Classic Game Room - ASTEROIDS arcade game review -

Classic Game Room – ASTEROIDS arcade game review

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Asteroids review.
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Classic Game Room reviews ASTEROIDS from Atari released in 1979, the revolutionary arcade game where you shoot space rocks and run away from UFOs! Shoot space rocks with your triangle!! It’s the classic Atari arcade machine from 1979 with black and white vector graphics, button controls and gorgeous sci-fi artwork. Asteroids is insanely difficult and extremely fun to challenge yourself or friends to a high score. Enjoy the Jaws inspired music and monochrome glow of the ’70s, it’s Asteroids!!


  1. Loved this as a kid but it sure would take your quarter quickly and eject you.

  2. Played this alot at a youth club in the school i was at I'd be around 14yrs old in 79

  3. Hey, if ya wanna learn about asteroids im your guy

  4. This game is awesome! Light years ahead of Pong. You can MOVE around the whole screen!!! SO amazing! We will be on Mars by the 90s or 2000s at the latest!

  5. Asteroids remains a classic to this day. Three games that set the foundation of video games, 1: Space Invaders, 2: Asteroids and 3: PacMan. No other Atari coin-op sold more units than Asteroids! Great review that holds up as well as this classic!

  6. I spent 3hrs. playing Asteroids on ONE quarter. The owner of the Pizzeria actually gave me $1.00 to end my game, I took the dollar 🙂

  7. No one has it restored! Just reminds me of the 80's

  8. I remember that kind of game from my almost vanished windows 95/98 era memories… It was just the same gameplay as this… But full of colors and pretty designs :3 With randoms thing to destroy, like giant eyes, pool balls… Still in my broken memorie i remember opening that stuff using a comet.exe thing.

    I'm pretty lost about finding back those old games… As i never use CD or floppy disks back in time they were already installed on the PC… It's also hard because those executable names are not the official name of related games… 🙁

    Those games were pre-installed with past windows editions? Or do my father/mother/brother found hacked stuff at this moment? xD

  9. I don't know if anyone here remembers a space "Star Trek" like arcade game in the mid to late 1970s it had two players one Klingon other Starfleet ships had Multi option F key like buttons on the upper console center I don't remember its name but I was something Unauthorized by Paramount and was taken out because of it,. It was allot like Asteroids but you could play two players at the same time fighting each other and so on.. Does anyone remember this game ?

  10. Asteroids strategy: Destroy all asteroids. Avoid being hit by asteroids or UFOs. All else is details.

  11. My all time favorite game from the arcade era. There's just something about the vintage black and white monitors and images that simply interest me. Probably because that's how all the video technology started out; including standard television. I noticed on this Asteroids game there's an extra circle in the middle which on most games I never saw. Is that a glitch in the game or is that an extra feature that can be set on the game board to enable game play easier? The deluxe version I can't get interested into as much simply it's harder to see because of the mirror reflected image. I was born with a visual impairment so some of those arcade games with the mirror reflected image make it look like its 20 or 30 feet away. If I was able to collect these arcade games; I would include the Asteroids original game; along with Star Castle (mentioned on Star Castle video comments); plus some other arcade games that are my favorites. :))

  12. Sinister cause presents throw back 101 on YouTube

  13. I thought this was the game I used to play at a pharmacy, where the shooting was similar, but the targets were horizontally moving across the top. When you hit enough flying ships(?) or saucers(I'm trying to remember the name of the game), a very alien like voice would say, "LUCKY! …….LUCKY!" Then as you shot more down, instead of a flying saucer showing up, a voice would say, "DOWNTOWN HUMANOID!" as some white object showed up to challenge your skills to hit it. If you destroyed it, an alien voice would say, "LUCKY! LUCKY!" QUESTION(TO ANYONE)….Can someone recall the name of this game? It was like Asteroids – played on a standup arcade machine. THANKS!

  14. having searched for "asteroids, the video game that used vector graphics" – i am glad i did see this video clip. thank you!

  15. I own (4) of these!!! Love the Vector graphics

  16. No graphic engine in the world today can match those analog light effects!! Amazing!!

  17. I was 22 when Asteroids was released. I discovered it in the games room of my fav bar/nightclub. All it took was one quarter and I was addicted. At first I was lucky to have 5 or 6 thousand points on the board before I lost my three ships. Within a year I could drop in a quarter and play til the score board rolled over – back to zero ( on a good day). Often, when you had the game going crazy, with everything it had coming at you – a small audience would gather round to watch the action. Totally loved it. Oddly, being a lefty, I had to cross my right arm over my left arm to play it . The layout of the buttons was completely backwards to how my brain thought they should be. I found it on line(asteroids – original) a few yrs ago and re-enjoyed many a game until the website disappeared. I haven't seen the arcade version anywhere in years and years !

  18. Don’t destroy all of the asteroids, Leave the last one, then You can drive straight up from bottom to top and keep taking out the ufo. Ask Gary davis. His acronym of GOD said it all. In 1980 GOD dominated all of the Santa Cruz boardwalk machines. … GOD.

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