HD action from PAPA World Headquarters.


  1. There are only two levels i thought there was 3

  2. @HornetFellow I do too, but this is still fun

  3. It's not just the cabinet, the joystick is tiny too!

  4. @bland9876 no, no, you stupid fucking idiot- there's 4

  5. seeing the adds of people playing video games with their parents makes me think about how my parents used to play video games but dont anymore. wen i have kids someday, i will make sure i play video games with them =)

  6. i poured many allowance quarters into this game

  7. Nintendo still licences games for arcade releases, namco has released Mario Kart as a arcade cabinet, you should do a review of that

  8. Mark: I've been on my knee's all day playin with donkey kong jrs joystick! ITS HARD WORK!!!
    Wife: 0.o

  9. Donkey Kong Jr. is my favorite game. I've been playing it since I was 5 or so.

  10. Some times I wonder if I'm playing the game or is game playing me xD.

  11. mario was a little kid back then he was bad now hes good

  12. You know a Game is Badass when it plays Toccata and Fugue in 8-bit 😀


  13. When do 6-year-olds have girlfriends and chase after giant monkeys?

    But then again, I don't really remember when Donkey Kong was first released.

  14. I found dk and mario bros at my local laser tag arena

  15. Please Santa bring me a DK arcade machine I BEG OF YOU

  16. Used to have this and Joust in a cafe in my town. I wish I would have offered to buy em both before they closed that place down. Who knows where they are now.

  17. Whoa whoa who DK DKjr. Diddy kong cranky kong and DIY kong are all Mario's friends so why is this game out? It's makes no cents anymore

  18. i think this was released before they became buddies.

  19. Stop saying Mario is a bad guy in Donkey Kong Jr. I told he's not on the Atari 7800 review!

  20. Awesome game, beautiful cabinet and excelent conservation!

  21. Loved the game, hope we can see a review of Black Tiger, soon. 😀

  22. i played this at a pizza hut like 2 months ago…

    im surprised they still had it

  23. for some reason I am craving a Whopper Jr. right now

  24. Mark looks handsome in this video. just saying

  25. I played this back in the 80s and I tell you it's more challenging thank donkey kong

  26. my favorite sequel game of the time because it was nothing like the original DK

  27. Actually, Nintendo still makes the Cruis'n arcade racers, as well as several other arcade games only in Japan

  28. Just like on Donkey Kong, it was game over for me after 90 seconds, and 1/4 of my pocket money for the week gone.

  29. The sequence of the snappers and birds is the same each game thus allowing a proficient player to rack up high scores easily by memorizing the movement patterns.

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