Classic Game Room - CENTIPEDE Arcade Machine review -

Classic Game Room – CENTIPEDE Arcade Machine review

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Centipede arcade machine review. Classic Game Room reviews CENTIPEDE from Atari from 1980, the stand up coin-op arcade machine with the amazing artwork on the side and the radical trackball controller! This Centipede machine was refurbished and has a brand new Happ LCD monitor installed. CGR Centipede video review has Happ LCD monitor review and shows the installed Happ monitor in a classic arcade game which has crystal clear, sharp graphics that blow away 30 year old CRT monitors with burn-in.


  1. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaáaaaaaaaaaaaat??????????????

  2. Queeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee???????????????

  3. an LCD in a classic, that's blasphemy. Turn in your man card please.

  4. What's a good price for one of these used? Working condition but used… They're asking $950.00. What do you look for in a used machine? I don't want to get ripped off. Thanks

  5. after talking about the side of the machine 5 times."Did i mention I loved the artwork on the side of the machine." lol

  6. I have Centipede cocktail cabinet I inherited from my grandfather's Holiday Inn lounge, but the picture tube is broken and the trackballs are stuck. I'd love to resurrect it — best arcade game in history, imo.

  7. Freeplay is just a setting on the PCB. And an LCD should NOT cost more than a CRT.

  8. Ultimate Favorite Arcade Game!!! Centipede Rocks!!! Would Love this in my Home! Lol Yes!!

  9. Any thoughts on the Arcade 1Up version?

  10. I'd comit societal genocide for a red Donkey Kong cabinet

  11. I've heard that LCD monitors are nothing like CRT and different resoultion and colors kill the "spirit" of the 80's. But I want to try using it in the one I've been working on. So do you happen know what kind of LCD monitor can be used or at least what is the diagonal size of the standard LCD-screen for the aracade machines like Centipede? Thank you in advance!

  12. The man who fell in the river in Lego city says:

    My highest score is 128,483

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