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Classic Game Room – BOSCONIAN arcade video game review

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Classic Game Room reviews BOSCONIAN arcade video game by Bally Midway and Namco released in 1981. Bosconian is a top down free roam style space ship shooter that is rare to find in its original arcade videogame cabinet form because many Bosconian arcade games were turned into Galaga machines because they run on similar hardware and Galaga was more popular. Gameplay is fast and frantic as you blow up enemy space ship based and wipe out waves of space ships. Fans of top down shooters like Thunder Force 2 should hunt down some Bosconian! This CGR review of Bosconian has Bosconian arcade machine gameplay showing the Bosconian cabinet, videogame machine and game play at PAPA world headquarters.


  1. Dude, I totally played the hell outta this game in Myrtle Beach sc at the Pavillion when it was still there. That and a super sweet Tom Baker Doctor Who pinball machine

  2. I have this game on a Plug 'n' Play console. Thank God Namco ported it to SOME home-console… I've also heard that it's available on PS1/2, but I'm more of a Nintendo-person than a Sony-person.

  3. I love this game! And i have a Namco Plug 'n' Play the old classic joystick and Fire button even though, The fire button's wires are mixed up with the joystick so basicly the fire button dosen't work most of the time and the joystick sometimes fires. So when i wanna select a game Pacman,clistia or somthin,dig dug, rally-x or BOSCONIAN! i just wiggle the joystick and it pops up but im looking forward to getting a new Namco PNP

  4. You can play this on the new style pac man plug-n-play, just look for one shaped like the original pac man.

  5. I used to go straight to Showbizz Pizza Place right after high school and spend a great deal of time playing this game. Those were fun days. The now game rooms are ok, but not to thrill about them.
    There was a game of a robot that shoot all directions. That was hard to play "In put another, in put another..
    There were so many. I wish there be a Classic Game room near by.

  6. I wonder if he had to get permission to record at that arcade. And I wonder if he reserves it all to himself.

  7. I love this arcade review, and that reference to The Last Starfighter is rad. That's totally the kind of movie that Mark would dig =)

  8. why must I only be able to play this on a Plug and Play Game?

  9. the only way I was able to play this game was with one one those plug and play systems that have multiple games you would have to put batteries and plug in the RCA jacks to the tv.

  10. The easiest and closest emulation of this game is one Namco museum 50th anniversary. The plug n play versions are off and only support 4 way control instead of 6 way for diagonal turning, which works on the 50th anniversary

  11. I just played Bosconian (arcade version) and scored 2,122,460 points.

  12. This is way better than Galaga. Not big fan of the space invader type games.

  13. I have it on my GameCube-version of Namco Museum, it's awesome!

  14. There is actually a 2600 version of Bosconian, called Draconian, being developed right now.

  15. I am from the future, there is namco collections on ps1, volume 1 has Galaga, Pacman, Toypop, Pole position, Rally X, New Rally X, and most importantly BOSCONIAN! I got the Ps1 game on my PS Vita off the psn store for 6 bucks, (It is also available for ps4) and it is amazing.

  16. …the voice lines on this one are fucked though.

  17. this brings back memories. I bought a cheap plug in play for the patients at a facility I worked at and bosconian was on it. one of the most fun games I've played. only could find it on ps1's version of Namco museum.

  18. This game was EPIC! 😉 and awesome sounds ( voice!!! )

  19. Namco Museum Volume 1 on PS1 has it and its great! Minus having to use a dpad to play, I think it would be best played with a joystick

  20. I guess it is the first shmups that have tail gun

  21. This is one of my favorites! This and astro warrior. I remember playing this on one of the collection games for playstation… either Namco museum or midway presents one of them. Makes me want to go back to my collection and fire this game up. Greatness plain and simple…

  22. I have an old plug and play system with this game on it.

  23. Someone made an excellent Atari XL port recently and there was an MSX port that i did play on my amiga on emulation

  24. Actually, there are a few compilations that carry the game including "Namco mñMuseum 50th Anniversary" for the Game Cube and probably PS2.

    Which is great cause it's one of the best games of its era.

  25. a bought one that was hidden as a kung fu master and i thought it had a weird kick plate and thats how i figured out what it was. it even had the original graphics under neath 🙂

  26. If u have a psx Namco collection volume 2 I believe has this

  27. Ended up here because someone on Reddit commented that my game had a Bosconian vibe and I didn't know anything about the game. Thanks for archiving these classics. Nice quick summary of the game for someone that has never heard of it before.

  28. Wow, IT was my favorite game, when I was 12, I ve been looking for in PC

  29. I had it on a ms.pacman plug n play back in 2003

  30. What happened to you ??? you die ??? why no publish more stuff. You are our star.

  31. Man I'd love to buy one, even for 5 grand

  32. My dying wish is to have owned an original Bosconian cab. I am not joking. If I ever find a dedicated Bosconian cab that I can afford, I will die at its ankles

  33. Wow. I had forgotten about this one. That was a great game. Reminds me of Sinistar with the free roam.

  34. This is one of my favorite games of all time. When I was a kid, I pretty quickly got to the point where I could play this for hours and never lose. I would have a crowd of kids watching me play. When I got tired or bored or hungry, I would just walk away and give the game to some kid standing next to me to finish my game. There is a Namco 50th anniversary version on Playstation 1 or 2, I believe it is. My stepkids have it.

  35. I played this game a bunch as a kid when I got it on this plug and play console. It was my favorite game, and I was surprised nobody really knew about it but me.

  36. This just popped up in my suggested videos. When the game came out I immediately took a liking to it. joystick used to keep up with records. I set the first world record score and someone broke it. I learned the the beat of Jack and Diane coincided with the movement of the ship. Mad because my record got broke I walked into Funland in Fayetteville Tn, gave someone about 20.00 worth of quarters and told them to keep playing Jack and Diane on the juke box no matter what happened. I stuck a quarter in the machine and around 7 hours later got off with a world record that stood for a long time. I quite playing it shortly after that. Funny thing is I don't even remember the score nearly 40 years later.

  37. You should get a boscoain board and put it in an existing machine if you have an arcade machine

  38. The voice seems a bit bugged, it's always saying "Condition Red" even in yellow condition

  39. Great video! I never played this back in the day because I simply never came across it. I’ve made up for it now though and play it often. Fabulous game and lovely cabinet!

  40. Namco museum 50th anniversary on PS2 has Bosconian!!!

  41. Bosconian is one of my all time favorite video games. Which version has the "bonus for no miss clear" I've seen versions on MAME but none have that bonus feature… yes I got very nerdy when it concerns this game lol

  42. I remember a little cafeteria that had Qbert and Bosconian. Many of my misspent youth quarters could be found in the bottom of those machines. They replaced Qbert with Arkanoid and things only got worse lol

  43. I was actually thinking about Time Pilot, when I saw this video.

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