Classic Game Room - CENTIPEDE Arcade Machine review -

Classic Game Room – CENTIPEDE Arcade Machine review

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Centipede arcade machine review. Classic Game Room reviews CENTIPEDE from Atari from 1980, the stand up coin-op arcade machine with the amazing artwork on the side and the radical trackball controller! This Centipede machine was refurbished and has a brand new Happ LCD monitor installed. CGR Centipede video review has Happ LCD monitor review and shows the installed Happ monitor in a classic arcade game which has crystal clear, sharp graphics that blow away 30 year old CRT monitors with burn-in.


  1. you ruined the game putting in the lcd, I am a purest and like the classic games in the original condition, with crt monitors about every 20 years or so you just have the monitor recapped and bam yo have a bright colorful picture once again

  2. LCD? LCD!?! You can't play arcade games on LCD! I don't even play my SNES and Megadrive on LCD! Not even my MAME cabinet has an LCD! If you put an LCD in an arcade machine, its not even a real arcade machine anymore! You might as well just play it on your MAME cabinet because that would be equally unauthentic! Next thing I'll find out Mark has his Genesis plugged into an LCD! LCD is only for HD games! Old games look great on CRT!

  3. not exactly, the developers actually killed centipedes in their homes with cannons

  4. If I had a choice, I wouldn't want a LCD screen. Give me the old tube monitors with the pixels any day. The 1980s graphics look too "boxy" on a LCD screen.
    The old school pixels actually round off the edges of everything. For example, Pac Man looks more round when pixelated. Plus, I like the curve of the older screens.

  5. As a electronic tech with 20 years experience, AND a game collector I tell people to keep CRT's in their games.  A used, working CRT arcade monitor is widely available in the US from for around $75-$125.  Broken ones can often be found for cheap (or free) and are easily fixed with the DIY info on youtube for those that aren't technicians.  The Happ arcade monitor in this video retails for about $350, and I rarely see LCD monitors and LCD televisions last more than 5 years in my business.  Compare this to a 30 year old CRT monitor that is still kicking.   You also have to factor in that the CRTs were used 24 hours a day for these games, while most LCD TVs are home use and don't get nearly the amount of playtime, but die much sooner.   CRT's do get burn-in, but it can't be seen when the game is in play – it is mostly noticeable when the game is off.  And if the game is going in your home, you won't be running it 24 hours a day and causing more burn-in.   LCD  displays also have mercury in them, so they are not environmentally friendly by any means. Buuut…most counties in the US require that all displays (CRT or LCD) be recycled anyway, so neither of these should be ending up in landfills and hurting the environment.  CRTs are more reliable, longer lasting, easier to acquire, cheaper to fix, and equally bad for the environment.  I recommend collectors and my customers to keep CRTs in arcades, at least until the LCDs drop in price and become more reliable.  The only pros (currently) are that they are about 25lbs lighter and most (depending on model) are more energy efficient. 

  6. It's his money so if he wants LCD then it's up to him. But personally, I feel like it's the equivalent of buying a classic sports car and fitting modern spinning rims on it. And those graphics don't! look better without the old school rasta scan lines.

  7. It's fun for the whole family! [explosion] [BOOP]

  8. i picked one of these things up at a thrift shop for $150. It now lives in my living room.

  9. No, no, no, please no LCDs…… Nice game though.

  10. Guys it's just a monitor….

    Now that Black Trackball…. Ew.

  11. seriously, he removed the CRT and replaced it with a LCD monitor? BLASPHEMY

  12. I have only have two machines:
    •Ms Pacman
    How do u guys have sooo many?

  13. This video makes no sense to me. LCD looks like total crap in a Centipede.

  14. They offered the machine with a CRT for less money? I'm surprised. You should have gotten the CRT, even though they can be frustrating and need more TLC over the years.

  15. Centipede is one of the only classics I don't mind to have an LCD, but a black track-ball, gross!

  16. Scan-lines, and even the ghosting on black backgrounds was the best part about playing on a CRT, LCD is OK, but nothing will top CRT's.

  17. Sha there is boing are round here
    Dammit a break down😒


  19. I was the Centipede champ in this area from 80 thru 83 or so. They gave 4 tokens every time you broke the high score at the next towns arcade and the high was only 100,000 or so. So when i saw the prize every time I went there I broke the high by only a few thousand so I could keep getting free tokens. Did this all the way up to 1000000 which was my high score

  20. The man who fell in the river in Lego city says:

    My highest score is 128,483

  21. I've heard that LCD monitors are nothing like CRT and different resoultion and colors kill the "spirit" of the 80's. But I want to try using it in the one I've been working on. So do you happen know what kind of LCD monitor can be used or at least what is the diagonal size of the standard LCD-screen for the aracade machines like Centipede? Thank you in advance!

  22. I'd comit societal genocide for a red Donkey Kong cabinet

  23. Any thoughts on the Arcade 1Up version?

  24. Ultimate Favorite Arcade Game!!! Centipede Rocks!!! Would Love this in my Home! Lol Yes!!

  25. Freeplay is just a setting on the PCB. And an LCD should NOT cost more than a CRT.

  26. I have Centipede cocktail cabinet I inherited from my grandfather's Holiday Inn lounge, but the picture tube is broken and the trackballs are stuck. I'd love to resurrect it — best arcade game in history, imo.

  27. after talking about the side of the machine 5 times."Did i mention I loved the artwork on the side of the machine." lol

  28. What's a good price for one of these used? Working condition but used… They're asking $950.00. What do you look for in a used machine? I don't want to get ripped off. Thanks

  29. an LCD in a classic, that's blasphemy. Turn in your man card please.

  30. Queeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee???????????????

  31. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaáaaaaaaaaaaaat??????????????

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